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Does Short Hair Suit Round Faces?

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If you have a round face, you know how difficult it can be to find the right haircut. The wrong cut will make your face appear even rounder while a good one can help balance its shape and even out your features. You might wonder whether cutting your hair short would be a flattering option if you have a round face.

Does short hair suit round faces? If you have a round face and want a short haircut, then you're in luck. There are some awesome short cuts that will flatter your face shape. A round face can be difficult to style because it's so delicate and feminine. The right short haircut can give a round face more definition and create a longer neckline, which will make your head look smaller.

A Round Face Works Well With Angles

The key to a flattering hairstyle is choosing angles to draw attention away from the widest point of your face — usually around the jawline — and instead emphasizing more flattering features, like your eyes.

That's why haircuts that are more angular or asymmetrical work well for round faces These cuts elongate the head and deemphasize roundness. An angular haircut also draws attention up and away from the cheeks (which are already big on most round faces). Let’s look at some short haircuts that work well for round faces:

Short Bob with Angled Bangs

It's a misconception that all women with round faces should steer clear of bangs. Some styles can indeed make a wide face look rounder, but angled bangs can reduce facial roundness. The trick is to angle the bangs at the temples instead of straight across, like Jennifer Aniston did in her iconic 90s look.

Angled bangs will draw attention upward, away from your chin and jawline, and toward the rest of your face—a great way to distract from chubby areas. Cut enough layers to add volume at the crown of your head. A combination of layers and volumizing products will add height and make your face look less round.

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Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical cuts work for round faces because asymmetry gives the face a more angular look. You can get an asymmetrical cut with a long side and a short side, or just have one side longer than the other.

You can style your hair any way you want with an asymmetrical look—the only thing that matters is it's not symmetrical! Put a volumizing product in your hair, then blow-dry it upside down while scrunching each section to add height.

You can also opt for beach waves by wrapping sections of damp hair around large rollers (or flexi rods), spraying them with hairspray, leaving them overnight or until dry, then removing gently before fluffing up and styling as desired.

Edgy, Relaxed Pixie Cut

The edgy, relaxed pixie cut is a flattering look for round faces. This haircut has plenty of style, but it's not so severe that it makes your face look wider. A pixie cut creates an illusion of facial length and helps define the cheekbones.

The asymmetrical cut also helps balance a wide face and slim it down. To get this look, ask your stylist for layers that start at the chin and angle down towards the ears. This will create separation between the top and bottom halves of your face and give you some much-needed height.

A Short, Wavy Hairstyle

A short, wavy hairstyle can be a great option for someone with a round face. The waves will soften your features and add volume to your hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle could be your ticket to an easy everyday style!

If your hair grows straight down from your head, consider adding layers or bangs to create some angles on your face. This will give your face a leaner appearance and accentuate features like your eyes.

Short Hair Can Flatter a Round Face

The best thing about short hairstyles is that they are easy to maintain and can flatter almost everyone. If you have a round face and are considering a short haircut, these are some cuts that should flatter your face shape.

If you don't know what kind of hair cut is best for your face shape, book an appointment with an experienced stylist who knows how to work with the anatomy of a person's head and face shape and design a cut that plays up your best features. Hope these ideas will inspire your next styling adventure!

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