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Hazardous Hair Products


More Hazardous Ingredients


Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in hair products and cosmetics. They are used to protect the products from microorganisms. Studies have shown that the use of Parabens may possibly cause carcinogenic reactions.

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate is a compound formed when an acid and alcohol mixed together releases water. It has been linked to cancer, developmental problems, reproductive problems, skin problems, and lung problems. It has also been linked to problems with the brain, nervous system, toxicity of the cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems.

Sodium Laurel Sulfates

Sodium Laurel Sulfates is a anionic detergent and surfactant and foaming agent used to make personal care products and shampoos. It has been linked to premature blindness in infants and small children, cancer, premature hair loss, eczema, dandruff, and skin irritation. It causes hair loss by corroding the hair follicle and not allowing hair to grow.

Propylene Glycot

Propylent Glycot is a chemical used in anti freeze, airplanes, and brake fluid. It is also used in beauty creams, cleansers, and makeup. It has been linked to kidney damage, liver problems, deafness, tissue and bone problems, dermatitis, seizures in epileptics, cardio and respiratory concerns, skeletal muscular damage, and premature skin aging.

The thought of beauty products being harmful to our health is not only disturbing but somewhat surprising to some. To think that we have been using these products for years and years only to find out that they may have been harming us all along. There are a substantial number of ingredients that have not only been proven in studies to be harmful to our health but in many ways are purposely kept secret from us. After you read this article take a close look at some of the products that you have in your home. Research the ingredients yourself to find out just how accurate this information is. Then decide yourself if you want to continue using those harmful ingredients on yourself. If you do not, there is hope for you after all. You can use products made from natural ingredients and even make some of your own products. By making better decisions about the personal care items you are using, not only do you look better but you will feel better too!

What Can We Do About This?

The only sure thing that we can do about this is to try to use as many natural products as possible. When purchasing beauty aids, make sure you read the label and research any ingredients that you do not recognize. Do a Google search for the ingredients and the hazards of the ingredients in personal care items. I have always been one to say that knowledge is power!

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Try to find products with as many natural ingredients as possible. There are some products that are 100% all natural and some that are not. A person may not be able to stop using all of the products that contain these ingredients but a person sure can limit how much is used. There are even books available on Amazon that have recipes in them for all natural beauty aids you can actually make yourself. So do your research and live healthier!

Hazardous Ingredients


The awful thing about this ingredient is that this is the same chemical found in embalming fluid. Formalehyde is used in hair straightening treatments called Brazaiian Blowouts or Keratin Hair Treatments. The chemical is linked to causing breast cancer, asthma problems, bronchitis, and eye problems.

PEG - 100 Stearate

This is an emulsifier derived from stearic acid and also found as an ingredient in oven cleaner. The ingredient is used as an emollient to cleanse hair and skin. It has been linked to uterine and breast cancer. It has also been linked to leukemia, brain cancer, and lowered immune system.

The truth is that not only are these chemicals in hair products but they are also in other products as well. So make it a habit to read the labels of everything that you purchase. Chances are if there are words there that you do not recognize, then it's a chemical. Try to use products with more natural ingredients as possible. Another amazing fact is that there are even ingredients that not mentioned on product labels because of trade secrets that are not required to to be disclosed. By being aware, we may not be able to change everything, but we can surely make our lives a little bit better.

Know Your Products!

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