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Everything you wish to know about Spider Bites Piercing


What is spider bites piercing?

Piercing is as ancient and as old as it can be. Piercing at one point of time had been more popular among the tribal people, especially in the East. Spider bite piercing refers to double piercing on the lips. Spider bites piercing consists of two piercings. This is the kind of piercing which would resemble spider bite on skin surface and hence the name spider bites piercing!

Spider bite piercing is generally done at the bottom of lower lip. In some cases, the piercing can also be done on the lips. Two piercings are done that are placed close to each other. The piercings are placed at a gap of less than an inch in between them. While there is no hard and fast rule about the lower lip being pierced in the process, people, in general, prefer piercing the lower lip.

When the piercing is done on the lips, rings are inserted and if they are at the bottom of the lips, studs are worn. There are different kinds of studs and rings available in the market and you can definitely make your own choice in selecting them.


Do’s and Don’ts in spider bite piercing


  • Wash your hands before touching the pierced area.
  • Use a mouthwash to wash your mouth. Mouthwash like Cepacol or Listerine is good for morning. At night before going to bed, saline solution can be used.
  • Clean the pierced area at least two times in a day.
  • The surface of the piercing should be kept clean and free of germs and oil. A cotton ball must be soaked in saline water and left on the piercing for about two or three minutes so that the crusting gets dissolved in the morning. The salt water can be prepared by mixing half teaspoon table salt or sea salt in a glass which is one-fourth filled with warm water.
  • Use studex which promotes faster healing. Small amount of studex should be applied on the piercing with a cotton wool bud.
  • Eat cold and frozen foods like cold yoghurt, ice cream, and cold foods. Sucking chipped ice and small blocks of ice can also help heal the wounds fast. It helps in reducing the swelling and alleviating pain.
  • Remove the exudates or plaque which forms on the surface of the piercing and on the jewelry. This should be done very gently with a cotton bud when the wound is healing.
  • Care needs to be taken while chewing the food because biting the stud or ring on the lips will deepen the wound and may even take out a tooth.
  • Vitamin B should be used along with zinc supplements as it aids in faster healing.
  • It is important also to follow oral hygiene in order to avoid infection.


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  • Do not pierce by yourself. Doing a piercing alone can be quite dangerous. It may cause severe infections, health complications, and sometimes death too.
  • Do not get pierced in conditions that are unhygienic and insanitary. The supplies and equipments that are to be used while piercing should be clean and sterilized.
  • Do not touch the piercing when it is fresh.
  • Do not take alcohol or smoke as it would only lead to an inflammation of the wounded area which will increase the pain than anything else.
  • Do not try changing the piercing without consulting either the doctor or the one who has pierced.

Before you get spider piercing done

In any case, people who want to get pierced should hold prior consultation with the doctor who can lend valuable advice about the safest techniques of getting pierced. He would offer advice on vitamin supplements and also on the do’s and don’ts in after getting pierced. Apart from visiting the doctor, you should also take care of the fact that the studio you are visiting to get the piercing is a good one. If you have already planned the budget for getting pieced, do not compromise with quality even if the studio is a little pricey.

When you have already decided the studio in which you are planning to get the piercing, do remember to have a talk with the artist who would pierce. You should consult the concerned person regarding the kind of piercing that you are planning to get. Not only should you know the procedure but should understand how to go with the aftercare process when the piercing is done.

There is always some amount risk involved in getting spider bite piercing. The metal part of the stud can hurt the teeth and gums due to the location. The metal may also lead the teeth enamel to get chipped off. When the metals rub constantly against gums it can cause abrasions. It is advisable not to ignore this because the damage can turn severe and become permanent. Kit should be checked with the doctor or with the piercing artist to see if the piercing is in a location that can hurt the teeth and gums. The solution to this is wearing a soft stud that would not hurt.

Keeping the spider bites piercing jewelry clean

It is important to clean the jewelry before wearing them when the piercing is done. Bacteria and other germs may be present in the jewelry which can lead to infections that are ugly and painful at the same time. Before you wear the jewelry it should be lathered properly with the fingers and then rinsed with warm and clean water. Care should be taken while turning it up and down. The area should not be cleaned with peroxide or alcohol. This can end up either harming the tissue or killing it instead of healing it. The safest and simplest way to clean the area is using an anti bacterial soap followed by cleaning with warm water.

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