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How Do You Make Lip Gloss Last Longer?

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Lip gloss is a blast. It offers a fun glossy sheen that you simply don’t get with lipstick. However, there are a few downsides to lip gloss. The main disadvantage to using a gloss is that it tends to wear off faster.

There are a few things that you can do to guarantee that your lip gloss lasts as long as possible so you’re not stuck checking your makeup in the mirror and reapplying it in the middle of a busy day. Make sure that you prime your lips properly, apply lip gloss with a light hand, and invest in long lasting lip gloss products. You can also take precautions in case part of it wears off throughout the day.

6 Secrets to Long Lasting Lip Gloss

There’s nothing that can compare to a perfectly glossy lip. Unfortunately, it can fade a little too quickly. These tips and tricks will help you get lip gloss that lasts longer with minimal effort.

Practice Proper Lip Care

Lip products won’t stay as well or look as good if your lips aren’t healthy. Make sure that you have a solid lip care routine to make lip makeup last longer.

Exfoliate your lips twice weekly. You can do this with a lip scrub, such as a DIY sugar scrub. Rubbing a toothbrush in gentle circles across your lips is another way to have soft, supple lips.

Your lips also need to be moisturized properly, just like the rest of your body. After exfoliating, apply a lip balm. Lip color tends to be duller when you have dry lips, and it won’t last as long.

Use a Primer

Lip primer is a must if you want long lasting lip gloss. It helps fill in the cracks on your lips to create an even surface for application.

Primer can create a barrier between your lips and your lip gloss. Your lips do not produce oil like the rest of your body, but they do produce a hydrolipidic film. This film helps protect the lips and keep them hydrated. It’s great for lip health but can wreak havoc on your lip makeup. That’s why a protective barrier between your lips and your makeup will make your lip gloss last longer.

After Lip Primer, Use Lip Liner

Next, carefully line your lips with lip liner. Then, fill in your lips with the same lip liner. Make sure that you choose a shade that is close to your natural lip color or the shade of your lip gloss.

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Using lip liner before gloss creates an additional barrier that can help lip makeup last longer. If you select a shade that is similar to the shade of gloss you’re applying, it won’t be noticeable when the gloss fades.

Consider Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is a makeup staple. It can set your foundation, eye makeup and is great if you want to know how to make lipstick last longer. You can’t apply it on top of lip gloss, but it can help make lip gloss last longer if you apply it underneath.

After your primer and lip liner, coat your lips with a fine dusting of your favorite translucent powder. This is the final step in priming your lips before applying lip gloss during your morning routine.

Choose High Quality Lip Glosses

When we think of lip gloss, some of us still think of goopy formulas. While these do exist, luxurious lip glosses aren’t goopy. Because of that, you can apply more than one coat to get the sheen that you want. High quality products are designed to be long lasting, so your lip color won’t fade away as quickly.

Fenty is one of the best lip gloss brands if you’re looking for staying power in a standard gloss. If you’d prefer to pick up a drugstore brand, try Maybelline. You can find Fenty at most makeup stores like Sephora or Ulta. Maybelline is available at every local drugstore, such as Walgreens.

For superior staying power, Rimmel offers a six hour lip gloss that actually stays on for six hours. The formula that they used is guaranteed to impress you if you love gloss! This is one lip gloss that you can wear out to dinner without stressing.

Prevent Smudging Before it Happens

You can’t set lip gloss the same way that you can lipstick. That’s one of the only downfalls of this product. It means that it’s more prone to smearing and smudging throughout the day.

The only option you have is to prevent it. Avoid touching anything to your lips if you can. When that’s impossible, head to the bathroom for a touchup. Don’t rub your lips together or purse them. This doesn’t guarantee that your color will last all night, but it will definitely help.


In Conclusion

When you’re a busy mom that loves makeup, you need makeup that can handle your busy day as flawlessly as you do. Lip gloss will always have a place on my vanity, but there are quite a few low quality lip glosses that have wound up in the trash. Now, I stick with the perfect products for me and these tips to keep my pout perfect.

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