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Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover for Women Review

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What is Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover?

Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover is a new product in the Gillette Venus razor series, designed to give a smooth shave to women. What makes this product unique is that the handle of the product is pocket sized, which makes it greatly travel friendly. The product comes with a plastic pod, which keeps your razor safe. The razor incorporates soap gel bars on both sides of the razor just like in their Gillette Venus Breeze Razor with Avocado Oil.

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Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover

Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover

Price of the Product and Packaging

The product is priced at INR 799. The box includes 3 razor heads, 1 easy grip handle and 1 plastic storage pod. The instructions for use are clearly written on the packaging. There are in total 2 refills for razor heads along with 1 ready to use razor head.

Packaging of the Product

Packaging of the Product


  • The razor glides smoothly along the curves of the body, due to the moveable razor head.
  • There is no need for application of shaving foam before shaving.
  • The handle of the product is reusable and refills of the razor can be attached to it.
  • The razor is pain free as compared to other modes of hair removal like waxing or epilators.
  • Refills of the product are easily available.
  • Refills of the product are included in the packaging of the product.
  • Travel friendly as it is pocket sized.
  • No need to worry about the product going bad after use in the plastic pod. The holes in the pod help the product to dry after use.
  • No harsh chemicals are involved in the product, as present in the hair removal cream.
  • The razor is very versatile and can be used on all body parts

    • Arms and hands
    • Legs
    • Underarms
    • Bikini Area


  • For people who have been using razors for a long time, maybe habitual of using a longer handle. There can be a bit of a learning curve while shifting to this product.
  • Use of shaving foam acts as a guide for the shaving areas. But in case of this particular product, it becomes a little hard to spot the unshaved areas, since shaving foam is not used on the skin. I feel that this point may not be a disadvantage for many.
  • The plastic of the pod can be of a better material, since it looks like it can easily break in a few uses.

Usage of the product

I generally follow the following steps to get a beautiful and smooth shave on my skin.

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  1. While in the shower, wet the skin where you want to shave.
  2. Glide the razor along the skin. Keep cleaning the razor with water.
  3. Apply moisturizer to the shaved area.

You can exfoliate the skin before shaving using a body scrub. This is totally optional. Once the soap gel bars on the razor get over, you can replace the razor with a refill razor.

  • Time - If the shaving for all areas is done on a weekly basis, the razor lasts for around 2-3 months per refill. This can definitely be different for different people. Everyone’s skin is different and each one of us has a different speed of hair growth.

Personal Opinion

If you are a person who travels a lot, this product is a good product to have. If that is not the case, the regular razor handles that are available in the market are definitely a better buy. I would say that because I feel that because the handles of the other products are a little longer, it gives a better grip to work with, on the skin. The razor itself is a very good razor, since you do not have to apply any shaving foam on the skin, and the soap bars itself make the whole shaving process a very smooth one.

But for general use the handle makes it a bit more tedious to shave than the regular longer handles. All in all, this may not be that of a revolutionary product. It is definitely travel friendly, but I don’t know if it is being able to do justice to the price.

Comparison of Price of Gillette Venus Breeze and Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover

Comparison of Price of Gillette Venus Breeze and Gillette Venus Snap Hair Remover

As you can see in the image above, the price of this product for a travel sized product is INR 150 more than if we were to buy 2 refills and one razor with a handle separately. This means that the brand is asking for INR 150 more for the pretty packaging and the smaller razor handle. If I am a regular user of this, I don’t think I would like to pay this kind of premium for the product. This is my personal opinion. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section.

Would I recommend this product?

Like I mentioned earlier, if you are a person who is always on the go, and want a small sized razor, I would definitely recommend this. But if you travel rarely, I would recommend using the other variants in this series, more or less because it is more cost effective than this product. My overall rating for this product would be 3/5.

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