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FitFlop Boots: The FitFlop Autumn Winter Collection

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Just one of the many styles of FitFlop Winter boots

Just one of the many styles of FitFlop Winter boots

FitFlop are famed for their fashionable and comfortable toning shoes and sandals, which are ideal for the summer and pretty cool for a night out whatever the season. However with winter fast approaching, you don’t want your toes to be left out in the cold.

Fortunately, FitFlop have released a new range of toning boots better suited for colder climates. When the perishing cold snap comes, you can be sure that your buttocks and legs will be kept warm with the extra activity generated by the boots, and your feet will be all snug and toasty.

FitFlop sandals were the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, who set out to find an effective way to gain an extra advantage in the fight against flab. The shoes were inspired by the wobble board, and recreate the constant balance adjustments by introducing micro instabilities into the walking gait.

When you walk in FitFlop boots and shoes, the muscles throughout the lower body get toned faster, and weight loss becomes much easier. The shoes tone the calves by up to 11%, the thighs up to 16% and the gluteus up to 30% more than standard shoes, and help to correct the posture making you stand up straighter and taller, easing tension in the lower back, neck and the shoulders.

However it doesn’t end with sculpting a perfect pair of legs. Fitflop has been hailed as miraculous by sufferers of joint pain, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, psoriatic arthritis, sciatica and many more painful musculoskeletal conditions for the comfort and shock absorption they offer. By taking the shockwaves out of walking, the stresses on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back are all but eliminated, and with them, so is the pain.

FitFlop boots offer the same wide ranging health benefits as FitFlop sandals, and even improve on the comfort factor! If you though the FitFlop Oasis was offers the softest suede, wait until you try on the Mukluk and Gogh!

However the Autumn/Winter collection offers brand new styles to tempt you, with the funky retro FitFlop Super Sneeka and the luxurious FitFlop Superboots added to the collection.

New FitFlop styles sell out quickly, and just as the Mukluk was last years winter warmer, the latest models are sure to be a great success for this year, having just been released in the US in September.

Great for the summer, and now for the winter too!

Great for the summer, and now for the winter too!

The benefits of FitFlop

The FitFlop also changes the distribution of pressure throughout the feet, helping to ease many painful foot conditions. Recent studies have demonstrated an average of a 25% reduction of pressure loading in the feet, with the toes being eased by up to 30%, making them perfect bunion shoes and ideal for sufferers of hammer toes.

The heel gets 15% more relief to offer help with foot stress fractures, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, and an 8% increase in contact area gives extra support to help with flat feet and fallen arches. You will struggle to find healthier footwear, and even if you don’t have any ailments, you will still benefit from the exceptional comfort, and they will help to keep painful foot conditions at bay.

Whilst FitFlop shoes, sandals, slippers and boots help to get the body in shape, the resounding feedback is that FitFlops are incredibly comfortable to wear, with thousands of happy customers praising the footwear for the comfort factor, and many claiming the shoes and boots are “the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn”, which probably means just as much to most people as their toning powers.

FitFlop Boot Styles

Health boots accepted by the APMA

Health boots accepted by the APMA

The FitFlop Gogh

The FitFlop Gogh

FitFlop Gogh Clogs

Not a boot at all, but worth a mention in this hub as they are great winter shoes, with a snug faux sheepskin lining to keep the toes lovely and warm.

The super soft suede uppers feature a DuPont waterproof treatment to keep them looking good should you get caught out in a downpour, with a robust outsole to give great grip in both the wet and dry.

The style is fantastic with a host of cool colour schemes, with earthy tones sure to look great with all winter outfits.

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The FitFlop Gogh features Microwobbleboard technology in the midsole to offer exceptional cushioning and gets the muscles in the lower body working overtime to keep your lower body in perfect shape.

The FitFlop Gogh was released last year and became an instant success; however 2010 has seen some great new additions to the range.

The Gogh II replaces the suede with a fabric upper for an ultra lightweight and comfortable fit, the Happy Gogh is constructed from soft patent leather, and there is even a slipper version in ultra soft suede – the FitFlop Ultra Lounge Slipper.

