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Using An Electric Nose Hair Trimmer


An electric nose hair trimmer can help to keep unsightly excess nose hair under control, but it's important to choose a good quality model of nose hair cutter and to use it properly – this article provides a guide.

Nose Hair Removal – Should You Do It?

Some people – generally men, and older men in particular – find that their nasal hair grows out from the ends of the nostrils. This is generally considered pretty unattractive, and removing the excess nose hair is part of a good grooming regime. However, before attacking your nose hair too vigorously, it's important to realise that nose hair plays an important role in the body's defence system, by helping to prevent particles from entering the respiratory system, where they could potentially cause damage. Some doctors advise against completely removing nose hair for this reason, suggesting that it's best to just trim it instead.  Electric nose hair clippers provide a good way to do this (read more about all types of nose hair removers).

What Are Electric Nose Hair Trimmers?

An electric nose hair trimmer is basically a grooming device that is specifically designed to remove hair from within the nose, and which is electrically powered. Most are rechargeable or use batteries – such cordless models are especially convenient, since you don't have to bother with a cable. These trimmers usually feature a head with tiny blades which rotate. There is a protective guard to mask the blades, but with enough space for the hairs to come into contact with them – you place the head just at the base of the nostrils (not right up your nose!), and move it around so all the hair to be trimmed is exposed to the trimmer head. The unit is powered by a motor, which turns the head sufficiently quickly to actually cut the hairs, rather than just pull them out.  Other features offered by many nose hair groomers include a light, so you can more easily see into the nostril, a suction device, to hoover up the clippings, and a choice of heads, with smaller blades for precision trimming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Electric Trimmer For Nasal Hair

On the plus side, electric nose groomers are more efficient than many manual removal methods. They are much less painful than plucking the hairs out with tweezers (something that many people seem to try, but it's really not a good idea), and with their built-in safety features, they're safer than using conventional scissors to try to trim it. Many also have extra features like a light, a vacuum to suck out the clippings etc – things like these make the job a lot easier.

On the other hand, electric nose and ear hair clippers can be expensive, and there's the obvious point that if the battery dies, you can't use it, so you need to ensure they stay fully charged to work properly (if it isn't fully charged, the process may be more inefficient and painful). They can also be less convenient when travelling, as they take up more space (although not a lot), and you may need an adapter plug. Most models are cordless, but if yours has a cord, this can be inconvenient, especially if you want to use it in the bathroom and don't have a power outlet there.


Choosing an electric nose hair trimmer

When choosing a nose hair cutter, it's best to look for reviews and see what others are saying. Although different brands may share the same basic design, their performances may vary a lot, so you need to know what you're buying. Don't be put off by a few negative reviews though – obviously everyone's experience is different, so read around.

Using An Electric Nose Hair Cutter

When trimming your nasal hair with an electric cutter, ensure that:

  • The unit is clean and sanitised
  • The unit is fully charged
  • Your nose is clean inside
  • The room is well lit and you have a clear view of your nose in the mirror
  • Don't push the trimmer too far into the nostrils – focus on the hair that's protruding from the base
  • Blow your nose after trimming, to remove any loose hair clippings
  • Clean the trimmer thoroughly after use

Where To Buy Nose Hair Trimmers

Both manual and electrically powered nose hair trimmers are available to buy in most drugstores, supermarkets and other shops that sell personal care products. For the best selection and bargain prices, shop online – just be sure that the site you buy from has a fair returns policy, so you can send it back if there are any problems.

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