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5 Blue Gemstones to color your day

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I cannot say that I am an expert as far as jewellry are concerned, it is merely and interest and I like the look!!

Silver and turquoise


Mother's Day and Valentine's Day and Love

  • Valentine's Day is celebrated in honor of love. Everything about love: romantic love, intense love. surviving love, new love.
  • And love's symbol is heart-shaped because that is where love is - right in the middle of the most important organ of the body: the heart.

So, why not plan a romantic occasion with the one you love? Why not surprise her with jewelry shaped in the form of a heart? A heart-shaped gemstone set in a ring, or in a bracelet or a pendant? Give your love something that she will treasure for ever: your heart and your jewelry.

  • The color of love is red but why not try something different this year? Declare your love in blue, it is just as sincere and it will sparkle even more so if it matches the blue of your loved one's eyes.

Gem stones

  • Diamonds and gold are synonymous with jewelry but jewelry is far more than that; gemstones also come into play in the manufacturing of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Gem stones are also known as precious or semi-precious stones and they have been used through the ages to make all kinds of jewelry that has been worn by kings and queens and the masses alike.
  • A gemstone can be a mineral or crystal, but also organic material like a piece of rock. The beautiful stone is cut and polished like a diamond and made into jewelry. The two kinds of stones, diamonds and gems, are often combined in the making of a piece of jewelry and the result can be astonishing.
  • Gemstones are found in crowns of royalty; they even have their own grading system.

1. Aquamarine - a blue gemstone

  • Aquamarine is a blue gemstone. This does not mean that they all look the same though, on the contrary, the blue colour varies from light to deeper blue and many shades in between.
  • Aquamarine and the popular emerald both belong to the beryl family of stones. Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5/8 on the Mohs scale and is to a large degree free of inclusions; the blue colour of the stone comes from the iron within.
  • These stones are mined in Brazil as well as in Africa and it stands to reason that the colors found on the two continents are different. It sometimes has a green hue too. The various blues of the stones have been given names; there is the Martha Rocha and Santa Maria from the mines in Brazil and in Africa there is the Santa Maria Africana.
  • These stones can be heavy, stones with weights of 26 kg and even 110 kg have been found, although this is rare. This stone is loved by both designers and wearers, not difficult to understand why.

Aquamarine Ring


The beautiful Opal

Earrings made with vintage, rare, green fire opals.

Earrings made with vintage, rare, green fire opals.

2. Opals

  • Opals come in a wide variety of colors; a stone can have one, two or three colors, or combinations of literally all the colors of the rainbow. Lighter-colored beads are white and milky in appearance; they also have numerous dead spots with no play-of-color.
  • To evaluate an opal, you need to do five things: determine the type, cut, trans-parity, clarity and play-of-color. So, not such a simple thing to do. In jewelry, the opal is usually cut into oval cabochons such as would be the case in a bold and robust ring.

Tanzanite pendant


3. The Tanzanite

  • Not difficult to work out where these gemstones come from - they are found in only one place on earth and that is Tanzania in Africa. This scarcity adds to the exclusivity of the gemstone and jewelry made from it, and the prices are paid accordingly.
  • The deep blue color with a hint of purple has also helped to propel it to a top spot in the world. This stone also comes in a scale of blues but is most recognizable in the deep blue.
  • Tanzanite comes in at a hardness of 6.5/7 on the Mohs scale and is therefore not a particularly hard stone, so care should be taken not to scratch or damage the stone.

Tanzanite Jewelry

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Heart-shaped turquoise jewelry


4. Turquoise jewelry

  • The turquoise gemstone is an ancient one but still very much in fashion today. The Aztecs, Indians and Egyptians had many uses for the stone in their time. It has a hardness of 6, so it is considered a softer kind of stone.
  • The blue and green colors come from copper and iron respectively. This is also a stone that offers various shades of turquoise. If you want to know where this gemstone originates from you will have to go look for it in the following countries: China, the USA, Afghanistan, Mexico, Iran and Israel.
  • Take care to protect your turquoise stone from heat, cosmetics and light and it will give you joy for many, many years.

Turquoise Jewelry and the Stars

Blake Lively wearing turquoise

Blake Lively wearing turquoise

Paris Hilton with a turquoise necklace

Paris Hilton with a turquoise necklace

5. Lapis Lazuli jewelry

  • Lapis Lazuli or just lapis for short, is an intense blue gemstone that originates in Afghanistan where it has been mined for thousands of years. This gemstone is also a rock and not a mineral as is the case with other stones.
  • Primarily consisting out of pyrite, calcite and lazurite, the stone comprises no less than 15 minerals. It is lazurite that gives the stone its blue color whereas pyrite is responsible for the glitter and gold speckles.
  • Lapis is a soft stone, coming in at a mere 5 / 6 on the Mohs scale, so once again this is a stone that should be cherished and protected to last the course. Even though it is not hard stone, it is still widely used in jewelry.

Setting of gemstones

  • Gemstones are set in many different kinds of metals, of which silver is one. This makes it an affordable gift and there is no reason why you cannot surprise the one you love with gemstone jewelry. Valentine's Day is a special day for those is love. Celebrate that love with a beautiful gemstone ring, pendant or earrings.


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