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Bumbags Are in Fashion!! Which One Is the Best for You?

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Fanny pack, belt bag and bumbag are all names of the bag that people traditionally wear around their waist. During the 1980s and 1990s, these bags were used more for function than fashion. The fanny pack was worn around the waist for convenience and security. Most fashionable ladies avoid the fanny pack because it is most often used by people that have small businesses in developing countries. However, the fanny pack is now in fashion due to high end designers and many fashionable people rocking it. Nowadays, many different fanny packs are available from high end to contemporary brands. These bags are now on trend.

Gucci Ophidia GG Belt Bag

With signature Gucci monogram, this belt bag is perfect for a woman that wants a street vibe. In fact, with Alessandro Michele as the creative director of Gucci, this heritage European brand is now refreshing its image with a line of street vibe products. There are no other premier designer that makes the street vibe accessories better than Gucci. The Gucci red and green colors complement each other very well and add interest to this little bag. This fanny pack is not only fashionable but also useful as well. You can fit all of your essentials. Best of all, you will be completely hands free with this bag. The Gucci Ophidia GG Belt Bag is recommended for a fashionable woman that wants to rock the street style!

Go for the ultimate causal street look by pairing this fanny pack with a white t-shirt, a pair of light wash blue skinny jeans and some fashionable sneakers. Remember to wear it across the body instead of on the waist for this urban inspired outfit! Go to the next level street look by adding a cute baseball cap. This is a very easy outfit that can be worn by women with or without children. With the surge in popularity for belt bags, Gucci Ophidia GG Belt bag will soon become one of the classic Gucci purses.


Louis Vuitton Bumbag

Unlike Gucci, Louis Vuitton's fanny pack is more high fashion than street cool. Available in several different canvas prints and leather, you have many options. For monogram lovers, Louis Vuitton offers it in the signature yellow and brown monogram canvas. Go for a high neck cashmere sweater, a pair of black pants and some sleek black leather boots to go with this beautiful fanny pack. You will look high fashion and polished. If you want to go for a cool look with the Louis Vuitton Bumbag, try the gray and black monogram version. This is a more understated bag that has a slight street vibe. For an even more understated look, go for the Bumbag in full leather. The Bumbag is available in two sizes. The PM size is perfect for a more petite body frame while the bigger version is great for someone that wants to carry more items. Even the PM size is very roomy and practical for all of your everyday essentials. However, go to a brick and mortar Louis Vuitton store and try on both sizes to decide which one is best for you!


Hermès Constance Belt Bag

You know that the fanny pack is in fashion when the legendary brand Hermès is releasing bags in this style. The Hermès Constance Belt bag is a very dressy bag that is worn on the belt. With the signature Hermès logo in the front, it is unmistakably Hermès. This flashy fanny pack looks best on someone that is completely dressed up. With a collared shirt, dress pants and leather shoes, add the Hermès Constance Belt bag to complete the outfit. However, this belt bag is on the smaller side and have limits to what can fit inside. So, the Hermès Constance Belt bag is really more for fashion than function!

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Senreve Aria Belt Bag

Do you want the Hermès Constance Belt bag look without spending that much money? The contemporary designer Senreve has the gorgeous Aria Belt bag in its lineup that has a very similar vibe to the one created by Hermès. If you don't like any visible logo but just want a well-made leather fanny pack, the Senreve Aria is the perfect match. Do you know that Senreve bags are made in Italy just like high end designer bags? Available in a variety of different neutral colors such as gray, brown and black, this bag can fit into any wardrobe. Feeling a little bit adventurous for fashion? How about an Aria bag that has a little bit of leopard accent? For the environmental conscious and animal rights consumers, the Aria bag is even available in vegan leather. So, you can rock this belt bag guilt free.


Prada Logo-plaque Belt Bag in Nylon

While Louis Vuitton is known for its monogram logo canvas, Prada is definitely famous for its durable nylon bags. Unlike leather, you never have to worry about damaging a nylon bag. With minimal care, you can use nylon bags almost forever. With the recent revival of retro handbags, Prada is re-issuing many of its popular nylon bags. The Logo-plaque Belt bag in nylon is a must buy for those that love the toughness of nylon bags. This ultra sporty fanny pack is perfect for those that want to use a high end sporty bag while going to camping and other outdoor activities. This belt bag looks great with a t-shirt, some workout pants, and a pair of sneakers. The Prada Logo-plaque Belt bag is also is a very good everyday bag because you can use it anytime without having to worry about it.


LOLA Sprite Large Bum Bag

Who says this list only has expensive designer fanny packs? The inexpensive Los Angeles based LOLA brand has a very practical fanny pack that is made of recycled nylon and polyester. These two materials will last forever. You will never have to replace this fanny pack with a new one in your lifetime! The large bum bag is available in a variety of different colors for every closet. Due to its relatively large size, it can fit all of your essentials. Wear it fashionably by using it as a crossbody or use it as a belt bag and tie it around your waist for the ultimate retro look. This inexpensive little bag is the perfect gift for sporty or causal women.


Fendi Multicolor Belt Bag

Do you love structured belt bags? Look no further than the colorful and structured Fendi Multicolor Belt bag. This beautiful fanny pack comes in several different combinations all featuring the iconic Fendi logo as part of the bag. The Fendi Multicolor Belt bag is perfect for a professional woman that wants to dress up for the office and yet look a little bit different than the traditional office attire. Wear this bag at the waist for the ultimate fashionable office look. With a gold chain on the bag, this little fanny pack is nothing but dressy. The color combination makes it look interesting but demure at the same time. This belt bag is very unique in the sea of designer fanny packs.


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