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Eva Longoria Hair Colors Through the Years

Eva Longoria Black Hair

Eva Longoria Black Hair

Eva Longoria with Chocolate Brown Hair

Eva Longoria with Chocolate Brown Hair

In this hub we look at photos of Eva Longoria's hair colors and discuss which ones we liked the most.

We will look at pictures of Eva Longoria with black, chocolate brown, medium brown, light brown, dark golden blonde, red, and medium ash blonde hair colors.

Eva Longoria is one of the most fascinating stars to watch. Over the years her hair hues have changed so many times, that it is hard to keep count.

People have paid more attention to her fashion and beauty looks than her role on Desperate Housewives. And we are no different. So let's dive in!

Black Hair

This is Eva Longoria's natural hair color and despite the fact that she rarely wears it this way, it is one of my favorite looks on her.

It really brings brings out her naturally beautiful Mexican features. With this hair color she can wear the least makeup and still look great.

Chocolate Brown Hair

When Eva wears this color it matches her eyes exactly. Even though this is true, this is my least favorite color on her.

For some reason it seems somewhat predictable and it doesn't make her stand out in a crowd. There is something about the color that seems off as well.

Eva Longoria Medium Brown Hair

Eva Longoria Medium Brown Hair

Eva Longoria Light Brown Hair

Eva Longoria Light Brown Hair

Eva Hair Poll

Medium Brown Hair

I think Eva looks fantastic in medium brown hair. It isn't overpowering like the dark brown.

She lightens her brows to match the hair color, which is one of the reasons it looks so good on her. Dying your eyebrows, while easy, has to be done every few days because eyebrow hair grows fast.

So this look is actually somewhat high-maintenance for her, even though her hair color isn't a drastic change.

Also, if you notice, there are at least two different shades of brown in this hair color. This gives her look depth.

Interspersed with the medium brown there is chocolate brown towards her ends and her roots.

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Light Brown Hair

Okay, this is where Eva's look gets really interesting. You can start to see her adding blonde into her hair very slowly.

I don't think this is her best look. There is something about light brown that dulls her look a bit. When Eva's hair gets lighter I would think she might change the makeup colors she wears because she is going out of her natural fllattering color scheme.

That is something that many women realize once they switch hair colors: you often have to get new makeup hues and change your clothing colors as well. It's basically a beauty domino effect.

Eva Longoria with Dark Golden Blonde Hair

Eva Longoria with Dark Golden Blonde Hair

Eva Longoria with Red Hair

Eva Longoria with Red Hair

Eva Longoria with Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Eva Longoria with Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Dark Golden Blonde Hair

I don't care what anyone says -- Eva looks great with blonde hair. She has delicate features so she can get away with it, plus she has chosen a flattering color for her skin tone.

She reminds me of Eva Peron with this hair color and old fashioned hair style.

This hair color on her requires a great deal of maintenance. If you have a natural hair color like Eva's, you will notice that you need to touch up your roots after about two weeks.

Blonde is one of those colors that requires a great deal of time commitment. But it is so worth it!

Red Hair

I have to say I was taken by surprise when I saw Eva Longoria as a redhead. I personally do not like the look on her. I think she would have looked better with plum hair because she has so much olive undertones to her face. But Eva is a beautiful woman no matter what

Medium Ash Blonde Hair

I am still struck by the fact that Eva looks really good in an ashy blonde color. And I think it's because she is wearing makeup that has cool tones in it. For example, her lipstick is lavender and her foundation has a cool hue to it.

These small makeup tricks often make the difference in being able to wear a hair color you otherwise wouldn't look great in.

Eva Longoria has charmed us with many looks over the years, and in the interim she has picked some really beautiful colors. I can't wait to see what she does next!

Beautiful Eva in Hair Color Commercial

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