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Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger

Princess Diana's Fluffed up


Curls All the Way

Hair is everything. Yes, it can make or break your looks. These days there is a solid trend towards straight hairstyles. The problem with this is that very few people truly look good with this particular style. Think about it for a minute, and if you have time, curl your hair, and examine your face from all angles, and then straighten your hair and do a comparison.

Unless you are 18 years old and have perfectly beautiful and flawless bone structure, you will find that straight hair enhances (enlarges) your nose, a lot. If you have an inkling of a thought that your nose is too big, don't straighten your hair. Also, because straight hair hangs straight down the sides of your face, it makes your face look less sculpted and more saggy. If you have a very defined jawline and perfectly young and toned high cheeks, then it may not be an issue, but even people in their 20's have minor signs of sagging. To look younger, your hair needs to be as thick as possible and swept up, giving a "face lift." Curls make hair look thicker.

Diana's Nose with Straight Hair


Princess Diana Straight Hair

To illustrate; here is a photo of Princess Diana when she was very young and still trying to find her style. It appears that she was experimenting with longer and flatter hair.

There were a few times that Princess Diana did not get her regular trim, and as beautiful as she was, she had some minor flaws. Of course one does not focus on those flaws because she looked wonderful over all, but look at this photo on the right. You will notice that her nose is very pronounced. The reason it is so obvious in this photo is because her hair is straight and flat on the sides, drawing attention to her nose.

This hairstyle is screaming "hey, look at my nose!" There is really nowhere else to look. Her nose is center stage.

The Princess later became very wise to keep her hair very full and curled at the sides to draw attention away from her main flaw, and as a result, she looked young and beautiful without emphasis to her nose.

Diana's Nose with Curled Hair


Stick Straight Hair


A Better Look

This is the look Princess Diana was known for. Her very up swept style, whether long or short, was the perfect disguise for her large nose. Note also, that in the above photo she is actually quite a few years younger. With a good hairstyle you can look better than you did five years ago.

This hairstyle, that Diana sports, makes her features seem much better balanced and serves to make her look younger too. If she had lived to an age where jowls, sagging and wrinkles were an issue, this hairstyle could have carried her for decades with just a few slight variations.

For more than 90% of women, this is a flattering hairstyle. It is so common to have a big nose, and sagging jawline, hence, this look flatters most all women.

Now lets examine the photo to the right. The Stick Straight...

This is the typical stick straight style that is being worn by many women today.

Notice that her nose is getting your attention when looking directly at her face.

If drawing attention to your nose is important, this is the style for you.

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