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Dumbest Fashion Trends Ever

We all experience this painful sting when we look back through our old photos at the times when we thought we looked cool and in vogue. However, silly fashion is as old as time itself, and here is a throwback on the worst fashion trends throughout history.

Corsets (1800s)


I know people in the Victorian era had a lot to go through, but there is no reason for wearing this thing other than destroying one’s ribs and organs! Corsets were made of spoon busks and steel supports, and I can tell that those who invented them were utter misogynists.

Mini Bowler Hats (1940s)


Why wear such a heavy thing and feel as if someone is literally sitting on your head?

White Gloves (1960s)


They look nice, but as long as you are not performing a surgical procedure, white gloves are absolutely useless and will accumulate dust once you hit the road.

Patterned Tights (1960s)


Why, why, why, huh?

Babydoll Dresses (1960s)


There was a tragic but, thankfully, a brief time when grown-up adults looked like dolls! Maybe this trend should have been left for babies?

Safety Pin Face Jewelry (1970s)

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Why would any sane person pierce his face with office supplies?

Leg Warmers (1980s)


In the 1980s, people believed that working out or doing aerobics can make your calves chilly, so they invented this. But how is it even possible to feel cold while you are exercising?

How Many Colours can You See? (1980s)


Another cringe-worthy trend from the 1980s was these over-coloured, clownish costumes. Maybe the 1980s deserves the worst fashion award of all time?

Overalls with One Strap Down (1990s)


Whoever thought that this would flatter anyone was sorely mistaken.

Parachute Pants (1990s)


Another scandalous trend from the 1990s was these parachute pants, which were made of nylon -the same material for making parachutes.

Artful Sunglasses (2000s)


Trend-makers seem to have forgotten about the main objective of eyeglasses, which is to protect the eyes and improve one's sight. So, they invented glasses that ruin people’s eyes and distort their vision!

The Velour Tracksuit (2000s)


In the 2000s, the line between home wear and outing clothes started to blur. These outfits might feel comfy, but no offence, they look terrible or maybe they are for the over-confident only (a more polite way of saying they look terrible).

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