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Grow and Harden Your Nails Natrually

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My passion is helping people in any way I can. If you don't know where to get help try me. I just might have an answer for you.

Before the products: Eating right and drinking Water To Grow Strong Nails.

Before we start: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, scientist, nor do I hold any licence, or degrees. I have applied the methods to myself several times and they worked each time for me.

Made up of vast amounts of Keratin, fingernails grow from what is called a matrix. Keratin is a protein. Although your nails basically dead cells, they still use nutrients to grow strong and healthy enough to pop open a can lid.

Eating the right foods will feed your nails so you no longer have to pay for falsies if you chose not to.

Eating right does not mean dieting and counting calories. And it most definitely doesn't mean that you can't eat fried foods at all.

Do you remember the food pyramid in school that taught us nutrition? Well let's go back to that for a minute. The chart was presented so we could make good food choices. But this doesn't mean that I want you to start counting calories. But I do want you to take a look at how your eating what you eat.

This is how I grew my nails and an bonus, I lost weight. Let's say tonight's meal consists of Pork chops, Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn. The problem off the back is you have two starches on your plate. Resolve this issue removing either the potatoes or corn. If you generally have three pork chops, lets remove one and replace it with more of the green vegetable. and if you have two chops, apply the same method. If you have one chop, apply the more vegetable method still. (Always add more of the green vegetables on your plate than anything such as Salad, Cabbage, Squash, Green Beans, and so on.) The reason for this is you want to get full but you don't want too much starch intake that comes from Red Beans, Corn, ect.

If you are frying foods, there should only be one per meal and not daily. Most meals should consists of baked, broiled, grilled, or bar b' q meats. Turn burgers and fries into Burgers, and two vegetables. Add two vegetables as side dishes to Spaghetti dinners. Do the same for Pizza night. You'll eat less of the bad stuff while still enjoying it plus your body and nails will thank you for it.

If you want fries with a meal, Add a Green vegetable as another side. Always apply the more green vegetable rule. There should more vegetables than anything else on your plate.


For your drinks, if you seem to drink sugar drinks gradually apply this method. drink carbonated, naturally flavored waters with no sugars or substitute sugars. Or other drinks.

Drink water when you are thirsty. Water is also as good for Growing your nails as for your body.

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Follow these methods and you should see results.

Possible side effects of losing weight: your appetite may get smaller and you may not be able to finish a full meal, your clothes may become too big, you may gain extra confidence, and other good feelings.

Some of the recipes I eat are posted on YouTube. feel free to subscribe if you like.

This Recipe Adds much needed growth to my nails

My Healthy Strong Nails

From bald nails to lengthy

From bald nails to lengthy

Maximum and continuous growth

Now that you have stated growing your nails, Let's harden them and keep the growth continuous. I'm going to tell you about two nail polish products that I use and add to my nail growing technique. The polish is thick so you need to clear about thirty minutes to allow for drying time. I mix the two products together. Half and half for each bottle so that I only have to apply coat. As this allows the drying time to complete in 30 minutes as opposed to and hour. Another reason is because I want both products to lay on my nail simultaneously instead of layered; possibly weakening the affect of the second applied product.

Clean your nails with nail polish remover (even if you have no polish on your nails) this will remove any dirt and or oils from your fingernails and allow the polish to do what it needs to do. Try using a small fan to dry nails quicker.

Continuous Treatment

Nail Oil

No More Paying People To Damage Your Nails

Now that you have the information to not only grow your nails but harden them and keep them healthy as well, You should know I saved the best for last. Using these products is not a time consuming daily regimen. I apply the products every two weeks. You could have your friends over an enjoy a lovely Spa day in home and catch up while making one of my recipes. Grow your nails together and as an added bonus, lose weight together if you chose. Now if that doesn't sound like a great time. Not all of us wanna lose weight but there is nothing wrong becoming a little healthier right? Why can't we have beautiful healthy nails with a healthy mind and a healthy body?

Don't you wanna Grow your nails?

Don't you wanna Grow your nails?

Fingernail Choices

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