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How I Cut My Own Hair: Creaclip Review

Hair cutting with Creaclip.

Hair cutting with Creaclip.


I can hardly remember the last time I was on the hair salon, and besides, my mom had been cutting my hair since I was a small child so she still do the hair trimming whenever my hair needs it. I have a long , straight black hair ever since and I like it that way.

But from time to time I would imagine myself having a shorter hair and maybe a new style since I've been keeping the hairstyle I had since high school. I don't know but sometimes I think it's boring and some friends suggested me to shorten it at least a bit if I don't wanna cut it really short. Another reason this thought lingers in my head is because I hate it when I'm in a hurry and I have to deal combing the long hair. I had been planning to have it cut and for some reason I had a thought that maybe I can cut my own hair, I just don't know how but there must be a way.

And so I went searching online. I thought to myself, I had read some interesting how to's online like how to make soap, shampoo, how to whiten teeth and such, why not search on how to cut my own hair? Maybe I could find some tips online.

I got into Youtube watching few videos on cutting own hair tutorials using scissor. And then to the suggested videos on the right I had clicked into some product review of Creaclip and it got me interested. It seems easy to use and for me who doesn't know or doesn't have any experience at all using scissor to cut my hair and I was scared to try it too, I thought this product might be useful for me.

And so after watching the video tutorials and reading some reviews, I finally decided I would get it. I bought the Creaclip.

How I cut my hair

I had used the Creaclip to cut my own hair many times, I had it for almost 2 years now and I prefer cutting my hair before taking a shower thou I had done it too few times after shower when my hair was dry. Why? Here's my two reasons for both and you can choose which one you prefer: before or after shower?

Before I take shower: Because I don't want any hairs showing on my shirts or the dress I'm wearing even though I've been careful. I could just change my clothes but it was neat and clean having a shower after the hair cutting. I don't use the body cover too (that plastic, usually black that hair stylist used to wrap around you when you go to salons) since it is really that quick using Creaclip.

After shower: Sometimes I used to cut my hair after shower because I always used the hair straightener to make sure it's all straight and nothing wavy. Sometimes I imagine myself straightening my hair before cutting it, then taking shower afterward, makes me think the time I spent with it just to wash it afterwards which is why I choose to shower first before cutting on some occasions.

Alright, after using the hair straightener, I would do the hair cutting, and I only used one style of cutting my own hair but first I would lay old newspapers on the carpet, sit on the floor, bow my head and use the Creaclip. In about 5 minutes I have my hair cut, layered.

I cut my hair just like the video above and it is really quick. I used the Creaclip any time I feel like my hair needs some trimming too, but I still haven't cut it really short.

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There's also one time I had decided to play around with it and make bangs. The last time I had a hair bangs was when I was 7 years old, that is if I even remember it right but that was a long time ago.

And for some photos, here's a photo before cutting my own hair and after.

With my long hair. For somehow I missed this even though there are mornings of struggle with combing.

With my long hair. For somehow I missed this even though there are mornings of struggle with combing.

And this was after cutting my hair. I had fun with this one.

And this was after cutting my hair. I had fun with this one.

This one here, where I experimented on my hair, my friends who saw this photo assumed I cut it that short, but I didn't. This was also the layered cut. I straightened it afterwards, and got this.

All and all, with the amount I purchased the Creaclip with, more than $30 including shipping and handling, I'd say it was worth it. If I had been to the hair salon instead, I had spent much more than that amount in two years period, not to mention the gas with each trip. So I'm still going to continue using it and have fun.


precy anza (author) from USA on June 09, 2012:

@ Alipuckett: Yup. A bigger one and the blue little one, but I only had used the little one once with the bangs. And only thing I doesn't like much is that I still have to ask my mom to cut my hair straight across as I can't do it myself. The layer, I can't do it alone.

@ Chloelozano: Surely you gonna miss that as using this thing would be less than 5 minutes. ^.^' And with someone cutting your hair in the salon is, I agree, much relaxing compared to doing it yourself. My mom always fall asleep when she goes to her hairdresser. :)

chloelozano on June 09, 2012:

This looks like a good way to save some money on getting basic trims to prevent split ends. I would miss the relaxing salon experience though.

alipuckett on June 09, 2012:

Ooh! I like this little gadget. Seems almost foolproof!

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