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Fire & Flame Tattoo Designs

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Jaymz has held numerous jobs in several states, but no matter where he lives, he always has a job as a tattoo artist.

Meaning of Fire and Flame Tattoos

Many people decorate an existing tattoo with flames and fire to help bring an older tattoo into a new light. Otherwise, fire and flames are still a very popular tattoo idea.

There are many meanings and reasons to get a fire tattoo that make it more significant than a decorative agent to a tattoo.

Fire can represent transformation, destruction, change, passion, a beacon of light and knowledge, or serve as a warning to the wearer. It has been used in religious rites and symbolism; as the smoke wafts towards Heaven, it's thought to bring wishes and prayers of faith.

Fire is both feared and revered because if its destructive ability and power. Fire is very destructive if not controlled, making it powerful. Fire also wards off the cold and lights the darkness. Fire can be represented by torches, beacons, urns, and candles.

In Christianity, fire is a symbol of the Holy Ghost. It's often used in descriptions of Hell. God made his presence known to Moses in the symbol of the Burning Bush. Flames are also symbols of temptation and sin, and Satan is often depicted surrounded by flames.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the Titan chiefly honored for stealing fire from the gods in the stalk of a fennel plant and giving it to mortals for their use.

In Judaism, fire also has great significance; candles are lit to usher in holidays and to separate Shabbat from the rest of the week, as well as to remember the dead. Another important fire symbol is the Eternal Flame, which was a fire kept in the First and Second Temple that was never supposed to go out.

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is consumed in flames and is reincarnated out of its own ashes. The flames are a symbol of transformation and rebirth and represent the cycle of life.

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David on June 15, 2011:

To the dude flappin his gums about somebodys tattoo is like disrespectin his Bike. Frankly I doubt if you have either...Cool Tatt man.

ew on September 17, 2009:

The last blew one looks like sperm...

jordan armstrong on January 25, 2009:

that one with the buildings on fire.....its my tattoo....

Colby Hutte on December 13, 2008:

I would like to get a really really cool dragon tattoo on my shouloder.I think that it would be very very cool to get on.I am a 20 year old female.

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