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How to Wear a White Dress with Style

Tonette loves classic fashion and wishes to share everything she knows can make every woman confident in a white outfit.


Haven't you wondered why white outfits, when worn with thoughtfulness, are so gravitating? White symbolizes pureness that your image creates a composite picture of coolness.

If you haven't yet discovered how white ensembles can bring out your natural best, then it's time you do. The basic whites that you (and me) have all worn at one time or another can be transformed into dazzling and exciting garb.

How to wear a white dress with style has a lot of possibilities. Discover how to have more fun with your white outfits and dazzle even more.


Decide on a Dress Cut

If you can carry an-all white attire, get a dress pattern you love. Take note I used the word "love" and not "like."

When you love a dress style, it's the consensus of the brain and the heart with an emanating effect that exudes brilliance. Like, can be that you simply want to try wearing white because it's the vogue. So there's a small percentage that you might hesitate wearing a certain dress cut.

  • White outfits tend to shine on the neckline. The longer the distance of skin to your chest -- the longer the neck will look.
  • A free-flowing dress (yes, a maxi) is undeniably flattering and comfy to wear.
  • A sweater dress with round or turtle necklines is elegant and stands out in white. Perfect for cooler days.
  • Of course, you can't go wrong with a puff-sleeved dress. It's feminine and romantic in an instant.
  • A thin-strapped, off-shoulder or one-shoulder top-dress that cinches at the waist automatically scores perfect.

Wear Dainty Accessories

Wearing white presents a wealth of possibilities when it comes to embellishing. An enhancing detail can explore your personal appearance in a wider context.

Let jewelry add life to your whiteness. Even the humblest pair of gemstone earrings is expressive. Why? Because of the delicate nature of the jewelry that freely shines on its own in the vast of milkiness.

  • A pendant necklace, a chain, link, charms, or a beaded bracelet are sweet enough to adorn the neck and the arm. I love the timeless elegance of tennis bracelets.
  • Create layers of rings and necklaces. Have fun with contrasting shapes, lengths, textures, and colors. The idea is charming.
  • Know when it is too much. If you’re wearing layered bangles, perhaps you don’t need any piece on your neck to compete for attention.
  • If you like wearing bold pieces like saucer-sized or chandelier earrings, sure! Long and large earrings are flattering and will reflect their length on your neck.
  • Thinking of a heavy-looking chain necklace? Then go with subtle earrings.
  • If you’re wearing a highly-adorned dress, often it’s a good idea to highlight it with smaller jewelry pieces.
  • You might want to draw attention to your exposed legs and feet during summer? Anklets are perfect for casual events and outdoors, but not in professional settings.

Toss in Some Colors

Adding a pop of color is one way to accessorize an all-white getup. White is the ultimate blank canvas, so you are free to go with any color you want to layer it with.

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The best advice is to make a decision as to what will work for you and run with it. Your aim should always be to dress up so you feel comfortable and confident.

  • You will look particularly striking with darker hues. A blue or dark pink headband, for instance, looks so classic in a white backdrop even from a distance. Try mimosa - it's warm and smiley!
  • Use colorful bags and shoes to add brilliance to your pearly white dress. A matching bag and footwear sound old-fashioned but it's elegant.
  • Floral, striped, dotted, or any printed bags perform with whites very well, but if you can go with corals, mints, and pastels; by all means they're not only sweet but extremely ladylike.
  • Neutrals or the combination of white with gravel or brown sends off a conservative message and portrays a professional taste.
  • White and silver may not make a good combination. Since they are almost similar, there is no contrast.
  • Ruffle details, belts, sashes, scarves, and neckerchiefs all count in. This is a great time to blow the dust off your favorite details and give them a try.
  • Choosing light colors to enhance a white dress not only makes you look dainty, but the soft hue is an immediate winner the minute you wear it.

Above All, Let it be Comfy

Don't suffer the disappointment of wearing a white dress if you find it difficult. The fabric feels creeping, sleeves are a bit snug, straps are falling, or the dress is too big.

To wear white outfits should give you the feeling of being light, and easy. Face up to what works and what doesn't so you will look your best. Get a dress that is perfect, regardless.

Some styles you may want to avoid are:

  • Turtle or cowl necks. Unless you like close-fitting, turned-over collars.
  • Stiff stand-up collars. The wrong size resembles Peter Pan.
  • Padded shoulders may look heavy. Although they are back in style.
  • A too-short hemline that you can't sit with ease.
  • A low-cut neckline that reveals so much cleavage.
  • Insignificant designs that you yourself don't understand.
  • Fabric that starts to smell in the middle of the day.

Know every detail you don't like in a dress. In short - go for a dress that you love. No doubt that you will discover many winning tricks if you truly want to shine in white attire. The best advice is to get a dress that's simple from the neck to the waist.

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In a Nutshell

So there you have it. With white, you can do almost anything. Go back to your wardrobe and decide what items you can partner with a white dress.

Other than lightening up your face in the most subtle and beautiful way possible, wearing white projects an aura of confidence, calmness, and cleanliness.

While how you feel in an all-white getup depends on the style of the dress -- your best bet is to wear what you’re most comfortable in. Remember, with a white backdrop that supports anything - you are in control.

© 2022 Tonette Fornillos

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