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Plus Size Work Out Pants

Plus-Sized Workout Clothes Are Hard To Find!

As a plus-sized woman, I know from experience that finding cute plus-sized workout clothes is hard to do. And that's a problem, ladies! It takes courage to get up and go to the gym at a bigger size: looking your best is definitely a priority!

If you are having problems finding good, attractive plus sized workout clothes in your hometown, you are not alone. Retailers have been remiss in neglecting this important market and online sellers have stepped in to fill the gap. Buying online can be a positive experience well-fitting pants will help to motivate you to work out even more!

These pants come in five colours and have mostly very good reviews.

These pants come in five colours and have mostly very good reviews.

Yoga Pants Plus Size

Yoga Pants

I think the yoga pant is one of the best choices to wear for working out as a plus size woman. This type of pant fit comfortably and is snug in all the right places, enhancing a woman's curves. The pants feature a boot cut leg that flatters by tapering out from a snug upper leg, like a bell. The yoga pant usually has lycra that holds its shape and tucks your tummy in. The shape of yoga pant is flattering for most shapes: enhancing the butt while tucking in the tummy.

Yoga pants have been given the name of "yoga pants" but they can be used any aerobic exercise or calesethics, except perhaps for running or walking in colder weather, because the pants sit so close to the skin. Don't let the "yoga" name throw you off: they are just a style of pants.

These capri pants are available up to a XXL. Be sure to measure for perfect fit.

These capri pants are available up to a XXL. Be sure to measure for perfect fit.

Other Work Out Pants

Boot Cut Pants

You might also look for boot cut pants that feature either the Supplex material or Lycra panels. Try to get pants that fit well around the tush and stomach and are well-constructed. Don't get anything that adds too much extra bulk because who needs that? A bold stripe either across the abdomen or down the leg looks smart and trendy. Also, look for a wide waist band with good construction so your pants don't fall down.

Light cotton pants are also very comfortable and will move well with you as you work out. Fit is key and make you sure you like how your body looks before you purchase. A mistake women sometimes make is thinking they don't have to look good to work out, but that is part of what will keep you motivated!

Capri Pants

Capri pants are another alternative for working out, especially if you find that the long pants get too hot. These pants will keep you cooler and be great for providing movement. Look for a good material such as cotton, lycra or Supplex and a good fit. Capris can tend to look messy if you're not careful, so don't compromise on fit.

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What Is Supplex?

For exceptional fit, look for the Supplex material in the pants. This newly developed material is a type of nylon but it feels like cotton. It is especially manufactured to breath and allow body moisture to escape. The material does not shrink and it holds its shape through many workout sessions. See this page for more about Supplex.

Capri Pants


AdoraOm was founded by three women -- who really understand what women like in active wear. The AdoraOm Company website tells the story of how one of the founders, Stacy, noticed in her exercise class that there were very few bigger girls. "Hmm," she wondered, "maybe it's because they don't have anything to wear!" Bingo, Stacy, you got it! Two other friends joined her and the company was born.

These products are also sold through, and I have included a link right in this article. Their site includes a thorough fitting guide, a personal consultation with a AdoraOm representative and videos to help with the fit.

Places To Buy Online

  • Amazon. There are some good selections available at Amazon. See grey-coloured boxes spread throughout the article for what I consider to be the best, most stylish looking choices presently available from Amazon.
  • Femaleforlife. This firm is based on Australia but for $15, they will ship to the USA, Canada, and other international destination. Their products are good quality and their website features a unique body-shape technology that allows you to see how a garment will fit, based on your body shape. The prices are high but I think worth it, if you can afford them.
  • As We Change is marketed especially at menopausal women but the clothes look like they work for anyone in a bigger size. Garments feature panels to tuck in stomach and tummy. Prices are a bit high but they seem to have good quality items.
  • Moving Comfort is a site aimed exclusively at activewear. They feature sizes from a small up to a 2X, so the bigger sizes are not included. Free shipping over $50 and quality materials.

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