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Hair Rebonding: What To Expect During The Treatment Process


Hair is an essential part of a woman’s beauty. That is why women would want to do away from dry, dull and lifeless hair. With the onset of straight hair as a growing hairstyle trend, hair rebonding processes came into play. It is a hair treatment that breaks away the hair’s natural bond, rearranged and once again bonded. It employs the use of chemicals, softeners and neutralizers in order to come up with hair that’s beautiful, glossy and full of life.

If you think hair rebonding processes are the answer to your hair-related woes, you should know what to expect during the treatment process.

First, your hair will be washed with a mild shampoo, however, no conditioner is going to be used afterwards. After shampooing, the hair is going to be blow dried fully and carefully. When the hair is completely dry, the hair will be divided into shafts wherein the application of relaxants will follow. Each shaft should be carefully applied with relaxants.

Depending on your type of hair, the relaxant will be left onto the shafts for around half an hour. The hair will then be steamed for around 10 to 40 minutes, however, the time frame for steaming will still depend on the hair type. After steaming, the hair will once again be blow dried. Application of keratin lotion will then follow.

The hair will then undergo a process called ironing. Ceramic irons are usually preferred over the metal ones. Ironing the hair will get rid of kinks and curls and makes the hair totally straight.

Once the salonist is satisfied with your hair’s straightness after ironing, a neutralizer is applied next to stabilize the hair. Your hair will be left alone with the neutralizer for 30 minutes, after which the salonist rinses off the hair with cold water.

Blowing dry the hair will come in next. A hair serum will then be applied. Finally, the hair will be ironed for the last time until the hair looks gleaming, silky and sleek.

To maintain the hair’s beauty after hair rebonding processes, there are aftercare tips that should be followed. Now that the hair is straight, a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for straight hair should be applied. It is also important to hot oil and deep condition the hair regularly. You may also apply hair serums and natural homemade hair recipes such as aloe vera, olive oil and eggs to keep it beautiful. It is also important to include vegetables and nuts into the diet as these can nourish the hair. Lastly, the hair will still naturally grow, so a touch-up every six months is recommended.

The total time for hair rebonding processes usually takes 4-6 hours, depending on the natural bond, thickness and length of the hair. Costs also vary from salon to salon, and the brand of products used during the treatment process.

Basic hair care should be taken into account after hair rebonding processes. Just because your hair now looks straight and beautiful, you’re going to just let it be. In fact, your hair now needs extra care and attention to keep it beautiful and healthy for a long time.

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