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Getting Braces? Prepare In 10 Steps!

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Getting braces represents a major improvement in your smile and appearance. However, the first few days can be quite uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are a few tips to prepare both physically and emotionally for your upcoming couple of years.

Get a professional scaling procedure

Before reaching your orthodontist's office, visit your dentist and clear any type of scale. Such procedures are important because the dentist might identify potential problems that must be treated before getting braces.

Treat your problems

The dentist will ask you for an X ray to detect eventual dental decay. Getting braces asks for perfectly healthy teeth. No caries or decay should affect them, only to prevent complications. Ignoring this step might compromise the results of your orthodontic treatment.

Beat your fears

Does getting braces hurt? No! However, you might experience mild discomfort. If you are not sure about it, educate yourself and learn more about these procedures. Painful sensations are less likely to occur, while the discomfort is mild and will move on in no time.

Brush more and use floss

Assuming that you have already cleared caries, it is time to maintain your teeth in the best possible shape before getting braces. Brush them after each meal. Use dental floss, as well as mouthwash, only to kill potential bacterias that might attack the tooth enamel.

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Enjoy your favorite foods

Getting braces implies respecting some limitations and restrictions. Your discomfort will not allow you to enjoy tough texture foods either. These rules must be respected in small details, so give yourself the last treats for a year or two.

Get soft foods

Soft foods are mandatory during the first days. Does getting braces hurt? How about after? The discomfort will cause you to eat nothing but yogurt, soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and so on. Therefore, stock up.

Get some wax

Wax for braces keeps the wires soft and prevents oral irritations. Some orthodontics have wax in their offices too. This wax is different from the one used for candles. It is known as dental or braces wax.

Get some pain relievers

Whether you rely on natural solutions or you want medications, get some pain relievers nearby, especially during the first days. People feel discomfort at different levels, so have some small stocks just in case.

Bring some entertainment

You might need to wait for a while to go through this process. When getting braces, it might be wise to bring a book or get some music on your smartphone. Such things will put your mind at ease.

Remember your reasons

Finally, plenty of patients feel like giving up too soon. Remember your reasons. Keep your goals in mind and remember why you wanted to get braces in the first place. Stick to your goals or you risk becoming a quitter.

In conclusion, getting braces is not such a big deal. It is not a painful procedure, but an uncomfortable one. Prepare yourself physically and mentally upfront if you want a good final result.

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