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Dynamic Ecommerce Platform Connects African Creative Brands to Global Consumers

Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.


The spotlight is on Africa as creative brands and African designers gain global recognition. The rapidly expanding creative industry in Nigeria for example contributed approximately $18 billion USD Gross Domestic Product according to the World Bank in 2020.

As the demand for African-inspired products grows, there is an increasing need for user-friendly, customer-first platforms to simplify the buying experience for global consumers. Also, African creative brands are crying out for simple and innovative systems to facilitate their growth and eliminate the barriers they typically face.

In April 2021, Ananse Africa launched a high-level, comprehensive platform to meet the needs of African creative brands, and global consumers interested in purchasing African fashion and art.

Dynamic Online Space for African Brands

Essentially, Ananse Africa provides a highly functional space for African creative brands to showcase their products. The site facilitates the retail and logistical process for global consumers thus providing African designers and artists with a simple system for growth and evolution.

Described as “beautiful things made by Africa, delivered globally.” Ananse Africa is essentially an eCommerce platform that showcases the vibrant melting pot of Africa’s creative talent.

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Ananse has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation and logistics global leader DHL to introduce the ‘most comprehensive, pan-African eCommerce platform.’

Ananse Africa is on a mission to increase global reach and facilitate growth and development for African creative entrepreneurs such as fashion designers and artists.


Ananse Africa and the Mastercard Foundation have a clear goal, to provide the space and tools for African fashion brands to sell more than 1 million garments in the next three years.

The mission is to drive sales, facilitate growth and build the African creative economy by utilizing high-level eCommerce technology and highly efficient logistical processes.

The founder of Ananse Africa is Sam Mensah, a Ghanaian, former Silicon Valley executive and fashion entrepreneur. Mensah is a renowned fashion brand founder with an impressive background in tech, investment banking and venture capital. Here is a quote from the founder himself:

“We are not only making it easy for consumers around the world to shop from fashion designers and artists across Africa, but also making it straightforward for creatives to manage the payments and logistics functions necessary to complete an eCommerce order.”


Ananse Africa is also working in partnership with Trace TV to spotlight the exceptional work of African fashion designers and artists.

Trace TV is a leading global media outlet that features and showcases new and established brands and creators making waves in African creative industries.

Carefully selected, engaging content will provide consumers with a sneak peek into the minds of African makers and creative entrepreneurs. To understand their process and the hard work that goes into crafting exceptional creative brands.

Ananse Africa’s mission is to highlight the innovative work that African creatives produce; by providing a user-friendly, comprehensive online space for African creative brands to showcase their work to an ever-growing international consumer base.

Visit Ananse Africa here>>>>Ananse Africa Official website

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