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Easy Natural Ways to Get Wavy Hair

wavy hair

wavy hair

wavy hair

Wavy hair its style made simple. Unfortunately not many people are born with naturally wavy hair. The styling products and tools most commonly used to get this style can cause a lot of damage to your hair and can contain harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. Thankfully there are some all natural safe alternatives that work just as well to get this beautiful. These are simple serums you can make at home and techniques you can use to get waves without heat styling.

sea salt

sea salt

Natural products you can make and use

One of the easiest ways to get beautiful waves is by using curling serums. The only problem is that a lot of the products contain chemicals that are not only harmful but unnecessary. There are safe alternatives though. They are less expensive and are much better for you and the environment. Below is how to make and use sea salt spray to create waves in your hair.

Sea salt spray

This stuff is even used by some celebs to get gorgeous waves. How to make your own natural sea salt spray is listed below.

What you will need

  • Two cups water
  • One pot to put on the stove
  • Spray bottle
  • Two tablespoons sea salt

What to do next

  • Pour the water into the pot and set to boil
  • Add the Salt
  • Wait for the salt to dissolve completely
  • Remove from heat
  • Let the mixture cool
  • Pour the mixture into the spray bottle

How to use the spray

This works best when your hair is damp but you can use this on dry hair. To use just spray the solution onto your hair and then continue to scrunch or style however you normally would. This should help form waves in your hair quickly and easily.

How to make the sea salt spray

pigtail braids

pigtail braids

Using braids and other styling techniques

Even when you use products to create waves you till need to style your hair to get them. This is usually done with heat styling. Heat styling can cause a lot of damage to your hair but the alternatives cause much less damage if any at all. These techniques are listed bellow.

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You can create nice big waves by putting your hair into big loose pigtails while damp. When your hair dries you should have nice big waves.

If you want lots of little waves then you wan to make the pigtails tighter. You can even do more than two braids the more you have the smaller the waves.

A fishtale braid will also create a nice waving effect. This only takes one braid. Start with your hair damp and don't take it down until it is dry.

Pin curls

Pin curls are usually used to get lots of spirally curls. If you set a few loose pin curls in your hair this will create more of a wavy look. This should also be done with damp hair and let down after it dries.


This is when you take your damp hair and kind of lift it from bottom to top squeezing it a little. You just do this lightly after using something like the sea salt spray and you get cute little waves.


You can put your hair up in a bun when it is wet and when it dries you take it down. The end result is usually nice big waves. This does not work as well on shorter hair or hair that is layered.

Some more info

If you just want to buy the sea salt spray you can at most stores and online. You can also buy products that can curl your hair without heat like no heat curlers. They take more time but don't cause as much damage. Sea salt does dry your hair out a bit so you will need to condition your hair well after using. You can also use Epsom salt and this comes with different scents. I like using the lavender kind.

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Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on October 02, 2012:

I really like this article. You give some good advice, tips and suggestions on how to get wavy hair without the harsh chemicals. I like the sea salt spray - I never thought of that, but it happens naturally at the sea/ocean. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Voted up and shared!

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