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How to Apply Makeup Correctly: Tips From a Facial Makeup Artist

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A radiant, cheerful, neat and welcoming worker draws prospective customers or clients like a magnet. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for the same services. This is why many corporations would rather have a smart pleasant worker instead of an unpleasant employee. This aspect of service delivery is often utilized among personnel in air transport and the film industry. Our attire, makeup, demeanor and general outlook may just translate into the pay cheque we aspire to get at the end of the day. A pleasant, cheerful and more welcoming worker often wins the day, and may run smiling all the way to the bank. Many men and women know this and therefore, pay close and careful attention to their facial outlook.

Effects of Time and Weather on Your Facial Skin

Your face tells a lot. Time and your working environment work against your skin thereby damaging your young, supple, and pleasant skin so much that you end up looking much older than you are. Before long, fine lines and wrinkles begin to show, indicating the aging process of your skin. The main part of your body that suffers most due to exposure to the day’s weather, cold, heat, rain, dust, harsh ultraviolet rays and other unexpected effects is your face. Exposure to such vagaries disturbs the body’s water balance or the skin’s natural pH balance.

A little care of your skin done on a daily basis goes a long way towards restoring your skin to its former natural youthful glory, with very pleasant results.

Begin your day with:


Cleansing Your Facial Skin

Prior to purchasing a cleaning agent, try to consider whether your facial skin is normal, dry, medium or oily. A carefully chosen cleanser or soap will gently remove grime, grease and other particles that pollute your skin, without interfering with your skin type. A balanced cleaning agent or soap for all skins will contain extracts from sage leaves that help in gently cleaning the skin's surface, avocado oil to improve your skin’s suppleness or elasticity, and an antioxidant like green tea for minimizing oxidation. Greater care in choosing soap should be exercised if your facial skin is overly sensitive. Dab or pat your face gently with a soft towel when drying it instead of rubbing it. Rubbing often damages tender skin tissue.


Exfoliating Your Facial skin

Our facial skin tends to age with time. Growth in body size demands a larger new skin. Living organisms tend to shed dead skin as it grows because new skin must replace old skin. Exfoliation is the process of helping dead skin to gently peel off either in small scales, layers or laminae, leaving a new, healthy, gentle layer beneath it. This process helps to thoroughly clean the face of dead tissue in preparation for new tissue. This also improves the circulation of blood beneath the surface. A good gentle soap for all skins will contain ivy, witch hazel or sage leaves extracts which help in cleaning, including avocado oil which helps to smoothen your skin. The agent should also contain an anti-oxidant. Exfoliation of one's face should be done at least twice a week.

Refreshing Your Facial Skin

A good skin toner removes remnants of dead skin during the cleaning process while preparing the skin for moisturizing. The toner should also help to preserve the skin’s elasticity, it should contain an antioxidant, and it should stimulate while cleansing impurities from the skin. The toner should be used after exfoliation. The choice of your skin toner should be based on your skin type.

Moisturizing Your Facial Skin

Water or moisture supports life. It has been established that 20% of our skin is mainly water. This is why our skin feels dry to touch and looks wrinkled when deprived of moisture. Fines lines and wrinkles increase if such skin is left untended. Dehydrated skin slows metabolic aspects of our skin cells, thereby depriving the skin of vital nutrients.

A good moisturizer restores moisture in our skin leading to the return of normal cellular functions with improved metabolic capabilities. Healthy skin cells diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The moisturizer is usually applied after cleaning and toning the skin.

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Renewing and Protecting Your Facial Skin

Exposure of facial skin to vagaries of the day’s weather makes it lose moisture thereby slowing down cellular metabolic processes. This damages both collagen and elastin which make the skin dry and rough. There is, therefore, a need to renew the skin and protect it from damage. A carefully chosen skin treatment or facial formula that contains sunscreen is efficient in protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation that damages the skin’s cells. The presence of an antioxidant (i.e. Green tea) in a product helps the renewing process by eliminating oxidation on the skin. A good product will also contain collagen to restore whatever was damaged, and avocado oil or cucumber extracts to protect the skin’s elasticity.

Night Formula or Night Facial Treatment

The best results are often attained by choosing an enriching overnight facial treatment or mask which can be used prior to going to bed. Find a moisturizer that can be washed off in the morning after revitalizing, regenerating, moisturizing, and renewing facial skin during your sleep while restoring the skin’s pH balance, in readiness for makeup the following day.

