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Fashion in 90s

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The originality of the style of the 90s

The fashion of the 90s was formed under the influence of the youth movement, which was characterized by carelessness and rebellious spirit. Grunge and minimalism were considered the main trends of that decade. And also the trend was street style ( street casual style ) and the style of a sexy schoolgirl.

At the turn of the millennium, absolutely unimaginable fashionable clothes appeared. She protested against conservatism, offering young people complete freedom to choose their wardrobe, hairstyles and makeup. Without an optimistic mood, it is difficult to imagine the difficult conditions in which the style of the 90s appeared in clothes, a photo of past years shows the neon colors of leggings, stretched sweaters, mini-skirts. Some of the garments from the time are reborn in today's fashion shows, offering a frenzy of flamboyant style.

Young people drew fashion trends from magazines or TVs, combining in an unimaginable way clothes bought in spontaneous markets. Designers experimented with textures and colors of fabric, and musicians promoted the style of the 90s in clothes, and photos of leather and denim items are presented on concert recordings of previous years.

The style principles were as follows:

-Emphasize individual characteristics. Fashion urged not to adhere to postulates, but to listen to your own vision when drawing up a wardrobe.

- Attention to the figure. It was necessary to have a pumped-up body, to emphasize the pallor of the skin or tan.

-Alignment with supermodels. Everyone wanted to have Cindy Crawford's hairstyle or Naomi Campbell's eye cut. If you can curl your hair yourself, then for face correction they went to plastic surgeons.

A feature of the style is the popularity of denim clothing. It was chic to get a skirt, sundress, overalls, pants or even a denim suit. They complemented the image with denim hats and bags. Also, a distinctive feature is the blurring of the lines between men's and women's wardrobe. In clothing, women preferred baggy men's trousers with stretched T-shirts or sweaters.

90s style


Replaced with supermodels classical appearance came a new generation of fashion models. The most popular was Kate Moss , she became the personification of the fashionable direction of heroin chic . Everyone wanted to emulate the Moss style - "too cool to care about anything." And US News & World Report magazine gave its name to this style "cynical trend".

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The juxtaposition in the image of femininity and masculinity has become fashionable: a delicate dress plus rough Doc Martens shoes. Layering, plaid, and ripped low-rise jeans have become casual wear. Fashion and music walked hand in hand as fans tried to faithfully copy the style of their musical idols.

Pop-culture and cult films such as "Clueless" and inspired the audience on the other side of the screen. The rebellious spirit, miniskirts, knee-highs and platform shoes created the schoolgirl style. This playful look was rounded off with a gloss that was applied to different parts of the body with the help of cosmetics.

Youth of 90s


The clause “what you sow is what you reap” is very suitable for describing the term karma. But it's also great for characterizing the cyclical nature of fashion. Trends and styles that were once considered bold, vibrant, and modern are outdated and seem ugly ( ugly ).

They are reborn in decades. Every year, this cycle is accelerating faster and faster. And now, less than twenty years later, the fashion that was considered relevant in the 90s is popular again today. Whether it's on the runway, on the street or in the shops, fashion trends can be seen everywhere. So, feel free to buy cropped tops, chokers and Doc Martens boots . And we will show you a small master class "How to master the fashion trends of the 90s in present day!"

90s hairstyle


The style of that period can hardly be called boring. Several iconic styles were born in the 90s . “ Rachel ” was the trendiest haircut of the decade. All the women took a photo of Jennifer Aniston from Friends to the hairdresser to show the hair dresser exactly what they wanted.

The multi-layered cascading haircut that frames the face - " Rachel " - became the personification of the 90s . Those who were not satisfied with this option wore high hairstyles. The simple and modern image of a schoolgirl involved pigtails, which later turned into two tall bundles. For more fun, these hairstyles were decorated with many hair clips. Elastic bands, bow-tie pins, bandanas and colored strands of fake hair were worn with great pride. And it was impossible to do without corrugated packing.

90s shoes


Clothing, footwear nineties embodied the same trends. The grunge movement created a whole army of men and women who preferred to wear the same heavy military shoes ( boots ).

Mr. Foul rough shoes combined with delicate dresses with a floral pattern, a flannel shirt and tattered jeans. The minimalist trend is also reflected in the shoe design. For example, simple and comfortable Birkenstocks sandals were produced in different colors and were a must-have for every fashionista.

Platformy were especially popular on the stage, in particular, member of the group (the Spice Girls). Massive shoes of bright colors were often combined with short, light dresses. Legendary sneakers Converse's , shoe model Mary Jane by Manolo Blahnik and classic sandals have also been at the peak of popularity.

90s fashion returns


With today, the fashion world is experiencing a Renaissance 90 . Countless styles and trends popular twenty years ago are becoming fashion trends again. Outstanding designers, renowned brands and celebrities are transforming 90s classics into cutting edge styles.

In korochennye tops and chokers are experiencing a new upsurge in popularity. This trend is especially true among celebrities. Stars such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have stunned their fans with an astonishing combination of nineties fashion trends with luxurious modern accessories.

Jewelery scene are back chokers and earrings hoops. And the intense berry color of the lipstick suggests a return to the mainstream makeup trends of the 90s . Frayed jeans, combat boots and romantic dresses over grunge tops reign on the catwalks. At the same time, sandals and lined dresses returned to the minimalistic trends of the nineties.

How to wear 90s style in present day

If you want to bring the trend of the nineties in the present time, it is necessary to adapt the style to the current realities of the fashion. Instead of exactly copying images as they were in the 90s , recreate them in a modern and updated way.

The trick lies in the ability to mix the " cynical trend " of the nineties " too cool to care about anything " with fresh newfangled trends. Feel free to combine the classic attributes of the nineties wardrobe: tops and chokers with your everyday clothes: skinny jeans or stiletto heels.

With make high hair style and get your favorite dress nineties, adding multiple layers of tops or T-shirts. Go out and balance rough 90s grunge with today's chic aesthetic accessories. But the main attributes of this style are a cheerful, carefree mood, a feeling of youth and freshness!

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