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What Are the Hottest Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton Purses? Discontinued Collector's Purses

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

The Entire Multicolor Line!

The Louis Vuitton multicolor line was made in collaboration with the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. Once a limited collection, the hugely popular multicolor line became a Louis Vuitton staple for over a decade. It is not surprising that this line still has a very loyal following to this day, the colorful print makes all the handbags and accessories look very unique. One of the most recognizable handbags from the multicolor line is the iconic Speedy. Jessica Simpson carried one and it became popular overnight. Nowadays, the multicolor Speedy nano is extremely sought after, requiring avid Louis Vuitton fans to pay a huge premium to obtain. Other multicolor items are more obtainable.

Eva, Favorite, and Pallas Clutch

These three bags all serve the same purpose. They are small crossbody handbags that are super versatile. When worn crossbody, they give a causal vibe and complete lots of different causal looks. However, when the crossbody strap is removed, the dainty gold toned metal chain makes the purse more dressed up and ready for the evening. Even though all three styles are discontinued from Louis Vuitton, they continue to be very popular in the preloved market. You also don't have to stick to the monogram print, the Eva and Favorite were also made in Damier Ebene and Azur.

Bag of the Early 2000s: Tivoli

The Tivoli was one of the most recognizable purses from Louis Vuitton in the early 2000s. Continued to be loved by lots of people, the Tivoli was recently discontinued in 2014. This top handle bag is small but fits a ton of stuff. So, most women find it very useful for everyday. It is also designed for dressed up events. On the other hand, If you love big bags, Tivoli was also made in a gm size that is enough your kitchen sink and more!


Classic Crossbody Saumur

A classic crossbody bag that was made with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. This crossbody bag is gorgeous and functional. With a good amount of space, you can fit all of your items in this bag easily. The Saumur is very causal and inspires travel with its easygoing crossbody style. Louis Vuitton started making this purse in the 1980s. After three decades in the Louis Vuitton stores, the Saumur was discontinued in 2010. If you want a messenger bag, you can opt for the super popular Pochette Métis or look for the Saumur on the preloved market.

Demure Lady Bag Ellipse

This bag may not be that popular anymore. However, it still has a strong following in the preloved market. Designed to be a lady's handbag, the Ellipse is a round purse with feminine soft curves. The classic monogram print is also gorgeous on the Ellipse. This purse is top handle only which is a common feature of purses in the early 2000s. Nowadays, you can still find this classic piece from Louis Vuitton from many consignment stores and vintage luxury shops.

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Hobo Monogram Beauty: Galliera Bag

This monogram canvas bag is very recognizable by most Louis Vuitton fans. Designed as a hobo bag, the Galliera purse was seen everywhere in the early 2000s. If you don't want it in the monogram canvas, try to go for a more fun print like the Azur. The light white and blue gray checker print is so young and screams summer. This bag is very sought after on the preloved market.


Watercolor Speedy

Although the watercolor speedy was only available for a limited amount of time, it still has a very strong following in the preloved market. Louis Vuitton collaborated with Richard Prince to release this limited line of handbags. Like the multicolor line, the watercolor Speedy comes in the white or black canvas. However, only the 35 cm size was released in mainland USA. The smaller 30 cm size was released in Asia and Hawaii; this smaller size is the more in demand since smaller bags are on trend at the moment.


Louis Vuitton Denim Mini Pleaty

This is another vintage Louis Vuitton bag that still has a loyal following. Even though there were lots of different styles released for the denim collection, the mini Pleaty is the most popular because small bags are on trend at the moment. The mini Pleaty came in a variety of colors; the blue denim is now seen everywhere in consignment stores. However, if you love pink, the mini Pleaty was also made with a pink denim. This adorable little purse is so cute on the outside. But the inside is lined with a muster colored soft lining that makes this bag even more amazing.

Monogram Ink Speedy BB Black

This bag was released a few years ago and soon discontinued by Louis Vuitton. The ink speedy BB is a little bit bigger than the nano speedy. If you love small bags and want something more practical, this understated Louis Vuitton bag is perfect for you. Although not very popular, this gorgeous black bag is perfect for every occasion because of its size and color. Crafted in luxurious lambskin, this bag is very soft and screams luxury. Best of all, the ink speedy BB is unique in the house of Louis Vuitton because it's lambskin. This leather and monogram embossing is unique because it's different than traditional Louis Vuitton monogram imprints.

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Collection

The Louis Vuitton cherry blossom collection is another collaboration with the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. With the immense success of the multicolor line, Louis Vuitton launched another limited collection together with Takashi Murakami. Using the iconic Japanese national flower, cherry blossom, the colorful yet demure cherry blossom collection was created in 2003. Out of this collection, the pochette pieces are the most popular collector's items even to this day. To differ the limited collection pieces, Louis Vuitton added a little leather bow in the front to accentuate femininity in this little pochette. However, to make this piece more mature, Louis Vuitton added rock studs to give it a little edge. The result is a perfectly balanced design that fits most people. Go for the classic monogram cherry piece if you are a diehard fan of Louis Vuitton traditional monogram. The pink monogram with pink cherry blossom pochette is the most feminine one out of the three. The gold monogram with the red cherry blossom is the rarest and perfect for a collector. However, keep in mind that the red cherry blossom pochette is prone to bleeding because of the red flowers. So, carefully check the condition before making a commitment on this item in the pre-loved market.


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