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10 Best Beauty Tips for that Hollywood Glam Makeup

An ex-beautician before becoming a parent and writer. Sharing tips and tricks of the industry. I still do makeup for friends and family.


Have you ever felt extra inspired and motivated to look glamorous but did not know where to start nor what to do so you just gave up, applied some lip balm and went out the door? Many women are intimidated by Hollywood looks mainly because of the misconceptions that it involves 40 steps and takes 3 hours to achieve.

Achieving the classic, elegant and timeless Hollywood look with minimal and easy steps is now possible. The following tips and tricks will help you look as if you are ready for a red carpet or paparazzi at any time.

Best Face Makeup Beauty Tips

For the face, let’s focus on the main 3: brows, eyes, and lips.

1. Eyebrows on fleek


There are some golden rules when it comes to the eyebrows that must be followed. One is never giving in to the urge of over-tweezing. Doing so will only make you look older.

Another is to find the right brow shape that matches your face. Square-shaped faces flaunt gentle arched eyebrows best. Round faces need an angled brow. A long face works best with long brows that extend past the eyes and towards the edge of the face while heart-shaped faces tend to look best with au naturel brows.

2. Work the eyes


Personally, I’ve always thought that eye makeup was as easy as dabbing whatever shade of eyeshadow I could find and topping it off with some liner. In reality, there is a lot of precise shading and outlining what must be done to achieve that eye-popping effect.

A pro tip when applying eye makeup is never forgetting the eye primer. It serves as the base and makes the eyeshadow stick better. Concealer or foundation will do in case you don’t have an eye primer on hand.

Start with 4 basic shades: a highlighter that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte shade that is close to the skin, a contour shade that is 3 times darker than the skin and a matte black shade. They are also applied in the same order.

The highlighter serves as the base, the matte shade goes on the area above the crease, the contour emphasizes the crease, and the matte black goes on the upper eye line for an extra glam effect.

3. The perfect pout


This tip starts with studying the shape of your lips. Note that you are in command as to how pouty you want to look or how defined cupid’s bow will be. The first step is to take a lip liner and make an X at the highest points of your upper lip.

Next, find the center of your bottom lip which is located right below the X and make a line according to the shape of your lip. Then draw a sideways V at the corners of your lips where the upper and lower meet. This will ensure that there will be no lipstick going beyond the border of your lips.

Connect the lines using short strokes. Lastly, fill in the lips with your favorite lipstick followed by a layer of lip gloss for those perfectly shaped lips.

Best Party Makeup Beauty Tips

When it comes to parties, one must go for darker, bolder and more defined looks. Here are some tips on achieving that gorgeous look that does not need the help of natural sunlight to exude beauty.

4. Use a mask

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A party usually lasts a few hours and you don’t have your complete makeup ammunition with you so a look that needs minimal touchups is a must. Pros and makeup artists insist on using a face mask and applying some skincare before putting on makeup because it helps in giving you a long-lasting glow.

5. Dramatize one thing


Just like it is taboo to wear long earrings with a necklace on, one does not want to look beaten up by makeup when she goes out for the night. With too much going on, you might be too preoccupied making sure that your face is not melting when the party gets hot and wild. The goal is to have fun and not constantly doing touch-ups.

Choosing one feature such as the eyes or lips is a pro move done by experts. If you go for the smoky eye, do not pair it with bright red cupid lips and instead go for more neutral or nude shades. If you choose to dramatize the lips, then keep the liner to a minimum and opt for some glossy mascara instead.

6. Do not change the foundation


Some people think that just because one needs a stronger, longer-lasting look for a party, they need to change to other products. Especially important for the base products, one must not change anything and just go for what the skin is already comfortable with. Mixing things up might lead to adverse effects such as caking or cracking.

Best Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

7. Nude liner


In order to achieve that “awake look” with bigger eyes, apply a nude shade of eyeliner along the bottom waterline. This will create an instant brightening effect on the eyes. Furthermore, do not connect the upper and lower eyeliner in order to create an illusion that the eyes are bigger. Leave a gap right where they meet.

Eyeliner is also helpful in changing the shape of the eyes. Applying in both upper and lower eye-lines will define the eyes while applying on the lower line will balance the eye. Applying eyeliner starting from the center of the eye going outwards will extend the eye while applying on the opposite side will narrow the eye. You are free to draw whatever shape you are feeling for the day.

8. Mascara power


We all know the importance of using a lash primer in making mascara application so much easier and last longer. To further up your mascara game, try applying two coats. Wait for the first one to dry before applying another coating. The results are so visible it would seem like you’ve placed false lashes.

I’ve mentioned lash primers at the beginning of this paragraph because we all know how mascaras tend to clump the thicker the application. This is where the primer comes into play. They prevent clumping so feel free to apply two coats.

Best No makeup beauty tips

9. Make it really glow


When it comes to the no-makeup-makeup look, the goal is to look naturally glowing. One cannot fake glowing skin without the use of highlighters and bronzers. You must have it to begin with. Skin preparation is crucial to this look.

Use a hydrating face mask and while you’re at it, pop on some eye and lip masks as well. Make sure to not forget the other steps in the skincare routine such as toning and moisturizing.

Once the preparation is done, it’s time to prime. By using an illuminating primer, you will get that “glow from within” look that looks natural without a lot of products being used. This is the most fool-proof way to achieve a glowing complexion that gives everyone the impression you woke up in that condition.

10. A not-so-real blush


The other critical part of the no-makeup makeup look is the flush. Not everyone is blessed looking naturally flushed as if someone has just pinched their cheeks. Luckily, we can fake it.

There is an undeniable allure to clear skin with just a hint of pink on the cheeks. This can be achieved by using a bit of cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, moving up to the side temples and over the bridge of the nose. It can also look like you’re tipsy which is a very attractive look for girls in Asian culture.



In this day and age, it is really becoming almost impossible and highly unacceptable to not care for our skin and go out looking haggard. Products are becoming more and more technologically advanced, multitasking and highly effective beauty helpers that we have no reason to disregard them.

Now that the most essential beauty tips and tricks have been covered, you are now ready to try them out in order to get that Hollywood glam for any occasion. We may not have the best makeup professionals in our pockets nor afford the most luxurious skincare and makeup products, but thanks to much observation and research, we can all achieve the same looks that goddesses Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren started.

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