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Fabulous Fantasy Tattoos

Fantasy Tattoos

Fantasy, whether it's in regard to reading or art, is among my favorite subjects, and it always lends itself to some outstanding designs, which the tattoos below will testify to.

One unique element in fantasy, is overall, most artists like to not just create one object or being, but usually like to include a scene with it.

That of course can make for an amazing tattoo.

There is also a passion fantasy artists have which you can see in their work, as there always is an extraordinary effort to pay attention to detail.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the fantasy tattoos below, as I could peruse through this type of art for long periods of time and not tire of it.

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We'll start off our tour of fantasy tattoos with this playful one below. I don't know if you would call that a pixie or something else, but it is a lot of fun, and placed in the midst of the fauna is a great touch.


Here's a viking in his ship tattoo, which I guess could be considered a touch of fantasy and reality. Either way it captures the essence of adventure that fantasy always includes.

Viking, Ship Tattoo


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This tattoo of an angelic being apparently about to enter battle is very cool. Too bad it didn't include the enemy the angel was facing, but it already is a large tattoo and would have taken up the entire abdomen.

Angelic Fantasy Tattoo

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What a compelling tattoo of a female fantasy character. You can't tell what she exactly is, but it would be unsettling to come across her in the real world Great piece of artwork and design. I like the dark, brooding look and feel of her face.

Fantasy Female Tattoo


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While this appears to be another fantasy Viking figure, I'm not exactly sure, but is really a nice one, and a great example of the type of detail fantasy art explores. The dark colors really enhance the overall feel of the design.

Tattoo of Fantasy Character


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What I really like about the Odin tattoo below is the play between the shadow and light the artist used. It's done really well, and it is a unique design that really works.

Odin Tattoo on Arm


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Tattoo scenes are great to me, and the fantasy one below is very interesting, although including a graveyard as one's choice of design to have inked on you is bold, but also appealing to a smaller number of people. It does capture the essence of what fantasy is all about though.

Fantasy Tattoo Scene


This is just a tiny sampling of the choices out there for fantasy art which can be turned into a very cool tattoo. There is so much it's impossible to grab a variety in one article which could do the genre justice. But this is an inspirational collection, and gives a brief look at the compelling world of fantasy art and tattoos.

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