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Gabi Demartino Beautiful Mess Fragrance Review

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Who is Gabi Demartino?

Gabi Demartino is a YouTube personality, she has over 3 million subscribers on her channel Fancy Vlogs by Gab where she talks about fashion, clothes, her relationship with her fiance Collin Vogt, and many aspects of her life. Demartino started YouTube with her twin sister Niki Demartino, on their joint account they have over 9 million subscribers. On this channel, you can find videos such as hauls, boyfriend swaps, challenges, etc. Gabi has even managed to appear on Ariana Grande's music video "Thank You, Next".


The Packaging

The perfume came in a small regular brown box, with packing peanuts for protection of the perfume inside. The fragrance the box came in was pink with a picture of her eating a cupcake, I thought the picture could have been better chosen. The picture is not very relevant to how the actual perfume is though so I wasn't very concerned.

The Bottle

The perfume bottle is very cute. It is pink with a round pink cap on the top and has a very fun design to it. The name of the fragrance "Beautiful Mess" is placed on the front of the bottle. The bottle is very high quality, the name on the bottle doesn't seem like it will ever fade off. A lot of the celebrity perfumes I have purchased the name on the bottle seems to fade quickly or begin to chip off but this one seems like it will last a while. This bottle is one that you won't want to toss in the trash when it is empty, it is just too cute.


The Scent

When I first opened up and sprayed this fragrance I am going, to be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan. I kept on using this perfume for several days and it grew on me, I now enjoy the scent of this perfume a lot. I recently got my hands on the Ariana Grande R.E.M perfume that I have been wanting for a while now, I received this perfume after I had already been using Demartino's perfume, although I do love Grande's perfume, I have been finding myself picking up Gabi Demartino's for the day. The fragrance is mainly sugar plum, vanilla musk, and sweet pistachio. It is very fruity and has a sweet smell. The scent reminds me of candy, it is not too overwhelming of a scent either. I would say it just the right amount to smell good without overdoing it.

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Is it Worth the Money?

In my opinion, I would say this perfume is worth $50. It has a nice light smell, you don't need to spray half the bottle on yourself for it to have an effect. The scent is long-lasting although, I may spray myself a few times a day it is not necessary the smell holds up awfully well. The bottle is also high quality, it is sturdy, and the spray part is not going to fall apart or snap off on you. If you like sweet smells or candy-type scents this perfume may excite you, if it doesn't you most likely won't be too pleased with the smell.

Final Words

If you are unsure of the smell when you first use it after pulling it out of the package, I suggest trying it out for a few more days. I was not a fan at first but the more I used it the more I started to smell it and notice how good it actually was. I am always happy to spend money on a perfume that has a scent that will last most of the day.

I am glad I purchased this perfume, Demartino has said in her vlogs that she is looking to release more fragrances as well as other beauty-related products. After trying out the perfume I am looking forward to trying out her upcoming products, I hope they come out fairly soon.



If you are interested in purchasing the "Beautiful Mess" fragrance by Gabi Demartino you can find them at - If you are interested in more Gabi Demartino products and updates you can check out her main website

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