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Get Natalie Portman's Style

Why do I love Natalie Portman's Style?

1. She always wears amazing gowns and dresses to any red carpet event. She is amazing at dressing her small frame.

2. Although she is petite and flat-chested, she is able to embrace her shape and wear clothing that shows off her unique shape.

3. She is unafraid to take risks! Even huge ones like shaving her head for a role!

4. This Israeli beauty made headbands popular.

5. She rarely wears black.

6. She exudes effortless style even off the red carpet.

7. Her make-up is always natural and flawless.

8. She is exemplary at wearing just the right amount of accessories and jewels!

Getting Natalie Portman's Style

I loved her black and cream lace dress SO much that I've been scouring the internet to look for a replica! Thus far, I haven't been able to find the exact look, but I found something somewhat similar! This Chanel dress is perfect for someone with a small chest. It doesn't hide the chest, but allows her to look gorgeous and revealing. The black and cream layers look so tantalizing especially with the satin sash. I think it's one of Natalie's best red carpet looks!

The flowing red dress is also a hit. Contrary to popular belief, petite woman can wear long dresses, as long as they aren't maxis. This dress has many cutouts and panels and slits which allow Natalie to show off her height. She kept her neck bare, which added on more height and kept her accessories and shoes neutral. I love the dramatic flow of the dress with her hair swept up, this was a fabulous look!

Must Have Natalie Portman Style!

When trying to steal Natalie Portman's style, ruffles are a must! Natalie Portman has worn (according to my cursory count) over four ruffled dresses on the red carpet. Miss Portman loves her colors and her ruffles, and she often mixes the two.

I love the amazing, white satin dress Portman wore to the Cannes Film Festival; the ruffles are so dramatic and the asymmetrical ruffles of the dress matches the asymmetrical shoulder. The slit and cutouts give her some height and once again, she kept her neck bare to keep the focus on her face. (which is gorgeous!)

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Her red ruffle dress is less dramatic but just as beautiful. She kept the length quite short, which added height to her legs. She kept the accessories neutral and kept a necklace-free neck. Natalie Portman always, ALWAYS has her hair up for any fancy affair.

Natalie's Time Off

Casual Chic

When Natalie Portman is spending some time off, she keeps things classic and girly. I absolutely love her multi-colored strip sundress. I adore her whimsical necklace and cat sunglasses. I also love how she took the risk by choosing bright flats!

Natalie has got the classic look down pat! Want to try this sleek look at home?

What you need:

A satin blazer in a classic color like chocolate brown or navy.

A clean, crisp white shirt with ruffles.

Dark denim skinny jeans.

Black, suede boots.

Fake Natalie Portman's Face

Natalie's look is always smoldering, thanks to her natural "cat-eyes". If you need to fake it, it's extremely easy with the perfect eyeliner. For an easy one to use, try Lancome's defincils eyeliner. Use one smooth stroke and wing the eyeliner up at the end of your eye.

Use a natural bronzer and skip the foundation.

Use silver highlighter powder or eyeshadow to brighten up the eyes. Add it in the tear ducts of your eyes.

Curl your eyelashes in two places to really open up the eyes. Apply two coats of mascara.

Use a pretty pink lipgloss and a clear one for the top coat.

Keep the eyebrows somewhat thick but manicured.


Yena Williams (author) from California on August 05, 2011:

kittythedreamer: I love Natalie Portman as well. She's a fantastic actress! Have a great weekend!

Kitty Fields from Summerland on August 05, 2011:

I am a huge Natalie Portman fan for many reasons. One is her confidence and charm, the other is her fashion sense, and the last is her intelligence. This hub was wonderfully detailed and so I voted it up and awesome! Thanks.

Yena Williams (author) from California on January 21, 2011:

Thanks George!

Aw, I feel so humbled; Have a great weekend!

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