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Flair in Fashion - How Do You Achieve It?


Perhaps you’re among the few born with an innate sense of fashion but don’t feel you have it because you can’t afford to buy fashionable clothes.

You actually don’t need to be rich to possess flair. You don’t even have to be so beautiful to have it. Wearing the most stylish dress is not enough to give you flair, not even the most expensive coat. So what is flair really all about and how do we know we have it?

Flair is the ability to sense the subtle ways of fashion. It is a beautiful nature of good sense, simplicity, and honest-to-goodness self-discipline.

Now let's see how these virtues play up well in giving you an edgier style.

Flair and Your Figure

Determine to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Once you've governed your inclination for something good, you'll also better customize your wardrobe and take into account what you already tend to feel good wearing regardless of body type.

Ashley Graham seems the best-dressed person on any occasion.

Ashley Graham seems the best-dressed person on any occasion.

Clothes look and “hang” better when they fit you cleanly. Too baggy and too body-fitting are things you wish to do away with as they detract from the neatness of your silhouette.

For example:

  • A wrap style makes the perfect dress cut for the heavy-busted - it defines the chest and establishes a natural waistline.
  • Flat-chested benefits how a halter cut helps define the bust and shoulders.
  • If you're thin and tall, ruffles or details can balance the straightness.
  • You're short but curvy? Plump skirts can make you look like a duckling. Too short and you’ll resemble a little girl. Pencil cuts are way better.
  • Why not go for tailored outfits, or redefine old clothes with a cut that hugs beautifully?
  • To look great in jeans depends on your body type. Low-rise cuts make the hips look wider while a higher waistband has a leg-lengthening effect ideal for the shorter curvy body.

Remember that proportion is an all-important factor that determines an edgier look regardless of you're large or petite. The secret is to personalize your outfits according to your shape.

Flair and Your Hair

A well-kept hairstyle defines the refined woman

A well-kept hairstyle defines the refined woman

Having badly-groomed hair gives a poor impression, but even the most inexpensive clothes will look elegant in a well-kept hairstyle. A nice haircut is one of the easiest things that can make you look edgy.

The ponytail may be old-fashioned, but it remains the classiest hairstyle. High or low, a tight ponytail showcases an extremely graceful appearance. I have always been a ponytail gal since I can remember (lol). Feels boring at times but it seems to always get me to the forefront.

A woman of flair would like some slight change in hair color for a new tone, a fresh glint, or to cover up grey hair. Whether she wears a sleek bob or full-bodied big curls - she would always look fresh, neat, and almost instantly dressy.

Flair and Your Clothes


Delightfully agreeable is the epitome of flair. Choose classics and splurge them with what's on-trend. As you develop flair in fashion, you will have the confidence to face any occasion even if your dress combines red and orange.

  • Have fun mixing and matching basics.
  • Give life to your old-fashioned clothes. Mix them up with modern ensembles.
  • A jacket with zippers everywhere can take you center stage. Denim is so in.
  • Bolder prints can work in a classy and sophisticated look, but if you're not into heavy hints, play up with neutral colors.
  • Wearing monochromatic colors elongates your frame, as well as dark colors, to help trick the eye with reduced body size.

An edgier but classy look is far from being exaggerated. Here's the trick: All kinds of styles can offer you a stylish vibe, your role is how to make an outfit look classy and trendy through balance. Go subtle and you’ll be surprised at how it gives you an edgier flair.

Flair and Your Personal Look

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Flair is very personal. It talks about a particular craze that you enjoy in a very special way.

Some women carry color as a significant facet to an outfit, like the blue-eyed woman who finds her eyes remarkable with an exactly matching hat or dress. Some take wearing dangling or saucer-sized earrings as an integral part of their personality, while others find a signature in diamond studs or a natural-looking make-up style.

Creating a personal look is about finding your own style or idiosyncrasy. Just make sure it’s something you are so fond of. You exude soft glamor in simplicity when you feel good and beautiful. So when you shop for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, only buy what you love.

Flair and You


Flair is a uniquely attractive quality that lets you shine a lot, but when it brags may lose the penchant for virtue.

Regardless of style and practice, a good dressing sense remains on the grounds of being dignified and graceful in appearance. It’s how you create self-love that emanates. For flair tends to lose its way with inauthenticity.

When in doubt, underdress rather than overdress. Less is more.

In Essence

Flair knows how to dress for an occasion. What you wear should do you something good, add to, not subtract from, your personality.

Getting a classy edgier look is more on the side of a dress or skirt with a length that is close to the knee, tailored dresses that nicely fit all edges, and choosing high-quality fabrics. It's never too loose not too tight. It's nothing less than clothing that looks like it was made to fit you.

A woman with flair can instantly feel the way she’s perceived by the world. Regardless of where she is, people will look at her with a pleasant outlook.

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Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on April 23, 2012:

Hi Marie-Renee. So glad to have met someone of the same passion. Yes, old-fashioned hubpage :-) - that's so the world may get reminded of the many beautiful things of old times that's worth looking back. Thanks for hipping me to the "Trashion" idea. I'd love to read more of your hubs. Thanks for sharing too!

Renee on April 22, 2012:

Hi Tonipet, great hub on inexpensive ways to look better. I see from your hubs that we both believe that one can look beautiful and stylish without emptying their pockets or showing a lot of skin or putting on a lot of make up. You say old-fashioned hubpage, then I think we are on the same wavelength. Voted up and useful and sharing it.

Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on March 22, 2012:

Hello Donna. I'm glad you find the tips and photos awesome. I really enjoyed putting all these together. Loved combining my personal opinions with what "rules" has to say. Yes me too I liked the woman in red, she looked so elegant even without so much add-ons. It only proves that simplicity is beauty.

So happy you've linked my hub to your tips for dressing to look slimmer. There's nothing like being linked to someone already great, I feel on top! Thanks. It's an honor Donna, you're so kind. Thanks for the vote too. You're awesome and great to have followed you. All the best to you and cheers!


Donna Cosmato from USA on March 21, 2012:

Awesome tips and photos; I especially like the woman in red! I've linked this to my hub on tips for dressing to look slimmer and voted this up!

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