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Easy, Breezy, Aesthetic: E’s Element, The Wickedly Cool Women’s Athleisure and Jewellery Brand

Abena is a writer and entrepreneur. In 2016, she took the plunge and moved from the UK to Ghana, West Africa.

Versatile and Comfortable

E's Element

E's Element

As a fashion junkie, I love to feature up-and-coming fashion brands that catch my eye. I recently stumbled upon a wickedly cool brand called E’s Element, an easy, breezy women’s athleisure and jewellery brand founded by Nigerian-Canadian blogger Emmanuela Okon.

The seeds of E’s Element were sewn in July 2020 during the global pandemic lockdown however, it officially launched in January 2021, a beautiful and creative start to the year. Emmanuela created E’s Element because she wanted to provide people with quick and easy access to quality, affordable jewellery and athleisure wear.

E’s Element offers high-quality, plush and comfy athletic loungewear as well as edgy and stylish, aesthetically pleasing jewellery for bold and unapologetic women.

Cool Aesthetics

Emmanuela Okon

Emmanuela Okon

Emmanuela is a multi-passionate creative and her brand is a testament to her infinite creative flair. As a successful and well-known style blogger, she knows exactly what her audience wants. The brand offers clean aesthetics, simple and functional design and beautiful jewellery pieces for the contemporary woman.

E’s Element launched with the Sweatsuit Collection, A comfy collection of plush, high-quality hooded sweatsuits and everyday essentials for daily wear.

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The Links Collection was launched simultaneously, an eye-catching collection of aesthetically pleasing jewellery pieces made to accentuate your everyday style. Stylish, edgy, simple and clean, the Links Collection is great for both day and evening wear.

Emmanuela launched the Skin Out Szn Collection in the summer of 2021, a comfortable and functional collection of two-piece co-ord outfits, perfect for the summer months. Soft, easy to wear and aesthetically pleasing. Step out in style with E’s Element’s Skin Out Szn Collection.

Emmanuela's greatest reward is "knowing that people out there trust E’s Element enough to shop from the brand. This is my greatest reward, mainly because it is still relatively new since we launched on January 3rd, 2021. And so, people shopping from me it’s so surreal. I do not doubt myself because I knew I put in the work back in 2020, but this shows that I am doing something right. Therefore, I will not stop because I know people are looking to spend their coins where it’s worth. Most importantly, E’s Element prioritizes the customers’ needs before anything else, so it is crucial E’s Element customers are getting the best customer care"!

Why We Love E's Element

Why We Love E’s Element

Here are some of the reasons why we love E’s Element:

  • Black-owned
  • Female-owned
  • High-quality
  • Comfortable
  • Ready to wear and stylish

I love to support female-led and Black-owned brands, I especially love female-led brands that are owned by intelligent, creative and business-minded bosses like Emmanuela Okon. We love her drive, tenacity and dedication to her passion. Here are some of the reasons why you should support a Black-owned business today:

  • Builds generational wealth
  • Close the wealth gap
  • Build large-scale, Black-owned businesses
  • Create jobs in the Black community
  • Encourage more Black women and men to start their own businesses
  • Encourage Black youth to build businesses

Visit E's Element

Visit E's Element on their official website:

E's Element Website

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