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HAIR ACCESSORIES - How to Make Your Own Feather Hair Clip


Items You Will Need

  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • hair clip
  • inexpensive jewel or gem
  • large purple feathers with fanned-out tips
  • medium blue feathers (mine have green tips)
  • small blue, polka-dotted feathers
  • small piece of craft foam sheet

Craft Foam and Shimmery Blue Material Scrap


These are similar to the craft foam I used:

Step One

I started by cutting a piece of scrap craft foam (the kind found in craft stores that are usually used for craft projects for small children--very inexpensive and lightweight, which is perfect for hair accessories and jewelry).

If you don't have foam, find something lightweight and semi-sturdy.  Use your imagination -- almost anything will do.  Anything may be recycled: an old credit card or ID card...a piece of plastic that surrounds many items we purchase...a playing card...a piece of index card...light-weight cardboard on the back of a notebook...the front cover of a notebook...okay, you get my drift.  The point is to USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

I cut the foam in the shape of a rectangle barely bigger than the small hair clip shown in photo. Then I glued around the foam a piece of fabric scrap that coordinated well with my colors.


Step Two

Next, I simply glued my clip to my rectangle piece.

Be sure to only glue a little of the big end of the clip. If you glue the whole clip, then the clip won't open. If you look at the photo of the underside of my flower hair clip, you can see that the left side of the clip is not attached. Only the far right side is glued down.

In this photo, you can also see how small my material covered foam piece is.

Step Three

Next, cut off the tips of purple feathers with large fanned-out tips (shown in the photo above). Once I cut 12 - 15 tips off, I began hot gluing them to my rectangle of foam and fabric. I glued them in a circular pattern to mimic a flower.


Step Four

Then I glued these blue feathers with green tips.  I liked the way the tips were not only a different color but that they were thinner so that they wouldn't hide the purple feathers.

Step Five

I kept gluing circularly with my polka dotted blue feathers. When I was satisfied with the look, I glued on one girly jewel in the center.

Optional Step Six

I decided to make one, last change.  In the same way a hair stylist makes straight-across bangs look choppy, I got my hair scissors and snipped around and around the feather flower to make the purple edges look a little messy and choppy.  With that my feather hair accessory was completed.

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Why not sell your crafts? is an excellent website to display and sell handmade items.

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