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Eco Friendly Quotations - Putting a Message of Green on You

I care about the future of our planet earth and like to create awareness of a sustainable live to others.

There Is No Planet B

There is no planet B

There is no planet B

Messages Of Green

Environmental issue is complex, despite the objective is simple - to love and treasure our planet so there is a sustainable growth. There can millions different ways to achieve the goal: from innovative invention in renewable energy down to our everyday life. Therefore increasing the awareness is an important step to start so one can put in action in their own way within their preference and ability.

Messages are powerful to promote an idea, a concept and initiate actions. Short and concise quotations help to inspire others towards a common good.

Here are some of our favorite quotations regarding green life and environmental issues.

My Favorite Eco Quotes

These quotes cover various subject matters in environmental issues and some are general concept. I especially prefer short ones in one or two phrases so they are easy memorable thus create bigger impact.

1. "There Is No Planet B"

Yes, the earth is the only one we get. There is no plan B, there is no planet B either. If we spend billions and years in building/ transforming another home in outer space to enable it suitable for humans, why not fixing the earth which is originally designed for humans?

2. "Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

The very basic concept of green living. Usually cited as 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. However I added one more element, which I believe is actually the most crucial one : Refuse. That should be the first thing we do when we accept anything into our life. Is that necessary? Is that sustainable? Can it be reused over and over again? Does it has a negative impact to the earth? Will it be discarded in the land field and cannot be bio-degradable?... So for me, it's 4Rs and in that order.

3. "Be A Respectful Guest Of The Earth"

The keyword here is "guest". Humans always think that the earth is a place we own and the existence of it depend on us. The truth is: No! The earth can do without humans, but humans cannot do without the earth. Universe is kind enough to allow us to live here, to use the resources here (mostly free for those really counts: air, water, light), to grow and develop here...But always remember we are just guests, not the host. When we take us this luck and privilege, treasure the resources we have and be respectfully.


4. "Be A Part Of Haven...Or Hell"

You have a choice. The choice between haven and hell. It's all up to us, each and everyone, through our attitude and behavior we transform the earth by what we think and act.

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5. "The Pace Of Nature Is Patience"

Follow the pace of the nature. See it, listen to it and feel it with all your heart patiently. Then you will realize its beauty in the flow of time.

6. "The Earth Is Not Your Mother. Don't Take It For Granted"

We always say the planet we live in is our mother earth. No, it's not. Humans are merely a guest or a consumer of the planet. But the resources it provides is no guarantee and its kindness is not definite. So don't take it for granted. (Of course your mother is not to be taken for granted as well. Love her and treasure her)

7. "Earth Provides Enough For Everyone's Need, But Not Everyone's Greed"

This is original quote from the great teacher Mahatma Gandhi. All necessities of life: air, water, warm, light, food... are provided by the earth mostly free. They are enough for everyone if distributed appropriately. However it is our greedy to over explode the resources and leads to unfair distribution.

8. "Don't Overdrawn the Earth!"

As all needs are filled, anything exceeds our needs is just greed, desire to more and more. While the pace of regeneration and recovering of natural resources take time: it takes 10 years to grow a tree, 70 years to biodegrade so soil can become rich again, millions to compose coat, metals and years to restore air and water quality. When the speed of spending your money is faster than your earning, you have an overdrawn in your bank account. Likewise our speed of consumption run much faster than the earth can recover. And there is a debt we or our next generations will have to repay.

9. "Buy Less, Use More, Choose Wise"

Original quote from Vivienne Westwood "Buy less, choose well, make it last" But this way of thinking does not limit to wearing. This is perfectly fine to buy goods of your preference, good quality and those you like. What is not environmentally sound is the habit of one-time use or buying too many without fully utilizing them, This is a waste of resources. Impulse buying or buying of disposable items just for convenient did not take into account of the spilled over effort , the price paid by the nature and thus our future.

10. "Do Something Green Today"

This is a simple phrase, but may be the most important one. Nothing can be achieved if there is no action, or no continuous actions. So act now! Do something green today and everyday. Whether it's a small act of saying "No" to an impulse buying desire, recycling a plastic bottle or organizing a community activity for a beach cleaning campaign... Like a ripple in the water, each and every action you take has an impact to a greener world.

Put on your message of eco quote

Put on your message of eco quote

Express Your Idea By What You Wear

We like them because they are relatively short and get to the point.

Now you can put these words on you to express yourself, to promote the awareness to environment issues, start a conversation or invite for action in agendas that most concern you. And all designs are original from our designers.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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