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Homemade Scrub for Butt Acne and Cellulite

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Causes of Butt Acne and Cellulite

Butt acne and cellulite are common skin problems of women. Based from my own experience, one common cause of butt acne is the type of underwear clothing we use every day. Most of the underwear has an elastic strap sewn on the leg opening. Some people are allergic to latex or rubber and the elastic strap can cause allergic reactions resulting in lesions, blisters, or acne. Another common cause of butt acne is the type of lace in the underwear. Some lace cloth may harden in time as a result of repetitive washing. The rubbing of lace cloth or the elastic strap can irritate the skin. The solution to minimize and alleviate buttocks rashes, acne and irritation is the use of cotton or seamless undergarments.

Cellulite is a skin condition, which is characterized by bumps on the skin, usually occurs on the buttocks or gluteal area. There are several factors that cause cellulite.

According to Webmd, cellulite is nothing but normal fat beneath the skin. It appears bumpy on buttocks and upper leg area because fats pushes against the connective tissues of the skin. The appearance of cellulite is one problem that women spend money on expensive products and also seeks medical and surgical treatments. An exercise, proper diet, massage, and a homemade treatment could help alleviate and minimize the appearance.

Butt acne and cellulite problems can also be managed at home using homemade remedies. I have found both new and used coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil is very helpful in treating skin problems. Coffee grounds contain caffeine that dehydrates skin and coconut oil with so many benefits you can get, moisturize the skin. With the synergistic effect of the two ingredients and application using massage techniques, the skin gets the energy it requires to burn some fats and at the same time getting soft skin.

Recipe for Homemade Anti-Acne and Cellulite Scrub

I made a recipe for homemade scrub which get rid of butt acne and cellulite. You can make your own recipe too.

Things you will need:

1/3 cup of coconut oil

2-3 tbsp of coffee grounds

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Small bowl

Homemade Anti-Acne and Cellulite Scrub Application

Mixed two ingredients in a small bowl, creating a creamy scrub.

Wet your skin and wash with soap.

Then, apply the mixture on the affected area.

Using circular motion, rub your skin slowly with the mixture. Do not overdo as it may cause abrasions.

Finally, rinse with water.

Results: Skin so soft.

Note: Do this for two to three times per week to get the desirable result.


In severe cases of butt acne and cellulite, you may ask a health professional before taking any homemade or self treatment.

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