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Hibella Glamirror Review

Amber has written about fashion, beauty, and skin care for several years.

Please be advised that I did receive a free sample in exchange for an honest review. As there are no affiliate links in this post, I won't earn a cent if you do choose to purchase the Hibella Glamirror.


Smart sensor makeup mirrors are quickly taking over the world of makeup mirrors. Before, we were used to standard makeup mirrors with a few features. Long gone are those days now that companies like Hibella have transformed the world of makeup mirrors with smart makeup mirrors and their product, the Glamirror.


About The Glamirror

The Glamirror is a lighted makeup sensor mirror by Hibella. According to the website, this makeup mirror will help you achieve a flawless look thanks to the lighting and magnifying capabilities of the mirror.

It has a hefty price tag if you’re shopping on a budget, but it’s also packed with cool and convenient features that make you wonder if it’s worth it. We’re going to find out.


Glamirror Makeup Mirror Features

There are so many features to this mirror it definitely makes it stand out from the competition. It does have some features that are similar to other makeup mirrors. Magnifying makeup mirrors are relatively common, and you’ll see this same feature in the Glamirror. The 360 LED lights are another common feature that this mirror has.

It Turns Off and On with a Motion Sensor

Because this mirror has a sensor in the front you never have to touch the mirror to turn it on or turn it off. It lights up when you are close to it, and turns off when you’ve been away from the sensor located on the front of the mirror for more than twenty seconds. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor in the app. Because the mirror turns off by itself when not in use, you’ll find that it uses less energy than other mirrors.

An App Provides More Features and Settings

The app that you can download for the mirror is both fun and convenient. You can use the app to adjust the lighting, name your mirror, and use different lighting settings. There is a place in the app to let you adjust the motion sensor. If you’d prefer to turn off and on your mirror without using the motion sensor, you can do that thanks to a setting in the app. You can even turn on or off your mirror from another room.


You can recharge the battery via a charger as you would a cell phone. The battery life is long, so you won’t find that you have to constantly recharge the mirror, too. When you do, simply plug it in and unplug it when the battery is full. (If you have to, you can use it while it is charging.)


If you need a travel makeup mirror, this one is definitely worth considering. The Glamirror has a magnetic base, so you can easily remove the top portion of the mirror to pack it away in the travel case. It ships in a travel case that you can use to take it with you on the go. However, you do need to keep in mind that this is a full-size makeup mirror. At eight inches in diameter, it’s not going to fit in your purse.


Glamirror Pros Vs Cons

When I first opened this mirror I was in heaven. There are so many great things about the mirror I instantly wanted to recommend it to everyone. I still love the mirror, but there are a few downsides that you need to keep in mind.


The Light is Very Bright

This is the brightest makeup mirror I have ever used. I turned it all the way up in the dark and it provided light to my entire office. If you want bright fluorescent lighting to achieve a flawless makeup look, this mirror can give you that.

It’s Perfect if You Have Poor Vision

I’m not legally blind, but I’m almost there in one of my eyes. I have the perfect DIY vanity, but the one design flaw is that I didn’t buy a magnifying mirror so it’s been impossible for me to use it for eye makeup or even tweezing my eyebrows. I’ve tried other magnifying mirrors, but a lot of them were too small or did not magnify my face enough that I could use them without my glasses. I can use the Glamirror to do all of my makeup, and it’s large enough that I can simply sit in front of the mirror.

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A major concern for me was the durability of this mirror. I have an 18 month old grandson at home, and a rather rambunctious 7 year old. Granted, I don’t let them play with my makeup but sometimes accidents happen. Sure enough, one of them knocked it on the floor. It didn’t shatter.

The base and mirror itself are heavier than other makeup mirrors. I’m not concerned about this one breaking.

It Comes With a Warranty

This makeup mirror comes with a one year warranty. If you download the app, you can register for an extended warranty too. The extended warranty will provide you with an additional three months of protection. Given how expensive the mirror is, it’s comforting knowing that you’re protected if something happens to it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with it, you can just send it back. That’s another thing I like about this mirror. When purchasing luxury makeup products, I always check to see if they offer a money back guarantee, especially if it’s a brand that I’ve never tried before.

The Mirror Stays in Place When Adjusted

When you adjust the Hibella Glamirror to a certain spot, it stays in place. I’ve used other makeup mirrors that don’t. My son is six feet tall, and when he runs down the stairs it occasionally shakes half of the house. (I’m not exaggerating.) If he happens to do this at the same time I’m applying my makeup, it can make the mirror move just enough so that I have to re-adjust it. This one stays in place no matter what is going on inside the house.

Protective Travel Case

The travel case has a spot for each part of the mirror, including the charger. There is a foam sheet that attaches to the top of the travel case so it goes over top of the mirror when you zip it closed. I would feel safe tossing it in my suitcase before leaving for the airport.

It’s Fun

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately when it comes to makeup. I either have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Whatever it was, it seemed to suddenly get a lot worse than it used to be. I’ve tossed all my makeup that has gluten. Then, I tested my foundation to make sure that it wouldn’t cause a rash on my face.

Even after that, I couldn’t seem to have fun with makeup. I was searching for a makeup mirror like this one when Hibella sent me an email offering me one. (I thought if I could use my vanity it might cheer me up.) Playing with this mirror was the pick me up that I needed.


Although I do love this mirror, there are a few downsides that you’ll need to keep in mind before picking one up. You want to make sure that these aren’t deal breakers for you.

The Mirror Doesn’t Use an Android or Iphone Charger

Every device that I have in my house is compatible with a charger that I already own. For example, my UV light for my nails is compatible with an Android charger. That isn’t the case with the Glamirror. In fact, I didn’t have a single charger that I could use with the mirror.

Replacement Chargers Aren’t Sold Online

After discovering that I didn’t have a spare charger for my mirror, I immediately hopped online to order one. They don’t sell them. I could not find one on the Hibella website or on Amazon. I go through charger cords for everything a lot, so this was a big deal for me.

I had to take the charger that came with the mirror and head to the Dollar Tree. I did find one that will charge the mirror, but it was mildly inconvenient.

High Price Tag

At $200, this isn’t a cheap mirror. If you’re shopping on a budget, you’ll need to keep that in mind. A replacement mirror bag will cost you $59. This is a luxury makeup mirror, so it comes with a luxury price tag. When I first saw the price, I did raise my eyebrows and wonder whether it was worth it.


Is It Worth It?

Yes, this mirror is worth it. The mirror is so durable and well made that I’m confident it’s going to last quite a while. It makes my makeup routine faster because I can complete a look without having to go from one mirror to another that I can sit closer to. There are no shadows when you’re looking in the mirror so that you can truly create a flawless look. It makes everything from tweezing your eyebrows to blending easier.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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