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Have You Been Caught Wearing Women's Lingerie?


Being caught wearing women's lingerie is a major concern for many men who like to wear lingerie, but don't want others to know about it.

Whilst some purists might scream about being proud of your lingerie wearing habits and not giving a damn about what anyone things, realistically what a man wears under his clothes is no more the world's business than any other intimate decision he makes. Also, whilst we can be very progressive about the idea of men wearing lingerie, it is true to say that there are many parts of the world where these attitudes have yet to trickle down.

Sometimes it is undeniably better not to be caught wearing women's lingerie. But it's not always obvious as to whether you've been caught in lingerie or not. Not every person who catches you will let you know that you've been caught. It's not that they won't tell anyone about it, no, they'll tell people, just not you. Before you know it, your lingerie wearing has secretly become public information.

So, how can you tell you've been caught?

  • Something might feel different between you and a coworker or friend. It's hard to put your finger on it, but all of a sudden, things just aren't the same. Maybe they're having a hard time making eye contact, or perhaps they're mumbling and making excuses to not spend time with you. Granted, most friends worth having wouldn't behave this way, but most of us tend to end up with at least one or two friends not worth having at some point in our lives.

  • The information turns up on the bathroom wall. It's so third grade, but it happens. Juicy secrets and gossip have a life of their own, and sooner or later, some aspiring Picasso is going to want to record the secrets of your lingerie in a public place for posterity.

  • Some people giggle for no reason when talking to you. Blushing, giggling, acting as if they're five years old. It's out of character for the CEO of your company, and your lingerie might just be the reason why.

Now of course, there's no point getting too paranoid about the above indicators. They could be a sign that you've unwittingly been caught out in lingerie, or they could be a sign that something else is going on. The only real way to tell if you've been caught out is to ask someone who already knows, or to simply wait the rumor storm out (if there is one).

Have any stories of times you were caught out in lingerie but didn't know it? Share them here!


pantysam on February 21, 2016:

I have never been caught wearing my satin white panties . but I would like to! I look so good in them and I have shown part of them hoping for a comment In public. once I showed my panties completely on a road side playing like I was getting something out of my trunk. a few people blew their horns at me . it was great fun.

sit on December 18, 2009:

My pants fell a few times infront a friend of mine and i was wearing bikini style panties and was pantsed wearing pink lepord printed panties and pantsed wearing white bikini panties

Gail on June 21, 2009:

I was caught several time by my mother many years ago. Afterward, she purchased me panties and later bras, nylons and dresses.

I have been to the doctor many times and dressed down to my panties, never a word said. On the operating table two time in panties.

When I got married to my current wife, she received several pairs of crothless panties for wedding gifts, she gave all to me.

My past wife used to purchase me sherrio panties, and she gave me my first bra that I got after being married

MB on March 01, 2009:

I have been caught several times. A couple times was at a walmart store shopping. squatted down to read an item and two young ladies were hovering over me. I moved down but when I did my shirt slid up and my jeans slid lower. My thong was pirfectly clear. they watched my back side for quite a while. Then one bent over and asked if they were victoria secret. I politely asked you diden,t see the tag. Without skipping a beet she reached in and pulled them so she could read. then said they are very sexy and slowly got up but did not move till I stood and moved.

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fred on February 18, 2009:

lets see, caught by mom inlaw in nitegown 2 times, panties 3 or 4 i know of, and 1 in bra. i am sure i have been noticed in public. t shirts with bras, see thur shorts when it rains wit floral print panties. i guess i really kinda like it.

Mikki-Maine on January 08, 2009:

I've actually been caught 3 times that I am aware of... I'm sure there have been other times that were not revealed to me. For someone who has (mostly) secretly worn girls/womens panties since I was 8 (now 46 years)... that's not too bad.

It's the careless time that gets us... when we just stop thinking that we need to think about it all the time. There have been numerous "near misses" - like forgetting a Doctors appointment or going to the gym without changing or just having spontaneous relations with my wife. Mostly these are taken care of by a quick trip to the bathroom or just shucking pants and panties in one swoop.

