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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Face Looking Youthful at Any Age

As a former personal trainer, Sarah is passionate about all things health, beauty, and self care.

Before we get into the details on how to slow down your aging process, please keep in mind that aging is totally normal and is something that everyone experiences at one point in their lives. However, as normal aging is, many of us still find the process somewhat disheartening, which is why we have developed various tools to battle this natural process.

Aging can result in a hollow and gaunt look, especially in the cheeks and under eyes, both of which just make the face look tired and overall older. Everyone has the right to do what they want to their faces and bodies, as long as they do it safely and whatever they are doing makes them feel good about themselves.

Below are a few safe and effective steps that you can take to maintain or rejuvenate your current appearance, without going overboard with invasive cosmetic surgeries.


We all know that moisturizer is far from a groundbreaking product, however, you may notice a huge improvement in the quality of your skin if you start taking your moisturizing routine to the next level. Most people apply moisturizer in the morning and before bed, but moisturizer, especially light day time moisturizer, absorbs very quickly, leaving your skin dry throughout the rest of the day. You don’t need to go with anything heavy. Instead, use a light day cream that absorbs fairly quickly, and reapply it every few hours. Before you go to bed, apply a slightly heavier cream. The overall point here is to keep your skin hydrated at all times.

Pro tip: Drink 2 - 3 liters of water a day for extra hydration from the inside out!

Go light on the makeup

Makeup is trending right now, more than ever. However, you may benefit from opting for the lighter makeup products and skipping some of the steps that involve various layers of foundation and concealer, topped off with powdery baking material designed to keep the makeup lasting as long as possible.

Wearing such heavy makeup, even with the best cleanser, is difficult to fully remove. This means that whatever doesn’t come off, stays on your skin and inside of your pores. Makeup contains a lot of chemicals and will have residual effects on your skin, drying it out, and ultimately speeding up the aging process. Because of this, keep it light and use a good cleanser to really try and get it all off of your skin at the end of the day.

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Botox and fillers

Cosmetic medicine isn’t for everyone, however Botox and fillers are minimally invasive, FDA approved, and totally safe. Botox and fillers are two completely different things, but with the use of a little bit of both every few months, you will certainly notice some significant results, even in the smallest doses. You can even get tiny doses specifically designed for preventative purposes, to restrict muscle contractions that lead to wrinkles, and to fill in areas that are beginning to show some hollowness, such as your under eyes and cheeks. The most common areas for Botox injections are in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes to restrict muscle contractions, preventing any wrinkles from forming in the first place.

Medical Grade Skin Tightening Facials

A lot of people do DIY home facials, which is great! They’re super relaxing and having a little *treat yourself* evening with a good book, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a facial is always nice. However, these facials typically do not offer much more than a little bit of hydration, which is why many are opting for medical grade skin treatments instead.

To do this, you can schedule an appointment at your local medical spa to get a medical grade facial, some of which involve different forms of microneedling, infusions of vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acids, and neurotoxins into your skin, or lasers for skin resurfacing. With these types of treatments, it is usually best to leave it up to your doctor to decide which one would best suit your needs. Do keep in mind, however, that some of these treatments are quite painful. But let’s face it - beauty is pain (it’s true)!

Aside from the above mentioned tools, you should also try your best to practice a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and clean eating.

FYI - that doesn’t mean that you need to work out every day and never eat junk food. Instead, simply try to manage a flexible lifestyle with an overall healthy foreground, without restricting yourself too much. Allow yourself to go out, party, and skip the gym the next day (every now and then). Everything in moderation, right?

Overall the basic steps mentioned above will help keep your aging process to a minimum and at the very least, slow it down a bit. In addition, who doesn’t love a nice clean and well maintained overall skin? Taking care of yourself is refreshing, not only because you don’t want to show signs of aging, but because it will make you feel generally content and confident.

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