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Elujai Propolis for Pimples and Pimple Marks

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About the Product

This is a famous medicinal from South Korea which contains propolis and myrrh oil that helps boost skin vitality and elasticity.

It is famous for its process of healing pimples and lighten dark spots.

Claim to be also effective in treating and lightening:

  • Melasma
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Dark eye circles

It comes with 15 ml bottle with a dropper, which for me personally last for a month of usage. It has a very light but irresistible scent in it and a "not so watery-like" content.

I personally took the photos.

I personally took the photos.


My answer is YES! It is effective.

I've been using it for four (4) months already, and I must say that it does an excellent job and I really love it!

I have areas in my face which are prone to pimples and pimple marks (forehead and chin). And every time I skip washing my face (night or day) or forgot to use toner before bed time, then here they come. So from the very first time I used it, it gives me hope.

Here is my before and after photos.

My pimple and dark spots, before using elujai.

My pimple and dark spots, before using elujai.

My chin after a week of using elujai propolis.

My chin after a week of using elujai propolis.

Benefits of Using the Product

My pimples are drying, like a dying flower it seems.

A week of continuously using Elujai, it:

  • Lighten my dark pimple marks
  • Even my face’s skin tone
  • Moisturizes my face
  • Enhances the elasticity of my skin.
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And one more thing that I notice is that it helps tighten my pores in my cheeks area, especially near my nose. It gives me that fresh, glowing, youthful skin.

Usage and Price

Elujai is considered as serum, so others might follow the Korean skin care steps in applying this. But for me, since it is a medicine used to heal skin problems, I preferred using it this way.


  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water with your preferred cleanser or facial foam.
  2. Dry your face with a clean towel or let it dry naturally (air dry).
  3. Use your favorite toner with cotton balls or pads to clean the remaining dirt on the skin.
  4. Apply Elujai Propolis to affected areas and spread it using your fingertips all over the face and neck.
  5. Massage and tap your skin to help absorbed the product. Let it dry.
  6. Moisturizer.
  7. Lastly, apply sunblock. Recommended to use SPF50+ before sun exposure.

I use elujai every night before bed time and every morning. You may skip using sunblock in the night.

Price Range:

It is very affordable. Each 15 ml bottle last for a month or more depends how you economize it.

Each bottle costs 180-500 pesos . Price also depends to the seller. You will save more if you buy 1 box. Each box has ten (10) ampules inside.

Rating and Recommendation

Personally, I will give this product a perfect rate. And if you guys will ask me weather to purchase it again? My answer would be definitely a big YES!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

Benefit of the Doubt

However, I do believe that not all of us here has the same experience. Some of you maybe did not like the product and has different skin reactions to it. With that, I would like also to recommend, that you consult a doctor or an expert to guide you more with you beauty regimen.

I hope this review will help you gain idea about the product.

Any suggestions to improve my writings, my page, or if you want me do a testing review of a specific product, don't hesitate to contact me or comment down below your concerns. I will be very happy to help you in my very simple way and will do my very best to give you an honest answer.

Thank you guys! :)

Disclaimer: This product review is based on my personal experience only and not a paid advertisement. I can guarantee that I will give you a 100 percent honest review. It might be effective to me but not to you. All reactions could be due to our different skin types.

© 2019 Josephine Kesia Castro Gentapa

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