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Going Tanning in a Tanning Bed for the First Time


Most individuals have heard of a tanning bed once or twice, but actually going to a tanning salon to go tanning may still feel a bit awkward. There are certain safety precautions that will need to be taken, forms that need to be signed, and quite a few things to keep in mind before laying down in the tanning bed.


When a client first walks into the tanning salon, they will be asked to fill out a few different forms. These will be used to determine how high of a risk they have for particular skin cancers, and what type of skin type they have. Most tanning salons also have a minimum age limit, and these forms will help confirm that customers are old enough to use the tanning beds.


Speak with the front desk staff

After filling out the forms, it is time to talk to the front desk staff. Beginners are encouraged to inform staff if they have never used a tanning bed before, and this will give them the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

When the front desk staff assigns them a tanning bed, some salons control how many minutes the bed is on from the computer at the front desk. It is important for first time customers to understand how this process works, and to ask how long they have before the tanning bed comes on.

Beginners may not realize this, but many salons automatically start the bed three or four minutes after the person goes into the room, and it is assumed that this is plenty of time to get more comfortable, put on lotion, and put on protective eyewear.


Eyewear is essential

The UV rays from the sun are enough to damage the eyes, and the UV rays in tanning beds are much stronger than these. This is why many tanning salons require that customers put on eye protection. Eye goggles can often be purchased online, or in the salon. Some salons also offer paper substitutes for customers that forgot their goggles.

It is important to remember that a member of the staff is not going to double check whether a person is wearing goggles or not. At most, they will ask to see them or clean them before the person goes in the room. It is then the responsibility of the consumer. Not wearing goggles can cause a significant amount of damage to the eye, including blindness.

In the room

After a person goes into the room, they can then get comfortable, and go tanning by laying on the bed. The tanning bed will often shut off on it’s own, but, if it gets too hot, many tanning beds also have an emergency shut off button so that individuals can shut the bed off on their own.


After tanning

Most salons have a spot to put goggles if they offer goggles for their customers, and a spot to put towels. It is always a nice idea to make sure that the room is picked up and things are put where they go, and the staff will appreciate it. If a customer is not sure where to put their goggles or towels, it is always okay to ask.

Going tanning can be a fun, relaxing experience that comes with quite a few benefits. When a customer walks into a tanning salon for the first time, they often feel awkward and are not quite sure how to exactly go tanning. These basics will help every individual know what to expect when they go tanning for the first time, no matter which salon they go to.

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