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Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing the best eyeglass frames for your face can be quite daunting. If you've ever found yourself standing in the opticians office overwhelmed by all the choices, don't fret! Knowing which frames best compliment your face shape is one of the easiest ways to find frames that you'll fall in love with and make you look your best.

You can determine your face in a couple of easy ways:

Look at yourself straight in the mirror and take a washable marker, or lipstick (or something else that can easily wash off your mirror afterwards!) and trace the outline of your face..Take a step back and match the basic outline to the closest shape of the face shapes listed below.

You can also look at photos of yourself and compare them to photos online of famous ladies who most resemble your face shape.

There are five main face shapes, Square, Oval, Round, Heart Shaped and Oblong. Read on to determine yours and find out which glasses would suit best for your shape.

Square Face

Square face characteristics:

Ladies with square face shapes will have a face that is slightly wider than it is long. Features are slightly more chiseled. A prominent feature of a square face shape is a strong, structured jawline, a la Natalie Portman.

Best Glasses for a Square Face:

If you have a stronger jawline, the ideal glasses would be ones that soften your stronger features. The best way to do that is with glasses that are rounder on the bottom, to soften the jawline.

Glasses to Avoid:

Glasses with harsh, straight lines. These will serve only to harden your features and make your jawline seem more severe.

Oval face

Oval Face Characteristics:

This is generally to be considered the most sought after face shape (as if you have a choice in your face shape!) as it is considered to be the most versatile of the five main face shapes. An oval face shape has features that are mostly balanced, and the chin is generally slightly more narrow than the forehead, (kind of like an egg turned upside down) and the cheekbones are higher up on the face.

Best Glasses for an Oval Face:

Oval faces have the most options in terms of eyeglass choices. Square glasses that are slightly more rounded look amazing on oval face shapes.

Glasses to Avoid:

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Glasses with sharper or harder square lines aren't overly flattering on oval faces. You don't have to pick a frame that is so starkly different from your natural face shape.

Round Face

Round face characteristics:

Round faces are typically characterized by wider cheeks and a rounded chin. Generally a really round face will have the same fullness across as it does lengthwise.

Best frames for a Round Face:

Frames that are rectangular help to balance out the roundness. Frames or semi-rimless glasses are especially flattering. To combine the best of both, try semi-rimless with a straighter line across the top of the frame.

Glasses to Avoids:

Try to keep frames mid-sized. If you get frames that are too small, it will make your face appear bigger. Too big and it may overwhelm your features.

Oblong Face Shape

Characteristics of a Longer Face:

Similar to the characteristics of a square face, but with a softer jawline and more curved at the hairline.

Best Glasses for Oblong Faces:

This is the hardest face shape to find flattering glasses for. But the benefit to this, is you have the most room for experimentation. Unconventional glasses work best for oblong shapes.

Glasses to Avoid:

Try to steer clear of glasses that are too square with small frames & lenses. They will make your face appear longer than it is.

Heart Shaped

Heart shape characteristics:

This face shape has the most pixie like shape. Features include a tapered jaw, a pointier chin and a rounded forehead, framing the a heart.

Best Glasses for a Heart Shaped Face:

Oval shaped frames are the most flattering for this face shape, as they help to create more balance on the broader forehead. Additionally frames with lower set temples will help draw the attention downwards, and away from the widest part of your face, the forehead.

Glasses to Avoid:

Frames that have overly decorative temples or that are heavier on the top part of the frame. These will draw attention to the forehead, which will make your face appear wider on top.

Using the colour wheel can help you pick the best frame colour to compliment your eyes

Using the colour wheel can help you pick the best frame colour to compliment your eyes

Quick tip about colour

So you've narrowed down your perfect frame shape, but what colour should you get them in? One idea is to try to pick frames that compliment your eye colour. Using a colour wheel is a super easy way determine what colours suit your eye colour best. Simply find your colour on the wheel and draw a line directly across the wheel. The colour you hit is the most complimentary colour for your eyes. Example, my eyes are dark blue- orange & yellows are my best colours.

The colour wheel is just one tool to help you when choosing frames. There are no hard and fast rules for which colour frames will look best on you. Your skin colour & tone, your favourite colour, your wardrobe are also things to take into account.

Still Need Help? has a great frame selector tool. Simply answer a few easy questions about your wardrobe, face shape, eye colour and Lenscrafters will provide you with a great little summary of which frame style might look best on you. has a great "Try On View" feature to their website. Upload a photo of yourself to their website and you can check out what any of their frames will look like on your face.


Suzette Vearnon on May 15, 2016:

I am 56 year old African American woman, oblong Sarah Jessica Parker shaped face (to the tee), short natural salt-n-pepper colored hair and I want to switch it up a bit. My eyeglasses are usually rectangular, but I would love to have something bolder yet flattering. What are some great styles for me?

Johnc124 on July 16, 2014:

I discovered your blog site on google and test a number of of your early posts. Proceed to keep up the excellent operate. I simply extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading extra from you in a while! cckeedeafbca

titi6601 on February 15, 2014:

It's so hard for me to find glasses for my face shape. Thanks for the tips.

JPSO138 from Cebu, Philippines, International on November 22, 2013:

Very interesting indeed. I do see the importance of this. Most of those that sell eyeglasses here normally are just familiar with the type of lens but it is rare that they advise the right shape and design for a particular face. Great hub!

vibesites from United States on November 18, 2013:

Really good article. You enumerate not only on the glasses every face shape should wear, but also on the glasses that it shouldn't wear. Thank you for this wonderful guide.

Jess Brazeau (author) from Canada on November 16, 2013:

Hello Nell Rose! :) Thanks for reading! I always have a habit of picking really bad frames. lol. For years I

wore the same glasses and I thought they looked great- until I had to get new ones and saw photos of myself in the old ones... Not until then did I realize how I was rocking glasses that really didn't suit me..

I wish someone told me. lol.

Thanks for the comment and support!

Nell Rose from England on February 14, 2013:

Wish I looked like Jennifer love hewitt just not fair! lol! seriously this is a really useful hub, I always get the wrong shapes, but now I have oblong ones that are great, the info is really useful, so voted up and shared! nell

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