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Get The Look -Gia Carangi Inspired- Simple Look That Goes A Long Way Tutorial

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Gia, with hardly any makeup on :)

Gia, with hardly any makeup on :)


Gia Carangi, one of the world's most infamous models. Not only for her raw talent, but for the story she still tells us to this day. In this tutorial I will be explaining how to do my original Gia inspired look. It is not based off of a particular look she has wore, but instead is based off of her persona and what we have heard of her.


-Large Curling Iron (optional)

-Hot Rollers

-Gel (optional)

-Hair Spray

-Wide Tooth Comb


-Peach Blush

-Dark Eye Shadows (the particular color doesn't matter, I used a metallic purple, grey and jet black.)

-Liquid and Stick Liner



NOTE: Even though we will be using dark based colors the actual look will not be so dark. If you want it to be darker you can use more shadow and liner.

I do not own this photo, I am simply sharing it for you to enjoy!

I do not own this photo, I am simply sharing it for you to enjoy!

Step 1: Hair

This could possibly be one of the easiest preps I have done thus far. Keep in mind that Gia was a mess sometimes. For example there are some photos of her out and about With no makeup and her hair a mess. So for the hair, it doesn't have to be perfect, actually it might be better if it's not.

In this particular look I left my hair dry and simply squirted some water onto my hair to dampen it, but you can keep it completely dry if you wish. The first step is to take about a dime sized amount of gel, rub your hands together so that the gel is on both sides of your hands, and apply it to your hair. Shaking your hands through your hair will be the best idea for this style. Next take the hair spray (holding it about 4-6 inches from your head) and apply a medium layer of spray.

Take random sections of your hair (starting at the very top and crown of your head) and start applying the rollers. Like mentioned above they do not need to be perfect. You will want to use the largest rollers at the top of your head and the smaller ones at the bottom. When you start apply the rollers to the bottom portion of your hair you will want to leave about a half and inch in between the roller and your scalp.

NOTE: You can inter-change the rollers with a 2" curling iron if desired. If you are planning on wearing this look all day, do use gel. Also, after you have applied all of the rollers add an extra layer of hair spray.

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TIP: Ever wonder why your curls always fall by the end of the day? It's because they didn't set long enough. Once you have removed a roller (or the iron), pin the curl back into place by re-curling it with your fingers, and pinning it down with a two pronged pin. Once you have pinned all of the curls one LIGHT round of hair spray and ten minutes of sitting will have those falling curls peppy all day! (If using an iron you will want to do this once you have released each curl, so before you go onto the next curl pin that first one up.)

Step 2: Foundation and Blush

While you are letting your hair set, grab your foundation and apply very lightly. Looking at the two pictures above you can tell that she wasn't wearing much foundation, and keeping with that I applied very little of it. Start at the forehead and work your way down to the chin using as little as possible. Make sure that you blend it all in so that you don't end up with streaks.

Next you will apply a peach blush. As before you will also want to keep the blush to a minimum. In all reality you don't really need it, but I thought after I finished this look a little blush brightened it up just a tad. This is completely up to you, if you don't want it don't use it, plus if you change your mind you can always go back as I did.

TIP: When you are applying foundation to your eyes, be generous here. IF you don't have much applied here then your shadow won't "stick" as well.

Step 3: Eye Shadows

To get a light and mysterious look I decided to go with a darker pallet than I normally use. When starting your eyes you will want to use the "lightest metallic" you picked first. In my case this would be the metallic purple. Spread this over the entire lid in two coats, you can do more if you would prefer a darker look. Next take the "middle metallic," I chose the grey, apply this from your crease to just under your brow line in two coats. You will want to leave about 1/8th of an inch between your brow and the color. After you have done this apply the jet black to the actual crease of your eye. With this color you can go as dark or as light as you want. The last thing to do with the shadows is to blend lightly from the top of the grey up to your brow.

NOTE: All three colors can be applied as light or as dark as you prefer. But keep in mind I was going for mysterious. This is completely your call.

This is what I looked like before my hair was done.

This is what I looked like before my hair was done.

Step 4: Liner and Mascara

For my Gia look I used a liquid and stick liner with liquid on top and stick on bottom. The top lash line is applied as close to the lashes as possible, with a very small raise toward the outer lash line. You can add tiny wings to this for a little attitude if you like.

To apply liner on the bottom lash line i put my index finger directly under my eye and pulled down slightly. I was messy with this because after I applied the liner I took my smudger and dragged that line to the outer corner of my eye. Don't worry if it's too thick of a line for your liking, simply take a q-tip with a little makeup remover (or lotion if you don't have makeup remover) and drag it slowly across what you want to fix.

Next you will apply your mascara. To replicate the look of Gia's lashes on myself, I used two different kinds of mascara. You don't have to do this, but I find that it give the lases a better look. First I applied two coats of a voluminous mascara, and then I finished with one coat of a lengthening mascara. Not only does the lengthening mascara help you get that long lash look, but it also helps to unclump the lashes as well.

TIPS: You will want to keep your hand as steady as possible when working with a liquid liner as to avoid a potential mess. I strongly suggest to place your elbow on the counter for support. Want a near perfect line from your liquid liner? To do this tilt your up and look down with your mirror in front of you. By doing this you are making it easier on your self to see what you are doing, plus you won't end up with liner on those gorgeous lids you just finished.

Step 5: Lips and Finishing Your Hair

You're almost there! For the lips I went with an orangey red. I felt it really complimented the eyes better than anything else I had tried. The key here is going to be to keep it to one coat, two tops. After you apply the lipstick drag your index finger across and really push that color down into your lips (like if you were applying carmex from the container and not the tube.)

Last but not least, it's time to take that hair down. Release each curl and let them fall naturally. Take the wide tooth comb and drag it through in random places. You don't want to curls to be anywhere near uniform. What I did was, took my pins down and one at a time (starting from bottom going to top) and drug my comb through each one individually. That gave me complete control of where each piece of hair ended up. Once all of your hair is down, turn your head upside down, spray a light coat of hairspray, flip back over and apply on top as well.

Now that you are done, you can rock this look. It's a night look, so if your ever wanting something new for a night out on the town give this a try, and see just how many people fall to their knees for you! ;)


Sandy Linter on May 23, 2014:

Since you love Gia's look that I and a few other makeup artists from back in the day did on her, please, at least have more respect for her image. Appreciate it, thanks

Sandy Linter

Lesberatti on September 07, 2012:

Where's the after photo?

KamReHi (author) from Deep South Texas on September 26, 2011:

Thank you RachieH

RachieH on September 24, 2011:

So pretty!

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