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Hair Rebond With Cellophane Treatment - The Best Hair Treatment In The Philippines

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Hair Rebonding

In almost all areas of the Philippines, a lot of salons are providing various services for hair and beauty care. We could say that the most common service today is Hair Rebonding with Cellophane Treatment.

We say this because it has become a trend to most Filipinas to straighten their hair regularly. To some, they have to go to their appointment with their preferred salon, on monthly or yearly basis to maintain their straightened hair.

While hair rebonding alon can make your hair nice and straight, it is good to know that any hair relaxing agent applied to the hair can cause damage and dryness.

Therefore, it is best that we pair it up with a good hair treatment. In most cases, a hair cellophane treatment is suggested by most aestheticians.

What is Hair Cellophane Treatment?

The “cellophane” hair treatment being pertained to is the application of certain hair products that are usually made of natural henna, or other ingredients. It can provide semi- permanent color but it does not use the usual pigmented hair color or hair dye formula, thus you are assured that there is no damage done to your hair.

The use of clear glossing agents is very beneficial in adding substance and shine to the hair by filling and plumping the hair's shaft and this sealing its cuticle layer. As a result, the hair becomes more healthier-feeling and shinier-looking, and you will definitely notice that it becomes silkier than before treatment. Additionally, it also allows the natural color of the hair to become more vibrant and more lush by the increase of light refraction due to the shine it gives.

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Why Hair Cellophane Treatment?

Therefore, it is safe to say that Hair Cellophane is the best compared to the usual hot oil and hair wax. When you undergo hair rebonding or any hair relaxing treatment, you should definitely go for Hair Cellophane.

Even for those women who just wants to have their hair treated to maintain its shine, Hair Cellophane is the best hair care solution.

Just make sure that your hair technician uses the reliable and known brands to get the most desirable results for your tresses.

Do You Like Hair Cellophane?

Lorena on March 22, 2019:

How to rebond with cellophane

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