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How I Increased My Confidence with Thinning Hair Insecurity


One of the fascinating modes to flaunt your beauty is through your hair which is your 'crowning glory.' Women with thick and volumized hair were blessed to possess this kind of beauty for they have nothing to hide and worry about every time they show up around the people. Counting out of this at the early stage of my life, I have experienced how it feels losing almost 60 percent of my confidence because of my thinning hair insecurity. As I'm living with this kind of insecurity, I have realized that I am still blessed to embrace this kind of hair; though it makes me feel insecure, I consider this as my own kind of beauty to flaunt around the people. These are the constant ways of how I increase my confidence despite the insecurities I encountered with my thinning hair.

Acceptance is the most thing

I have learned about the power of acceptance which influences the increase of my confidence. If you have already accepted your insecurity, then you will learn to love this insecurity. At first, I hated my thin hair; thus, making it hard for me to accept it. Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I can only see the same thing. The longer I notice that my hair is not growing faster, I wipes my image away from the mirror to give myself a boost for acceptance. This is the prior thing at all to embrace who I am, and to flaunt the things in which I am blessed with. Acceptance is forever, even if my hair grows back to its natural volume, I will still value the so-called acceptance as the reason that made me strong and confident along with my hair insecurity.

God always has a reason and a purpose

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever — do not abandon the works of your hands.( Psalm 138:8, ESV)

Sometimes I do question God about my thinning hair insecurity. Why out of a billion women, why am I one of those women to experience the decrease of confidence because of thinning hair? Digging deeply to find answers for these questions, I have cultivated that God let everything happen for a reason and a purpose. Though I have not yet perceived God's reason and purpose for letting me encounter and experience this kind of insecurity, I have understood its meaning. My hair insecurity measures my resistance to how I will be able to overcome the negative side of my insecurities. It also takes part of weighing the dimension of my faith in God by not moving to the edge of the absence of hope and constantly entrusting everything to Him.

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Do not absorb any discrimination and guilts from others

I used to be a silent person at any moment when receiving words concerning my hair. The end of these shameful feelings was released by crying and overthinking, as this is the only way I could express my hatred. However, I have come into an absolute worth of making the discrimination of others as my inspiration and motivation. Likewise, if you don't bother about the discrimination and guilts from others, you are manifesting the value of respect for yourself. Up to this point, I do my very own purities of not getting affected by any discrimination and guilts from others. I always remind myself that if I absorb those offending words from others, I will just bring myself into countless hatred and loss of self-esteem.

Learn to appreciate and love every hair strands

Every hair that falls out is like the many instances of things that come and go. Falling hairs are normal as it is part of the hair growth cycle. However, in my case I find it a rare consideration after battling with my reproductive health problem. I have learned not to stress out myself with the hairs falling out my head. I live my life to the fullest, appreciate the blessings that God has given to me and always grant it with care and love.

Go out of your comfort zone

Get socialized, build connections and be open to talk about. Your comfort zone is making you more isolated from the happiness and skills that you can put in the open path of your uniqueness. I didn't expose myself to the public before, because of the lack of confidence in my hair. Not until now after I got pieces of confidence booster from my family and friends. They made me even more confident through their encouragement to love myself and to love my hair because it is the unique glory that makes me beautiful.

Hair is a woman's crowning glory. However, not all women are blessed to have thick and volumized hair like others who fascinatedly flaunt their hair around the people. Being one of these perturbed women, the decreasing confidence is one of the greatest insecurity that we try to carry away to increase our confidence with thinning hair. As woman with this insecurity, I have accepted and love my hair, keeps on entrusting in God, being strong and not getting affected from the discrimination and guilts of others, and a dependent woman to the people around me. Living with this kind of insecurity will not ruin the value of life that God has given; indeed, this is a part of God's plan for diverting the uneven direction towards Him. Be confident and do not let your insecurities be your lifetime enemy; instead, embrace it with love and be confident to flaunt it around the people.

© 2022 Sheen Lor Bermudez

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