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Steps to Getting Beautiful Feet

I like sharing everything that makes you feel good inside and out. Your feet is hungry of your attention.

Easy clean feet

Easy clean feet

Since most of what makes the feet feeling "not beautiful" is from less care than from any other cause, it is obvious that you need to know about what you should and should not do to them.

Too many are inclined to buying items that enhance the look of the feet rather than for what makes them healthy and good. It's time to include a regimen into your essentials. The steps to getting beautiful feet will help you make them feel and look great.

1) Begin with Proper Care

Cleaning your feet by washing regularly and drying as much as possible is certainly a good habit. Each time you get out of the bath, use a towel to ensure that areas in between the toes are dried well, then you can leave your feet free to dry the rest of the way.

Never put on footwear with damp feet, or wear wet socks on dry shoes. You don't like feet that stink at the end of the day. You also don't want to apply lotion on dirty and dry feet. See to it that you begin with clean and damp skin so the moisturizers can seep deep into the skin.


2) Create a Lotion and Socks Regimen

Every night, apply lotion lavishly on clean feet and rub it in well. If you're not used to bathing at night, clean them with a warm damp cloth at least. Foot rubbing is important to healthy feet as the rubbing sensation will help your circulation as it provides relaxation to tired feet and leg muscles.

Applying a thick layer of lotion then sliding on clean socks before going to bed every night gives your feet enough moisturizers to absorb as the body rests. You will love how they feel so much better by staying moist the next entire day. Do this for about a week straight and gradually you'll get extra soft, more moisturized and well-nourished feet.

I'm not a lotion person as a greasy feeling just puts me off. It was my father who taught us the lotion and socks idea as prevention to dry and cracked heels. Eventually, it became the family's regimen.

It was amazing a few days was all I needed to get better glowing feet! Dad was right. So I've been doing the routine twice a week (sometimes once lazy as I am) until maintenance became easier. Some friends advise about using cocoa butter but I prefer my Dove cream.

Try some of my foot spa recipes from scratch.


3) Choose the Right Type of Shoe

Usually, top foot troubles come from wearing the wrong shoes. It's obvious that most of us need to know more about what we should and should not put on our feet. The shoes you wear can make a difference in how your feet feel and how they look. Fortunately, foot problems are not too difficult to deal with and it only takes care to start it with.

It's obvious that most of us need to know more about what we should and should not put on our feet.

A good way to check on good-fitting shoes is to walk up and down in them, rise on your toes, and stretch your feet inside them to make sure they are comfortable in all positions. If you suspect that the shoes do not have a good fit, do not buy. In the same manner, do not wear stockings that are too small, they do as much harm as tight shoes.

Shoes with the right midsole keep the feet relax in high heels.

Shoes with the right midsole keep the feet relax in high heels.

Comfort is in the middle

Make sure your new shoes are comfortable from the beginning. The midsole is that section between the upper and the outsole where your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. We call this pronation.

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Check if the middle section of the shoe provides the cushioning needed by the foot for pronation control. This support aids in the correct alignment of your foot when it touches the ground. You will instantly feel comfortable in shoes with a well-built midsole.

Footwear that feels uneasy does not fit and never will. If you feel cramps or pressure across the toes, the shoes are too narrow. Over-short shoes can do more damage than any other badly-fitting shoes. This means that you must take a larger size.

When the heel part pinches and slips to the front, this means the shoes are over-deep. Heel-slip allows the foot to slide forward causing pressure on the toes. Direct pressure from tight shoes brings hard corns, uneven coercion, and dropped arches.

Avoid buying shoes that cut into the foot across the front to prevent your feet and ankle from swelling. This is necessary because the feet ride forward inside the shoes in walking and standing. It is only advisable to go with heels and shoes that narrow a lot towards the front.

Shoes that pushes weight to the toes and straps that pinch, hurt your feet

Shoes that pushes weight to the toes and straps that pinch, hurt your feet

Alternate Your Shoes

Probably you have one pair which is particularly comfortable not just because the shoes are old and stretched but because they give your feet enough support.

Yet even though, think twice about elegant but roughly-finished seams that may press on toes and cause inflammation and corns. Hard straps leave marks on your feet in the long run. Shoes with tight elastic insets also interfere with circulation and cause swelling.

Alternate your high heels throughout the day or from one day to the next. According to American Osteopathic Association, repetitive wear can develop unhealthy patterns that can persist even when you’re not wearing high heels.

Changing shoes from time to time such as walking shoes for commuting to and from work, shoes with an inch of heels during shopping, a wide heel base for activities that require long-standing, and stilettos once or twice a week. This scheduling allows the feet to go flexible and adjust themselves from pain when you have to switch to flats.

4) Give your Feet a Warm Foot Bath

The feet feel relaxed with strong jets, bubbles, and vibrating massages

The feet feel relaxed with strong jets, bubbles, and vibrating massages

A warm foot bath can be very soothing on your soles. When the feet and forelegs can relax, it improves blood circulation and increases blood supply in the area of the heart and the brain. This state of your body helps put you to deeper sleep.

It doesn't matter if you do this home foot spa twice or once a week. But note that warm footbaths can help with colds and headaches. Pour warm water into the bath or a bowl just enough to cover your feet and ankles. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Try eucalyptus.

You'll love this good bath guide.

Your feet deserve natural care

Your feet deserve natural care

5) When Your Feet Stink

Smelly feet even after washing is your feet telling you that they need extra loving attention. Your feet perspire a lot and produce odor-causing bacteria. When they sweat, the perspiration soaks the lining of your shoes and eventually builds up bacteria that cause both the feet and shoes to stink.

To support foot cleanse, there are foot care solutions that can help reduce the percentage of odor on your feet. Washing them with vinegar and water is an old-fashioned technique that rids of bad smell. Wiping them with alcohol, lemon juice, baking soda, or using an anti-fungal shoe spray is helpful as well.

In Essence...

It's not just a little of your time but complete special attention for the feet every night and day is key to getting beautiful feet. Ignoring just one condition that brings your feet to suffer may also make them look unhealthy and unattractive.

© 2011 Tonette Fornillos

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