The FitFlop Super Sneeka

The FitFlop Super Sneeka

The FitFlop Super Sneeka

The FitFlop Super Sneeka is a brand new release to the States as part of this year's Autumn Winter collection. The cool trainers were released in the UK last month as FitFlop Supertone trainers, and have proved to be an instant success thanks to the low profile design and cool retro styling. The British brand is famed for its fashionable toning footwear, and is a leader in bringing toning technology into the latest fashionable footwear styles.

In addition to a great design, the lower profile construction still offers the great toning and comfort for which their sandals were renowned. The FitFlop Super Sneeka features a modified Microwobbleboard in the midsole of the shoes which triggers the same micro-instabilities as FitFlop sandals.

Whilst the shoes have been slimmed down, they will still tone the lower body up to 30% more than standard shoes, and the cushioning has not been compromised, offering up to 22% more shock absorption. The FitFlop Super Sneeka features soft leather uppers, a leather lining, non slip rubber outsole and an AEGIS treatment for great foot health.

They are great shoes for plantar fasciitis and for easing painful joints, and cushion well whilst simulating barefoot walking in soft sand.

The latest range of FitFlop Mukluk styles

The latest range of FitFlop Mukluk styles

The FitFlop Mukluk - Part Ugg - Part Mukluk - All FitFlop

The FitFlop Mukluk - Part Ugg - Part Mukluk - All FitFlop

FitFlop Mukluk Boots

The FitFlop Mukluk is one of the most popular FitFlop boots for winter, offering the softness and comfort of a mukluk boot with the durability of an Ugg boot.

The FitFlop Mukluk is probably the best looking model from the entire FitFlop range, with great colour schemes, soft suede uppers, and a double faced Shearling sheepskin lining. The boots are highly versatile and can be worn up when the weather is cold, or rolled down to show off the sheepskin and your perfectly toned calves.

The uppers feature a DuPont waterproof treatment to prevent water marks and to keep the feet perfectly dry, resisting stains commonly associated with suede. The sheepskin lining wicks away moisture and keeps the feet cool when the temperatures pick up, yet lovely and warm in the depths of midwinter. The outsole features a rugged tread to cope with slippery autumn leaves and winter snow and ice, and they are super soft underfoot for the ultimate in comfort.

However, last year the boots proved to be such a huge hit that stocks sold out quickly, making securing a pair a major headache. So, if you want to avoid disappointment this year, don’t wait until the first bout of chilly weather to get your own pair! If you were considering Ugg boots this winter, then maybe these cute FitFlop boots will change your mind!

The Classy FitFlop Inuk

The Classy FitFlop Inuk

FitFlop Inuk Boots

Such was the popularity of their boots last year, that FitFlop have designed a new tall boot for the autumn winter 2010 collection, in a similar style to the Mukluk.

The FitFlop Inuk doesn’t feature the sheepskin cuff, however still has the double faced Shearling sheepskin lining to keep the feet warm and comfortable and ensures your calves don’t get chilly throughout the colder months. These highly stylish boots offer much greater comfort than Ugg boots, and will also give you a great toning session, perfect for giving you a head start on next years rush to get in shape for summer.

You won’t find a more comfortable and softer calf boot to wear this winter than these stylish FitFlop Inuk boots. The super soft Microwobbleboard offers the height of comfort, with an anatomically moulded insole to match the natural contours of the feet. The boots feature a drawstring top for a tight yet comfortable fit, and whilst fitting snugly, they are highly breathable to stop the feet from overheating.

As with the Mukluk, the suede uppers have a waterproof and stain proof treatment, the footbed features an anti-microbial treatment, and the outsoles are rugged for excellent traction.

