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History Was Made: Coperni Fashion Statement Pulled Off By Bella Hadid


Thursday, 4th October, at the end of the Coperni 2023 Spring Collection from the Paris Fashion Week, history was made when the breathtaking site of Bella Hadid walked through the runway wearing no clothes except for G string. The audience was shocked and had no idea that they had been chosen to be a part of an iconic fashion moment.

Three men began to paint Bella Hadid with what looked like spray paint at first, getting people's doubts that an old trend of painting clothes on a person's body has taken over fashion week, however that wasn't the case. As the moments passed, the paint started to get structure and movement of its own and appeared to more likely be a piece of cloth that has been sprayed on Bella's body.


Sleeves were folded, a slit right across her leg was made and the runway was stunned to witness that within just fifteen minutes Bella Hadid walked in an alluring white knee-length dress and made the iconic history of Paris Fashion Week. Some might say that that's the magic of fashion yet we all know that it was much rather science than some ‘bibbidi bobbidi boo’.

It seems like yesterday when Manel Tores, a Spanish fashion designer also known as the chemist tailor, put out his views of spray-on-clothing to the world in his 2013 Ted talk. And finally, with great research along with trial and error, Torres came up with Fabrican.

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Nonetheless, Torres didn't just invent this technology yesterday. Rather it's been around since 2003.

Fabrican, a liquid fiber bound together with polymers, biopolymers, and greener solvents evaporates as soon as it comes in contact with the skin leaving behind a fabric that is a perfect fit for any body type. The versatility of this technology is beyond impressive. Not only fabrics like linen and wool can be integrated with it, but even scents and pigments can also be used as a bonus addition.


Now enter the Coperni designers- Sèbastien Meyer and Arnaud Vailian, with an innovative design vocabulary like theirs and the tech smartness of Torres, these three fit right into each other's skill mastery like a glove, which of course in any case will end up in an elegant extravaganza as what that night was.

The 3D technology of Fabrican enables fashion designers to work on their upcoming projects without undermining the limits of their fabric. This tool not only can be used to prepare seamlessly fitted outfits or repair damaged masterpieces but will also be a great service in medicine for medical dressing, casts, upholstery fabric, and much more than one could imagine.

Lastly, Kudos to Bella who have worked out through insecurities and aided fashion into a new era.

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