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Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub Review

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Today I am reviewing the Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub. I found this lip scrub while browsing through the black and white sections of Sephora. It was definitely an impulse purchase for me, but I thought it would be a good addition to my skin care routine. Let’s see how it panned out for me.


About Forest Essentials

If you don’t know about this brand, let me give you a gist of it. Founded in the year 2000 in India, Forest Essentials is a pioneer in the luxury ayurveda segment. The company makes its products from natural ingredients in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Estee Lauder acquired a 20% stake in Forest Essentials in 2008. In 2014, it increased the stake to 40% in the company. The company manufactures a wide range of skin care products.

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Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

The lip scrub is designed to lighten discoloration and remove dry flakes from the lips. It provides nourishment and hydration to the lips.


The Product

The product has a gritty texture which is due to the presence of the cane sugar crystals. The scrub has a slightly thick consistency and it is easily spreadable on the lips. It has a citrusy fragrance which is not that overpowering. The scrub isn’t very harsh on application. It is not sticky and is easy to rinse out too.

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Price of the Product and Packaging

The product is priced at INR 595 for 10 g. It comes in a plastic tube packaging. It is extremely travel friendly as it is super compact and tiny. Taking out the product from the tube is also very easy.


The product has the following ingredients:

Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil**, Kokum Seed Butter, Organic Beeswax, Cane Sugar, Vitamin E, Grape Juice, Rose Flower Extract, Sweet Orange Peel Oi

**Certified Organic


Ingredients of the Scrub

FunctionIngredientsWhat exactly they do


Olive Fruit Oil**, Vitamin E, Grape Juice

These ingredients have anti-aging properties and help protect skin's collagen


Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil**, Organic Beeswax

These ingredients are responsible for making the skin soft and smooth


Organic Beeswax

These ingredients help in binding the mixture of oil and water, which tend to separate


Olive Fruit Oil**, Organic Beeswax, Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Add fragrance to the product

Viscosity controlling

Organic Beeswax

These ingredients give texture to the product, by thickening them to give a moisturizer like consistency

How to Use The Product

Apply a small amount of scrub on the lips and rub it gently until the dead skin comes off. Then just wash it off.

Pros of Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

  • The packaging is travel friendly.
  • It has all the natural ingredients which have tested benefits.
  • People with all skin types can use this scrub.

Cons of Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

  • I found it extremely pricey for a tiny amount of a product that doesn’t really do anything for me.
  • Since the scrub comes in a tube that opens at the bottom, at normal room temperature, the liquid of the scrub accumulates at the bottom of the tube. When you open the tube, it drips on your hand, which I certainly did not like.

Personal Opinion

What I really liked about this lip scrub were its ingredients. But if someone were to ask me if I saw a difference after using this product, my answer would be a clear NO. Does it do what it intends to do, again my answer would be a clear NO. Even when it comes to exfoliating, I didn’t really see a big difference. On top of all this, the product is expensive. Would I buy this product again? I think you know my answer by now. I would give this lip scrub a rating of 1 out 5.

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