Bronze, Silver and Black patent finish FitFlop Snugger Boots

Bronze, Silver and Black patent finish FitFlop Snugger Boots

Nothing fits snugger than a snugger

Nothing fits snugger than a snugger

Fitflop Snugger Boots

Nothing keeps you snugger than a snugger, and when the worst of the winter weather sets in, you can be sure that you feet will be kept cosy and warm. The FitFlop Snugger is an excellent snow boot - ideal for après ski wear and to keep you on your feet when trudging through winter snow and ice.

The pull-on boots hug the calves for a close fit, and keep the feet toasty thanks to a thick faux fur lining. The shiny patent nylon uppers are waterproof and a textured outsole makes for excellent grip, even on slippery autumn leaves and you are sure to get noticed with the trendy metallic patent finishes.

The boots have an AgIon anti-microbial treatment to keep your feet fresh and smell free, and to stop the boots from taking on life of their own. Just like Fitflop sandals, the boots will tone the legs and bottom, and also offer the full range of health benefits, correcting the posture and easing the strain on the joints. The patent bronze, silver and black colours are sure to match with all winter outfits, and will certainly add an element of fun to cold drab and dreary winter days.

FitFlop Superboots

FitFlop Superboots

The FitFlop Superboot

Another new model released as part of the 2010 autumn winter collection is the FitFlop Superboot. The new boot was also released in the UK under the same name, and was released in response to calls for a smarter boot which can be worn with the widest range of outfits. The FitFlop Superboot is sold in leather or suede, both with elegant short and tall boots to choose from. The outsole features a non slip rubber, an anti-microbial treatment keeps the boost fresh, and they can be worn barefoot or with socks.

The FitFlop logo is embossed on the heel, and is the only give away that these boots are helping to sculpt the lower body. The conservative colors in black, brown, tan, and grey maximise the opportunity for combination with a wide range of outfits, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, the suede range is available in purple.

Superboots offer a robust construction, and whilst a little more expensive at the outset are designed to last for years with proper care. They put fashion first, and offer great style, whilst still giving the full benefits to toning and body health.

If you loved the comfort of Fitflop sandals, you won’t be disappointed with FitFlop Boots, which will keep you toning, shaping and correcting the posture until you can get your FitFlop sandals out of the wardrobe again and show off your new beautifully toned body next summer.


2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on November 09, 2010:

We live in the UK, where FitFlop sandals are very popular. Tricia has more than one pair, not so much for toning (she is a Pilates instructor and already toned) but because they are very comfortable.

We think some of these styles are not very attractive, but others are covetable. We're saving our pennies now.

michifus (author) on October 26, 2010:

The FitFlop range has been developed on an average female foot and should give a comfortable fit, however the sizing is a little different to most. I believe this to be because they have designed this on an average British female foot, rather than from a typical American foot shape.There is a difference, and American women tend to have higher arches.

FitFlop are only sold in full sizes, and if you fall in between, as a general rule of thumb, if you have high arches or wide feet you should drop a half size, and go up a size for narrow feet or if you have a low instep. So, Americans go down and the Brits go up!

Cynthia - Regardless of where you are from, sounds like you have the wrong size based on the width of your feet, and if your heel is slipping too, you should definitely swap for an 8.

Cynthia on October 25, 2010:

Thank you for posting the sizing chart. I did purchase the size 9 Black leather suprboot. It feel big on my foot and my heel moves up and down as I walk. I used your chart and it does indicate that I purchased th correct size (I usually wear a 8.5 wide shoe). Do you know if our heels are meant to be moving up and down or should I return thema nd get a size 8? I do not know how much info you have on this topic. I am having difficulty reaching anyone from the FitFlop company. thanks for any info you might be able to pass on to me.

michifus (author) on October 07, 2010:

Hi Cynthia

Good point - I had failed to mention the sizing for the boots, as they are a little different to most shoes.

Rather than answer in the comments section, I have added a section near the end of his hub with details on how to ensure that you get the perfect fit every time with FitFlop

Cynthia on October 06, 2010:

Do you know how the sizing for the super boot super tall boot is compared to the fitflop sandals? Would I size up or down from my size in teh sandals or do the boots fit the sames?

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