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Hermès Birkin Bag, the Ultimate Timelessly Classic Handbag!


I love handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Inspired by Jane Birkin

The Hermès Birkin handbag is the holy grail of handbags. Every handbag lover knows that the ultimate designer classic handbag is the Hermès Birkin. But what is the history of this legendary purse? In 1983, the chief executive of Hermès, Dumas, was on a flight from Paris to London. The English actress and singer, Jane Birkin, sat next to him on the plane. Jane famously complained about not having a good weekend bag to Dumas. Then, the legendary purse, Birkin, was born. Since its release, this handbag has been the symbol of wealth and ultimate luxury. With a long waiting list for French artisans to craft this bag by hand, the Birkin bag is now even more popular than before. Fortunately, you can still purchase this bag quite easily from the resale market if your pocket is deep enough.


Different Sizes of Birkin

The Hermès Birkin comes in different sizes to suit different women and preferences. Although many sizes are available, the most commonly requested sizes are 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, and 40 cm. Out of those four sizes, the 30 cm and 35 cm are commonly chosen by clients. The size is the actual length of the bag measured from the bottom edge. With the dominance of small bags in recent fashion trends, the 25 cm is becoming more popular than before. In general, handbags looks the best when it's proportional to the body. If you are a petite woman, the 25 cm is probably the best pick. Also, you might intentionally want a bigger bag because you want to use it for travel.


Different Styles of Birkin? Just Reference Victoria Beckham

Celebrities love Hermès Birkin handbags. Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice, is no exception. She probably owns the most amount of Birkin bags out of all celebrities. Do you want to see the different types of Birkin purses? Just look at Victoria Beckham's inventory. From the white Himalayan Birkin to the Togo leather Birkin, Posh Spice has all of them. She picks the purse she wants to use by coordinating it with her outfit of the day. It is estimated that Beckham's Birkin collection is worth over $2 million. Talk about extravagance! And this is just her Birkin handbags. We all know she owns other handbags as well.


Large Size Birkin Bags for Men and Women

Other than the 40 cm Birkin for weekend trips, Hermès Birkin also comes in very large sizes. Katie Holmes and Pharrell Williams are both fans of the oversized Birkin. These extra large statement Birkin bags are perfect for travel. Other than Pharrell, the famous designer Marc Jacobs and actor Patrick Dempsey have been spotted with oversized Hermès Birkin bags as well. The extra large Birkin bag is definitively good for stylish men. In today's world, it's really important for a designer to be gender inclusive!


How to Wear the Hermès Birkin Bag?

Do you know all the different ways to accessorize and wear your Birkin bag?

  • Tie an Hermès twilly scarf on the Birkin's handles. There are different ways to tie the scarf. You can dress up the Birkin either the sophisticated way or the cute way. It's your choice!
  • Tie an Hermès accessory to make the Birkin cuter. Pick a little colorful horse to make the Birkin look even more amazing.
  • Do not wear the Birkin with the lock, wear it open for a stylish look!

Hermès Birkin Crocodile Skin Controversy

The British actress, Jane Birkin, asked Hermès to remove her name with the crocodile Birkin bags back in 2015. After learning the cruel way that the crocodile skin was harvested, Jane didn't want to associate her name with animal cruelty. Even though handbags are gorgeous fashion accessories, it is important to remember that the bag is made of animal skin. Most of the time, the animal is butchered for their skin. Is this necessary? How much are you willing to tolerate for fashion's sake? PETA exposed that the crocodiles were crammed into concrete pits before being "cruelly" killed for their skin. Unwilling to remove Birkin's name, Hermès took measures to ensure that such cruelty was only an isolated incident. Jane Birkin was ultimately satisfied with Hermès' response. However, even when you have the extra money, it's better to think twice before purchasing the crocodile Birkin. Isn't it better to use that extra money to help starving kids around the world?



hermes987 on November 15, 2013:

how beautiful birkin bags, more birkin bags from on line here


Chilli on December 08, 2012:

My hubby bought one Hermes bag for me. I was shocked that he paid 10k for it.


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