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Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Stay For a Long This Summers

It's finally summer! Warm and sunny days are good for your body and mind. However, rising temperatures can be a problem for your makeup. Melting foundation, smudged mascara, liners, and cakey makeup base does not look pleasing. People with oily skin will tend to become oilier in the summer heat. These changes can melt your liquid foundation and leave your face cakey.


Summer is full of amazing things, but melting foundation, super-sticky lipstick, and smeared eyeliner are not some of them. We asked the top makeup artist Poonam Lalwani for her best summer makeup tips. She shared her favorite looks, products, and makeup tricks to keep your skin looking fresh and natural even while you sweat on hot days.

So, in this blog, Poonam Lalwani, the best makeup artist in Pune and Maharashtra, shares tips and tricks on how to make your makeup stay longer in the summers.

Use A Primer

After your skin has been cleansed and prepared, apply a primer to your face. Primer prolongs the lifespan of foundations and makes them stay throughout the day. They fill in your pores and fine lines and give a seamless finish. It blurs imperfections and textures on the skin.

Choose An Oil-Free Foundation

The oil in your liquid foundation could make it greasy and cause it to slide around. And the rest of your makeup will also slide off and looks cakey. Avoid oil-based foundations even if your skin is dry. To hydrate your skin, you can use an extra moisturizing moisturizer. An oil-free foundation will leave you with a flawless, long-lasting finish, says Poonam Lalwani.

Use full-coverage matte foundations which does not feel heavy or cakey due to their saturated color pigments. These foundations glide on the skin and don't clog pores.

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Less Is More

If you want your makeup lasts all day, it is important to use light layers of makeup and slowly increase coverage. The lasting power of the foundation will be diminished if it is too heavy. A damp beauty sponge is recommended if you desire a foundation that lasts. The sponge gives your skin a natural look.

Set Your Makeup

Apply your liquid foundation and set it with a powdered or loose powder. Try a matte foundation for a natural matte finish, and then lock it with powder. You can continue using your other makeup products, such as bronzer, blush, and highlight.

After you're satisfied with your makeup, apply a setting spray to your face. The setting spray helps prolong the life of liquid foundations, blends makeup seamlessly, and gives them a natural look.

It's no surprise that foundation quickly fades after all the running and hustling you do on a hot summer day. It is not always practicable to preserve your makeup skills during a hectic day. Follow these tips to ensure your liquid foundation lasts all day.

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