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Fight Your Greatest Fears Related to Hair Transplant Surgery

Benefits of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery has no such fatal risks, it is sensible to consider the pros and cons of the surgery. Before you go for hair restoration and spend quite an amount for this surgical procedure, it is better to look at the advantages it has.

Baldness is a problem that shakes your confidence and hampers your social and professional life; here hair transplant is a break trough.

This advanced technique of hair grafting will give you exactly natural looking lustrous hair growth on the bald and hair thinning spots. The hair that will be implanted will keep on growing, removing the baldness permanently.

Your own follicular unit is extracted for grafting on the bald spots, that is, you are the own donor and that’s a great benefit.

Trying out various other alternatives like trying out hair growth supplement has no remarkable positive effect and applying other chemical based products has side effects. Whereas this medically maneuvered method has 100% success rate without any side effects.

The surgery is absolutely safe as you do not go under complete anesthesia. In case you have a phobia about losing consciousness, the answer is partial anesthesia.

Do not fear about the pain you may experience during the procedure as this issue is duly addressed by localized sedation.

One of the biggest advantage of hair transplant is it provides uniform distribution of hair. The advanced treatment technique is implemented so that the overall follicular distribution remains the proper and uniform all over the scalp.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation

Benefits of Hair Transplantation

Are you afraid of having a hair transplant surgery done?

If you do not shed off this fear, you might remain stuck in the gloomy pit of hair loss resulting baldness.

Now tell us, do you want that?

If you do not want that then here’s a list of fears that people have about hair transplant surgery. Identify yours and know how to combat them to safely transplant your hair.

Achieve Natural Looks

Is Hair Transplant Painful??

Do you not live in the technical age? If you do, then why don’t you think of a painless surgery instead? Pain is to do away with your precious hair because of hair fall. The Pain is being or becoming bald. Hair Transplant gives you a permanent relief from such a pain. You shouldn’t misunderstand hair transplant!
Any cut or incision in the skin is scary and gives pain. Medical science has advanced big time. In the age of sedatives and anesthesia, you must not be fooling yourself with the thought that having a hair transplant gives pain. When your scalp area is numbed, then you can hardly feel any pain. The processes in hair transplant include:

  • Cutting of a portion to take the donor hair out
  • Inserting the donor hair in the recipient scalp area

Moreover, at present, only the follicular unit is used for the donor graft which to a great extent cuts down the pain. So forget your fears, and talk to your surgeon today.

Thinking Cost is too much!

No, No, No, the cost is not too much folks considering the importance of Hairs in our life. The cost of this surgery too depends on various factors as in other surgeries. While determining the cost of hair transplantation, the surgeons look for various factors such as the no of hair that needs to be transplanted, the health of the patient and many other factors. Generally In India the cost starts from 45 INR/ graft, while in USA it starts from 3$/ graft and in UAE it starts from 10 AED/ graft. In the other case, if you go for some cheap quality operation, then you might have to pay dearly for it in the future. So the ball is in your court!

Remember one thing that hair loss is a big trouble and being bald is sort of an accursed symbol. So, if you want to get rid of these cans of worms permanently, you will have to pay a good price. It is better to drain your money once and be at peace

Cost of Hair Transplant


Thinking about Side-Effects

Remember Newton’s Third Law? “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. So an action like transplanting hair will definitely have an equal and opposite reaction. Let me explain this to you.

Why Equal? – When you are operating to cure something, then it is bound to give you good results. So, when you undergo any of the hair transplant processes, it requires super skills and talent. Consequently, you find new hair growing and the curse of hair loss and baldness seems to disappear gradually.

Why Opposite? – Have you heard of the wrath of nature? Anything that is done against the natural procedures will definitely have some opposite reaction. In the case of hair transplant it comes in the form of certain side-effects. Are you having hiccups now? Chill! The common side-effects are really common, for instance:

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Little Pain
  • Numbness

Though the above mentioned are the some of the side effects that can be seen but these can be easily taken care by the Hair Transplant Surgeon

The Results give you the creeps!

Were you not afraid on the day of your high school results? Nervous, you were! Every individual fears consequences of something. However, we need to face it somehow. If you know that you have given a good exam, then you are slightly at peace as compared to other folks. Similarly, if you have opted for hair transplant from a good doctor, a great nursing home, then you can be rest assured about the results. Basically, if you are in consultation with a talented hair surgeon, then they will guide you accordingly. You need not fear a hair transplant surgery.

Thus, the above concerns are the dominant and the scariest thoughts that you might be having related to hair transplant surgery. It must have definitely given you some relief from the fears, haven’t they? The central point is you have to fight your fears and come out victorious. Hair transplant is just a surgery that helps you by regenerating new hair. The concerns associated with it are just an exaggeration. If you are lucky enough to get the rightful

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