I was once "ahem-ed" by a department store clerk - a cute woman about 10 years older than me - when I was about 25. I was not aware that my shirt had come unbuttoned and the lace panel of my camisole was proudly displayed for all to see... and probably had been for quite a while. She simply smiled at me and suggested I might want to rebutton my shirt. I blushed, flushed and stammered a "thank you" to which she simply said "you're welcome".

The most recent time I was caught was back in the late nineties... I was planning on meeting a like minded friend and thought it would be nice to surprise him with my new matching merrywidow, panties and stockings... all in bridal white and very lacy and sexy. Thing was, I didn't think about the security system at the airport... those darn things pick up garter buckles! I attempted to explain to the agent that I was wearing a garter for support hose... but he insisted I step behind the security screen and show him the metal. Well, it's hilarious now, and it was very funny to him and his fellow agent... but talk about embarassing when I had to lower my trousers displaying my pretty lingerie!

The first time was bad... i won't tell much about it except that I was 10 and it ended in a pretty savage beating and oral rape by 3 teen aged boys on a lonely stretch of beach.

All in all, over more than 45 years of hiding I have managed to be very careful and not get "outed" by family or co-workers... I hope the law of averages doesn't catch up with me except for those embarassing, but harmless, instances away from home!


Jose Gold on January 07, 2009:

I love using panties and bodies. I feel great with the softness of those clothes and I look myself very sexy on a mirror and in fact I feel myself very sexy using them. Many panties and bodies are not expensive and there are many in the market!!! I would love to show me off to other people using them.

john on January 07, 2009:

I buy mine at WalMart or online. Online for Vintage soft nylon night gowns, & panties. WalMart for Bras & pantyhose.

GoneNylon on December 31, 2008:

Not so much caught as "outed." My wife decided to take me bra and panty shopping, arguing that online ordering was no way to get a decent fit. She was right, of course, as any woman would know, but I was not completely prepared for the results.

The sales staff at the shop we visited was more than accomodating, assuring me, "Oh, honey, you're not the first by a long shot and you won't be the last. Don't blush. I don't know why more women don't bring their husbands in for pretty underthings. Now let's find you some nice bras and panties."

Lots of styles and brands and "No, that won't do, try this instead" and an hour later, we left the store with a wonderful variety of bras for all occasions (underwire, lace, t-shirt, sports) ("He'll wear THAT one home") and several matching panties, and I survived! Now, there's not a second look from the staff when I or we go in and they set right to the task of showing the latest and prettiest styles. It's a genuinely "uplifting" experience!

Nanciboy on December 30, 2008:

Nope, never been caught.

Well,there is the co-worker who would never shut up who has practically stopped talking. Thought it was something else though. Oh, an my lesbian friend who waited days (or weeks) to tell me she saw the lace bottom hem of my cami peeking from below my fleece top.

Do doctors count? I'm sure they can't tell Vanity Fair Illumination Hicuts from tighty-whities can they? :)

lori on December 30, 2008:

Hello Hope, I was caught wearing a bra by my wifes friend. Not to much was made of it, she simply said, "nice", and nothing was ever said about it again. My wife already knows I wear a bra. It was a very erotic point though when it happened to me.

ILoveLingerie on December 30, 2008:

Until now I was never caught in lingerie, but I guess the sales clerks in the place I buy lingerie most often know that it is for me.

Anyways, great article!

likewhatiam on December 29, 2008:

Hi there Hope thanks once again for a great hub yours are always the best. I personally have not been caught by anyone other than my wife, but that was too far back to remember.One thing for sure though is that the girls at the lingerie shop where I buy my panties know that I am buying for myself as they know my size as well as the brands that I wear and often make suggestions on other brands and styles, they also make sure that the leg holes ars adequate and hat the crotch width is not too narrow. To say the least I just love shopping there and they know I do. Keep up the good work.

lovepanties66 on December 29, 2008:

i haven't been caught wearing panties although whilst i was wearing in secret i was kinda hoping to be caught. since coming out to my wife about wearing them i feel even better about wearing them safe in the knowledge that my wife knows and understands that it makes me feel nice to wear them and no less a man for wearing them.making love i them is great too!!!!!!!! i could go on writing about panties forever and a day but i wont! long live womens panties!!!! happy bnew year to you all

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