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Growing Out Your Own Hair Texture

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Growing up in the seventies and eighties, I noticed that the women embrace their natural hair more than today. Looking around I’ll see a big beautiful afro of many different sizes. Different types of hair textures were naturally being seen every day in public and in television. Actors and actresses loved their hair natural.

I rarely heard people talk negatively about someone's hair being an issue because of the hair being natural. Women have coarse, curly, straight and long hair without a perm. Now, many women have short hair before getting long extensions or weave. Although, a lot of women took pride in their hair and growing it out naturally in the past. They didn’t seem to care what people will think if there hair was coarse, curly or straight.

Years would pass, many girls who were in school in the neighborhood would sometimes get their hair straightened by a hair dresser. Some girls would decide to have their hair permed and to keep the hair looking good, the perm will need a touch up every six weeks and the ends would have to be clipped.

Before having a perm, they would wear their natural hair every day. Only special occasions or a graduation is when a girl would do something extreme to her hair. Usually, the girls prefer to do many different natural hairstyles that would impress their friends or a boy at school. Doing drastic things to their hair wasn’t an everyday thing for girls growing up in the eighties in New York City.

They’ll learn the different natural hairstyles from each other in the neighborhood. Sometimes they’ll even copy what hairstyles that were created. They knew how to box braid, cornbraid, twist the braids and blow-dry the natural hair and use hair rollers if they wanted a variety of new looks.

They’ll sometimes sit outside their house bored and would ask a friend. Do you know how to do hair? if the girl said yes, then she’ll show her skills. Doing hair outside or inside the house was something many girls enjoy doing. They would socialize while a friend is getting her hair braided.

They weren’t interested in damaging their hair with a curling iron, a flat iron, or perms, long extensions or weave. They were beautiful inside and out with their natural hair that can be done differently every day.


Hairstyles Today

Today, hair care has changed drastically and girls are looking at women on television with beautiful long human hair that can be extremely expensive. They don't mind paying for human hair or synthetic hair.

They would get someone they know who can do hair to place the weave in; starting from the scalp until the hairstyle is complete. Some women will go to a professional hair dresser who knows what is the hairstyles young women and girls love to have done. Sometimes a young teenage girl would also ask her father if he can pay for her weave or extensions.

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A father may not agree with his daughter, because he tells her that a lot of men love when a woman have natural hair too. Still, she'll find a way to convince him that she is getting the hairstyle she wants, and then she'll be on her way to get her hair done.

The choices are, getting braiding extensions, stitched in weave, wigs, hair coloring, perms, and curly long weave etc. They’ll also continue to use flat irons, curling irons and blow-dryers. Having a more unnatural look that will be acceptable to a woman who wants to keep up with the trending hairstyles, that looks beautiful is considered the in thing.

Eventually, when the hair has to be done over again after looking like someone else. A woman can begin having self-esteem issues because she will begin to feel like she has to keep up with the type of beauty she sees.

Often online, in music videos and in movies is her motivation for new looks. She wouldn't dare let anyone see her with natural hair that is either short, coarse, curly, thin or balding. She isn’t interested to be her natural self, which is to be free from hair that isn’t natural.

Usually, she’ll have so much confidence to speak to friends and family with the unnatural hair. In addition, her boyfriend loves the extra-long weave and she loves the attention. Her boyfriend loves seeing his girlfriend with human hair. Sometimes he’ll pay for it, if she doesn’t have all the money to buy it. He doesn’t mine because he is attracted to women with long beautiful hair and she wouldn't dare go back to her natural hair again.


Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Until, her scalp is stressed from everything she’s done for years because of keeping up with the “Jones's ” as they say. Then one day, her hair is extremely short and she tells everyone she is going to begin to grow out her own hair. Overtime, she’ll begin to look at people who has natural hair and would be curious to slowly see what her own hair can do. She will be tired of being a follower and would be happy about growing her own hair. So, she decides to work on seeing how the hair would look naturally. Just having a beautiful head of natural hair that is easier to maintain than to keep up with women who doesn't look natural isn’t what she wanted anymore.

Even though, she is aware that growing hair out isn't going to happen right away, she is up for the challenge. Often, she would see a woman with short hair one minute and then magically has long hair from out of know where the next. Doing so, is a process that many women can do if they are interested in growing out their own hair. It takes time and patience no matter what the hair texture is. Many different hairstyles are fun to do if taking time to create hairstyles that looks nice, to a woman who is learning about her hair and what hairstyles look good on her.

Hair Products for Different Hair Types

She need to know the type of products that works, then she'll be happy to know what is making her hair look beautiful after accomplishing the goal. Trying to be natural to look her best and not trying to keep up with everyone else is determination. Growing hair is also cheaper to do than to consistently go to a hair dresser. Every week or every month to get the magical hairstyles that isn’t always comfortable. Nothing is wrong with growing out the hair by using a good shampoo, hair conditioner, leave in moisturizer and Gel. Many hairstyles look great with gel, it works great to maintain a sleek look.

Although, it is also important to wash the hair products out of the hair to start over again. Always begin combing the hair from the tips and work your way up is also important. Often, natural hair isn’t easy to comb and using a leave in conditioner is great for high maintenance hair. As long as, the hair texture and the products work well for your hair, then it will grow beautifully and you’ll be happy after seeing the results.

There are many natural hairstyles that is still seen today. Such as dreads, curly afro's with a lineup, twisted hairstyles with hair accessories, medium afro's and naturally curly hairstyles that women and men are doing. What's interesting, is a lot of young men are getting their natural hair done in their neighborhood by women who isn't seen at all.

The mystery hairdresser would do corn braids box braids and twist. Presently, living in Boston Massachusetts, a young man wouldn't say who has done his hair. Unless someone asked because of wanting a new hairdo. In addition, men and women will try to learn how to do their hair by watching helpful videos if looking for a new hairstyle that they can do.


15 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

  1. Do not overuse hair products.
  2. Eating healthy can help the hair to grow.
  3. Use hair products for your hair texture.
  4. Do not braid tightly because doing so can be stressful to hair follicles.
  5. Remove all hair accessories before going to bed.
  6. Don't use a hard bristle brush every day.
  7. Don't use a blow-dryer everyday.
  8. Use a breathable scarf before going to bed and don't tie the scarf to tight.
  9. Use the right combs for your hair texture.
  10. Don't wash your hair everyday if you don't need to.
  11. Use warm water instead of hot water.
  12. Massage the scalp gently all over.
  13. If the scalp feel itchy scratch gently.
  14. Don't use many different hair products if you don't need it.
  15. Clip the ends to prevent having split ends.

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