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How To Choose A Wedding Attire

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How to choose a wedding dress In order to really enjoy your day, you must feel good in the dress and know that it fits you perfectly. Therefore, allow enough time to choose them. If you want to be sure, entrust yourself to a professional stylist or salon staff! He will definitely advise you on the choice and recommend what would suit you.

Every bride is beautiful and so the choice of dress is important to consider not only what you like, but especially if it's for your fit. A person who advises you when choosing a wedding dress should have at least minimal experience with fashion. The most common counselor is your own mother or a group of friends who choose according to themselves. But if you want to be sure that you really don't step aside, entrust yourself to a professional stylist or salon staff! He will definitely advise you on the choice and recommend what would suit you.


Show Your Back!

As your guests and family see you from behind during the ceremony, attention is drawn to the bride's back. The course includes, for example, wedding dresses with an exposed, deep neckline on the back or various jewelry. The exposed back looks feminine and at the same time they are more discreet than the deep neckline.

Retro style is also returning to wedding fashion, albeit to a lesser extent. The designers were mainly inspired by the twenties, elegant fifties and wild seventies of the last century. Beautiful are also simple satin dresses in antique style complemented by a silver brooch.

Bride With Belly

In the state of pregnancy, it is necessary to think especially about the baby, so that he does not suffer and so that you feel comfortable in the chosen clothes. The advantage of a good wedding salon is that the dress is adjusted to measure two weeks before the wedding. Not only because the bride can lose weight or gain weight. So always choose a dress that takes this fact into account.


Slim and Tall

Not everyone has such a figure of a model. Those who are among the chosen ones usually have no problem with the offer of dresses. They will be beautiful in ruffled tulle, but also in simple without a neckline with a collar around the neck. It is necessary to take into account the size of the breasts, or whether they fit a corset, on hangers, other… Currently, the most popular are fabulous corset dresses. The top is a corset without straps, the lower part according to the wearer's taste - fitting, ruffled, with lace, smooth.



If nature has endowed you with breasts that many women might envy you, strapless dresses will not be right for you. During the day, and especially when dancing, you would constantly check yourself so that you don't "run away" by accident. And if you are getting married in a church, it is aesthetic and decent to cover your bare shoulders with a veil or bolero that you take off after the wedding. Mothers will also be satisfied and grandmothers will not have to offend.

Tattoos And Rashes

Although a tattoo is an original business card for your personality, the bride should look tender and fragile. If you have a tattoo on your shoulder, choose a long-sleeved or three-quarter dress - not a corset. Problem with acne and various rashes on the back cover the dress. If you are getting married in the summer months, make sure that you do not have traces of a swimsuit on your body when sunbathing. Sunbathe so that the shoulders remain without unsightly white spots.

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With Circle, Without A Circle

It may seem unnatural to some people to wear a round petticoat all evening, which will highlight the beauty of your dress and figure. Most fairy-tale robes have this. If you feel like you look like a cake and feel unwell in your petticoat, choose a smooth, narrow dress. It's about making you feel good in your dress.



The choice of veil also depends on the type of dress

Covering face: It is chosen by women who want to look romantic and mysterious. Only the first married kiss reveals the charms of the bride.
Covering Shoulders: This is the most commonly used veil, which can be gathered or smooth.
Palms: This one is also very popular, but it should not be worn by women in the hips, as it optically widens the silhouette.
On the ground: A romantic veil that touches the ground is suitable for a dress without a siding. Among the favourites is currently the Spanish veil (it has lace around the edges).
Long veil: It is most often chosen by women who want to enjoy their day as real princesses. He drags on the ground, which looks really good in front of the altar on the red carpet.

Last But Not The Least

But it is up to the bride to choose in the end. The color should be the same as the dress.

It is also a tradition to have something old, new, borrowed and blue with you on your wedding day.

The old thing symbolises a farewell to the life so far, while the new one heralds a step into the new. Anything borrowed points to friendship and encourages it not to be forgotten. And blue ? If you long for a faithful husband, you must not miss such a blue garter under your clothes! The color blue is associated with immaculate, faithful love.

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