How to Apply Makeup Step-by-Step

Application of Makeup

Facial preparation precedes makeup, which also prepares your face before you step out of the house. A healthy, renewed, regenerated, revitalized, moisturized and protected face looks more radiant than any that has not gone through this process.

Makeup simply refers to cosmetics that we apply to our faces in order to improve or change our facial outlook or appearance. Makeup greatly enhances our looks by helping us to project a positive and more confident image. It forms part of our daily routine that precedes dressing up for the day.

The makeup kit may contain a few of the following items; foundation, blusher, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, face powder, grease paint, kohl, lip-gloss, lip rouge, lipstick, mascara, paint, rouge.

It is usually advisable to use a few of these items at any one time for the best effects.

The simplest option is highlighted below.

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Enhance your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil by shaping your brows in line with the image you want to project. It takes a lot of practice to produce various striking contrasting outlooks. A nice and well-chosen impression should suit your attire. Faint accurate strokes produce a more professional touch to your face. The shape of your face determines what you can do with your eyebrows. Prior to using this item, experiment on your face in order to know the markings or impressions that suit you face best.

Facial Foundation

For your foundation, choose a foundation that does not completely stray from your natural skin color and apply it faintly. The faintest application of your foundation has the greatest aesthetic appeal or attraction. If too much has been applied, dust off the excess.


Use the eyeliner sparingly to produce a faint trace above and below your eyes. Wider or thicker lines do not enhance one's outlook. Everybody seems to notice poorly used eyeliner, so be careful here.

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Face Powder

Choose a face powder that blends well with your natural complexion and the foundation used initially. Dust faintly.

Your face is now ready for rouge. Rouge is makeup consisting of a pink or red powder applied to the cheeks. Finish off with a fine and barely discernible dash of rouge on the cheeks and more faintly, trace upwards on the cheekbones to enhance the foundation beneath it. Your choice of rouge depends on your skin’s tone. Poorly applied rouge produces a comical effect.

Lipstick Application

  • Lip surface preparation

Prior to using lipstick, prepare your lips for the works by thoroughly cleaning them using a soft wet brush or wet cloth, this exfoliates or removes dead skin or old lipstick or other foreign particles that are likely to mess up your lips outlook when you are through. Exfoliating lipsticks exist for the sole purpose of preparing and improving your lip’s texture

  • Lip primer application

A lip primer is a lipstick that gives a first or preliminary coat of lipstick to prepare the lip’s surface for the major coats of lipstick. It fills any grooves, cracks or crevices that need to be leveled out. Primers tend to contain a waxy substance for this purpose.

  • Lip pencil usage

Lip pencils come as plain or in various shades of existing lipstick colors that blend with our skins. It is often best to select and use lip pencils that go with our choice of lipstick to trace around the lip, thereby providing a foundation upon which your lipstick will rest

  • Lipstick application

Choose lipstick color that easily blends into your complexion and also, the clothes or attire you are donning for each day. A good and long-lasting lipstick will not reflect light. Such a lipstick is usually not glossy or even greasy. It tends to draw light to itself rather than reflect the light. This kind of lipstick is referred to as Matte lipstick. Apply lightly and then wipe off excess lipstick

  • Setting the lipstick

Setting your lipstick refers to firmly holding your lipstick in place to prevent rubbing it off easily when in contact with surfaces, clothes or other people. When a coat of lipstick is applied to one's lips, it tends to be a bit wet. It is prudent to dab on a light layer of powder to help dry the lipstick faster. This should be followed by a faint or slightly discernible layer of lipstick to help the setting process and intensify the color of the lipstick on your lips.

  • Excessive or accentuated lipstick application

This kind of application is often done for show, to emphasize certain issues or melodrama. Glossy substances reflect light thereby attracting undue attention. We are well advised not to use glossy lipstick if we do not want to draw attention to ourselves. Lip-gloss pronounces your lips far above anything else on your face to the effect that viewers will be drawn to your lips first, before looking at your eyes. Therefore use sparingly or only when you want to draw much attention to yourself and your lips.


Your face tells a lot. The best face leaves a lasting impression. The best facial outlook starts with the treatment you give to your face. A healthy looking face strikes a more positive image. Facial preparation precedes facial makeup. Makeup enhances one's general outlook with positive gains. The shape of your face determines how you apply your makeup. Therefore, use makeup sparingly for the most promising and impressive effects.

Try to remember the fact that makeup can make one appear to be serious, calm, business-like, cruel, mean, comical, alluring, mildly or extremely sexy. Therefore, utmost care must be exercised when applying make in order to create the right impression, for better gains.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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